abandons (third person present) · abandoned (past tense) · abandoned (past participle) · abandoning (present participle)
  1. cease to support or look after (someone); desert.
    "her natural mother had abandoned her at an early age"
    desert · leave · leave high and dry · turn one's back on · cast aside ·
    break (up) with · jilt · strand · leave stranded · leave in the lurch · throw over · run/walk out on · dump · ditch · give someone the push · give someone the big E · bin off · forsake
    stick by
    • leave (a place or vehicle) empty or uninhabited, without intending to return.
      "derelict houses were abandoned"
      vacate · leave · quit · evacuate · withdraw from
    • (abandon someone/something to)
      condemn someone or something to (a specified fate) by ceasing to take an interest in them.
      "an attempt to persuade businesses not to abandon the area to inner-city deprivation"
      relinquish · surrender · give up · cede · yield · leave
  2. give up completely (a practice or a course of action).
    "he had clearly abandoned all pretence of trying to succeed" ·
    "negotiations were abandoned and fighting intensified"
    renounce · relinquish · dispense with · forswear · disclaim · disown ·
    disavow · discard · wash one's hands of · give up · drop · do away with · jettison · ditch · scrap · scrub · axe · junk · give up · stop · cease · drop · forgo · desist from · have done with · abjure · abstain from · discontinue · break off · refrain from · set/lay aside · cut out · kick · jack in · pack in · quit
  3. (abandon oneself to)
    allow oneself to indulge in (a desire or impulse).
    "they abandoned themselves to despair"
    indulge in · give way to · give oneself up to · yield to · lose oneself to/in
    control oneself
  1. complete lack of inhibition or restraint.
    "she sings and sways with total abandon"
    uninhibitedness · recklessness · lack of restraint · lack of inhibition ·
late Middle English: from Old French abandoner, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + bandon ‘control’ ( related to ban1). The original sense was ‘bring under control’, later ‘give in to the control of, surrender to’ ( abandon (sense 3of the verb)).
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an attempt to persuade businesses not to abandon the area to inner-city deprivation.
users will abandon a site if the search function doesn't work well.
the boys began to mosh, slamming shoulder to shoulder with abandon.
the rural community was disinclined to abandon the old ways.
he had clearly abandoned all pretence of trying to succeed.
we should not abandon the above-stated democratic ideal.
her natural mother had abandoned her at an early age.
negotiations were abandoned and fighting intensified.
fans invaded the pitch and the match was abandoned.
the skipper gave the order to abandon ship.
O'Keeffe did not abandon abstractionism.
she sings and sways with total abandon.
they abandoned themselves to despair.
derelict houses were abandoned.
How to say abandon in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans laat vaar
Arabic (VERB)التخلي عن, يتخلى, تتخلى, نتخلى عن, اهجر, هجر, اتخلي, نبذ
Bangla পরিত্যাগ
Bosnian (Latin) napustiti
Bulgarian (VERB)изоставят, напускам
Cantonese (Traditional) 放棄
Catalan (VERB)abandonar
Chinese Simplified 放弃
Chinese Traditional 放棄
Croatian (VERB)napustiti, odustati, odbaciti
Czech (VERB)opustit, vzdaly, vzdát, upustit od, vzdávat, neopustí, opouštět
Danish (VERB)opgive, forlade, frafalde, droppe, ophøre
Dutch (VERB)laten varen, verlaten, afzien, loslaten, afschaffen, verwerpen
Estonian (VERB)loobuma
Fijian biuta laivi
Filipino talikuran
Finnish (VERB)luopua, luovuttava, hylätä, hylkää
French (VERB)abandonner, renoncer, délaisser
German (VERB)aufgeben, im Stich lassen, verlassen, verzichten, verwerfen
Greek (VERB)εγκαταλείψει, παραιτηθεί
(NOUN)εγκαταλείψτε, ανεμελιά
Haitian Creole pati kite
Hebrew (VERB)לנטוש, ינטוש, אנטוש, ינטשו, תנטוש, נוטש, לוותר, נטשה
Hindi (VERB)परित्याग, त्याग, छोड़, छोड़ने
Hmong Daw tso tseg
Hungarian (VERB)elhagyni, felhagynak, lemondani, hagyjon, hagyni
Icelandic (VERB)yfirgefa
Indonesian (VERB)meninggalkan, membuang
Italian (VERB)abbandonare, rinunciare
Japanese (VERB)放棄, 断念, 捨てる, あきらめる
Kiswahili (VERB)kuachana
Klingon lon
Korean (VERB)포기, 포기할, 버리기, 버려야, 버리지, 버리는, 버릴
Latvian (VERB)pamest, atmetiet, nezaudēt, jāatsakās, pamet, aizstātas, atteikties, atmest
Lithuanian (VERB)atsisakyti, palikti
Malagasy hamela
Malay (Latin) (VERB)meninggalkan
Maltese jabbandunaw
Norwegian Bokmål forlate
Persian (VERB)رها, رها کردن
Polish (VERB)porzucić, zrezygnować, rezygnacji, opuszczenia, opuścić
Portuguese (VERB)abandonar
Querétaro Otomi abandonar
Romanian (VERB)abandoneze, renunţe
Russian (VERB)отказаться от, бросить, покинуть, отбрасывать
Samoan lafoaia
Serbian (Cyrillic) напустити
Serbian (Latin) napustiti
Slovak (VERB)opustiť, vzdať, vzdali, upustiť od
Slovenian (VERB)opustiti
Spanish (VERB)abandonar, abandonarla
Swedish (VERB)överge, frångå, avstå från
Tahitian faarue i te
Tamil கைவிட
Telugu వదిలేసి
Thai ละทิ้ง
Tongan li'aki
Turkish (VERB)terk, terketme, yüzüstü, vazgeçme
Ukrainian (VERB)відмовитися від
Urdu چھوڑ کر
Vietnamese (VERB)bỏ, rời bỏ, bỏ rơi
Welsh (VERB)gefnu
(NOUN)cael gwared
Yucatec Maya p'atik
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