1. on the subject of; concerning.
    "I was thinking about you" ·
    "a book about ancient Greece" · "it's all about having fun"
    regarding · concerning · with reference to · referring to · with regard to ·
    with respect to · respecting · relating to · on · touching on · dealing with · relevant to · with relevance to · connected with · in connection with · on the subject of · in the matter of · apropos · re · anent
    • so as to affect.
      "there's nothing we can do about it"
    used to indicate movement within a particular area.
    "she looked about the room"
    around · round · throughout · over · through · all over · in all parts of ·
    on every side of · encircling · surrounding · here and there · everywhere
    used to express location in a particular place.
    "rugs were strewn about the hall" ·
    "he produced a knife from somewhere about his person"
    around · in circulation · in existence · current · going on · prevailing ·
    prevalent · widespread · pervasive · endemic · happening · in the air · abroad
    • used to describe a quality apparent in a person.
      "there was a look about her that said everything"
    used to indicate movement within an area.
    "men were floundering about" ·
    "finding my way about"
    around · here and there · to and fro · back and forth ·
    from place to place · hither and thither · in every direction · in all directions · abroad
    used to express location in a particular place.
    "there was a lot of flu about"
    near · nearby · around · about the place · hereabouts · not far off/away ·
    close by · in the vicinity · in the neighbourhood · at hand · within reach · on the doorstep · (just) around the corner
  3. (used with a number or quantity) approximately.
    "reduced by about 5 per cent" ·
    "he's about 35"
    approximately · roughly · around · round about ·
    in the neighbourhood/region of · in the area of · of the order of · something like · or so · or thereabouts · there or thereabouts · more or less · give or take a few · not far off · getting on for · circa · as near as dammit · in the ballpark of
Old English onbūtan, from on ‘in, on’ + būtan ‘outside of’ ( see but2).
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I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

Elon Musk

A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses, but talks about what he'll do if he wins, and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins, but knows what he'll do if he loses.

A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses, but talks about what he'll do if he wins, and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins, but knows what he'll do if he loses.

Don't use all-or-nothing thinking. Take each day as its own day, and don't worry about it if you mess up one day. The most important thing you can do is just get back up on the horse.

Henry Cloud

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.

Jean Shinoda Bolen
the managers are rationalists who find it hard to understand why anyone should get worked up about the closure of their local hospital.
if you've been following me on Facebook recently you may have seen a bunch of different posts about surgery and back trouble.
does being woke mean I have to agree with what all other woke folks say should be done about issues in the black community?.
the move follows complaints about out-of-control skaters, including one incident last week when a shopper was shirtfronted.

There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.

Hindu Proverb

There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.

Hindu Proverb
‘Did you mention about a job for Leslie to him?’ Veronica asked. ‘Not yet, but I will, Scout's honour,’ Jimmy assured her.
the case has raised questions about the applicability of local laws to acts committed by foreigners outside the country.
exhibitions can introduce ideas that you might not have previously thought about, or they can recontextualize an object.
the British feel no compunction about ushering the gentry into the coach and packing the rabble off to debtor's prison.
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How to say about in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)oor, ongeveer, omtrent, sowat
Arabic (PREPOSITION)حول, عن, حوالي
Bangla কথা
Bosnian (Latin) o
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)за, около
Cantonese (Traditional) 關於
Catalan (PREPOSITION)sobre
Chinese Simplified 关于
Chinese Traditional 關於
Croatian (PREPOSITION)o, oko, o tome
Czech (PREPOSITION)o, asi, o tom
Danish (PREPOSITION)om, omkring
Dutch (PREPOSITION)over, ongeveer
Estonian (PREPOSITION)umbes
Fijian me baleta na
Filipino tungkol sa
Finnish (PREPOSITION)noin, tietoja, jokseenkin, siitä
French (PREPOSITION)au sujet, environ, sur
German (PREPOSITION)über, etwa
Greek (PREPOSITION)περίπου, για
Haitian Creole osijè de
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)על, אודות, לגבי, בקשר, בנוגע
Hindi (PREPOSITION)बारे, लगभग
Hmong Daw hais txog
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)körülbelül, mintegy, arról, kb
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)um, óður
Indonesian (PREPOSITION)tentang, mengenai, sekitar
Italian (PREPOSITION)circa, su
Japanese (PREPOSITION)について, 約, に関する
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)kuhusu, juu
Klingon umqu' ghot
Korean (PREPOSITION)약, 대략, 대해
Latvian (PREPOSITION)par, apmēram
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)apie
Malagasy mikasika ny
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)tentang, mengenai, kira
Maltese (PREPOSITION)madwar, dwar
Norwegian Bokmål om
Persian (PREPOSITION)مورد, درباره, حدود
Polish (PREPOSITION)o, około, temat
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)sobre, cerca
Querétaro Otomi acerca ar
Romanian (PREPOSITION)despre, aproximativ
Russian (PREPOSITION)о, об, около, насчет
Samoan e uiga i le
Serbian (Cyrillic) о
Serbian (Latin) o
Slovak (PREPOSITION)o, asi, o tom
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)o, približno
Spanish (PREPOSITION)sobre, acerca
Swedish (PREPOSITION)om, ca, omkring
Tahitian no nia i te
Tamil (PREPOSITION)பற்றி, பற்றிய, குறித்து
Telugu గురించి
Thai (PREPOSITION)เกี่ยวกับ
Tongan fekau'aki mo e
Turkish (PREPOSITION)hakkında, ilgili, yaklaşık, konuda
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)про, близько
Urdu (PREPOSITION)متعلق, تقریبا
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)về, khoảng, giới
Welsh (PREPOSITION)am, ynghylch, ynglŷn â
Yucatec Maya acerca u
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