addresses (plural noun)
  1. the particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated.
    "they exchanged addresses and agreed to keep in touch"
  2. a formal speech delivered to an audience.
    "an address to the European Parliament"
    • archaic
      a person's manner of speaking to someone else.
      "his address was abrupt and unceremonious"
    • archaic
      courteous or amorous approaches to someone.
      "he persecuted her with his addresses"
      courtship · wooing · courting · addresses · attentions · homage ·
  3. dated
    skill, dexterity, or readiness.
    "he rescued me with the most consummate address"
addresses (third person present) · addressed (past tense) · addressed (past participle) · addressing (present participle)
  1. write the name and address of the intended recipient on (an envelope, letter, or parcel).
    "I addressed my letter to him personally"
  2. speak to (a person or an assembly).
    "she addressed the open-air meeting"
    talk to · give a talk to · give an address to · speak to ·
    make a speech to · lecture · give a lecture to · hold forth to · give a discourse to · give a dissertation to · give an oration to · declaim to · preach to · deliver a sermon to · give a sermon to · sermonize · speechify to · preachify to · spout to · jaw to · sound off to · spiel to · drone on to
    • (address someone as)
      name someone (in the specified way) when talking to them.
      "she addressed my father as ‘Mr Stevens’"
      greet · hail · salute · speak to · write to · talk to ·
      make conversation with · approach · name · call · describe · designate · denominate
    • (address something to)
      say or write remarks or a protest to.
      "address your complaints to the Trading Standards Board"
      aim · point · level · address to · intend for · mean for · destine for ·
      focus on · train on · turn on · fix on
  3. think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).
    "a fundamental problem has still to be addressed"
    attend to · tackle · see to · deal with · confront · grapple with · attack ·
    buckle down to · get to grips with · embark on · settle down to · direct one's attention to · turn to · get down to · concentrate on · focus on · apply oneself to · devote oneself to · turn one's hand to · try to deal with · try to sort out · take up · take in hand · undertake · engage in · become involved in · get stuck into · get cracking on · get weaving on · have a crack at · have a go at · have a shot at · have a stab at
  4. golf
    take up one's stance and prepare to hit (the ball).
    "ensure that your weight is evenly spread when you address the ball"
    take aim at · aim at · face
Middle English (as a verb in the senses ‘set upright’ and ‘guide, direct’, hence ‘write directions for delivery on’ and ‘direct spoken words to’): from Old French, based on Latin ad- ‘towards’ + directus ( see direct). The noun is of mid 16th-century origin in the sense ‘act of approaching or speaking to someone’.
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How to use address in a sentence?
you'll see better conversion rates for your local advertising if you include your physical address on your website.
every email message needs a header indicating the sender's identity and address.
we would not expect a love letter to include a formal address and salutation.
I required a new, formal language in which to address him, not the vulgate.
I've thumbed my address book and found quite a range of smaller hotels.
put your name, address, and daytime phone number in the email's body.
the Government's approach had patently failed to address the problem.
he was booed and heckled when he tried to address the demonstrators.
ensure that your weight is evenly spread when you address the ball.
you'll find the address and telephone number of the college below.
waggle the club and set it down in your normal address position.
a numerical value which acts as a storage address for the data.
a beautiful woman's address was never likely to slip his mind.
complete the application form and return it to this address.
the prestigious address certainly adds to the firm's appeal.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)adres, posadres
Arabic (NOUN)عنوان, العنوان, العناوين, عناوين, خطاب
(VERB)معالجة, التصدي, تعالج, تتناول, تناول, مواجهة
Bangla ঠিকানা
Bosnian (Latin) adresa
Bulgarian (NOUN)адрес, обръщение
(VERB)справяне, обърне внимание, отговори, решаване, разгледа
Cantonese (Traditional) 地址
Catalan (NOUN)adreça, direcció, domicili
(VERB)abordar, encarar
Chinese Simplified 地址
Chinese Traditional 位址
Croatian (NOUN)adresa
Czech (NOUN)adresu
(VERB)řešit, zabývat, řešení
Danish (NOUN)adresse, henvende
(VERB)tage fat, løse, behandle
Dutch (NOUN)adres, mailadres, toespraak
(VERB)aan te pakken, aanpakken, richten
Estonian (NOUN)aadress
(VERB)käsitleda, tegeleda, lahendada
Fijian itikotiko
Filipino tirahan
Finnish (NOUN)osoite, kohdistaa
(VERB)käsitellä, puuttua
French (NOUN)adresse, carnet, coordonnées, discours
(VERB)aborder, adresser, s'attaquer, traiter, répondre, régler, résoudre
German (NOUN)Adresse, Anschrift, Mailadresse
(VERB)adressieren, ansprechen, anzugehen
Greek (NOUN)διεύθυνση
(VERB)αντιμετώπιση, απευθυνθώ, εξετάσει
Haitian Creole adrès
Hebrew (NOUN)כתובת, הכתובת, כתובות, לכתובת, בכתובת, וכתובת, שכתובת
Hindi (NOUN)पता
Hmong Daw chaw nyob
Hungarian (NOUN)cím, címe, címre, címmel, címhez
Icelandic (NOUN)aðsetur, heimilisfang, vistfang, veffang, tölu, netfang, póstfang
Indonesian (NOUN)alamat
(VERB)mengatasi, menangani
Italian (NOUN)indirizzo, degli indirizzi, domicilio
(VERB)affrontare, risolvere
Japanese (NOUN)アドレス, 住所
(VERB)対処, 対応
Kiswahili (NOUN)anwani, anuani, anuwani, hotuba, mitaani
Klingon SoQ
Korean (NOUN)주소, 주소가, 주소로, 주소의
Latvian (NOUN)adresi
(VERB)risinātu, pievērstos
Lithuanian (NOUN)Adresas
Malagasy lahateny
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)alamat
Maltese (NOUN)indirizz
(VERB)jindirizzaw, tindirizza
Norwegian Bokmål adresse
Persian (NOUN)آدرس, نشانی, نشاني
Polish (NOUN)adres, książki adresowej, przemawiać
Portuguese (NOUN)endereço, morada
(VERB)abordar, endereçar, resolver, dirigir, tratar, enfrentar
Querétaro Otomi 'Mui
Romanian (NOUN)adresa
Russian (NOUN)адрес, обращение
(VERB)решения, рассмотреть, устранения, обратиться, удовлетворения, урегулирования
Samoan Tuatusi
Serbian (Cyrillic) Адреса
Serbian (Latin) Adresa
Slovak (NOUN)adresu, adries
(VERB)riešiť, zaoberať
Slovenian (NOUN)naslov, ogovor
(VERB)obravnavati, reševanje
Spanish (NOUN)dirección, domicilio, discurso, trate
(VERB)abordar, dirigirse
Swedish (NOUN)adress, postadress, tilltala
(VERB)ta itu med, behandla, hantera, lösa
Tahitian aoraa
Tamil (NOUN)முகவரி, முகவரியை, முகவரிப், முகவரிக்கு
Telugu చిరునామా
Thai (NOUN)อยู่
Tongan Tu'asila
Turkish (NOUN)adres
Ukrainian (NOUN)адреса, за адресою
(VERB)вирішення, розглянути
Urdu (NOUN)پتا, پتہ, ایڈریس, پتے, عنوان, پتاجات
(VERB)خطاب, حل
Vietnamese (NOUN)địa chỉ
(VERB)giải quyết
Welsh (NOUN)cyfeiriad, anerchiad
(VERB)ymdrin â, roi sylw, annerch, sylw, ddiwallu
Yucatec Maya Dirección
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