[ɔːlˈðəʊ, ɒlˈðəʊ]
  1. in spite of the fact that; even though.
    "although the sun was shining it wasn't that warm" ·
    "although small, the room has a spacious feel"
    in spite of the fact that · despite the fact that · notwithstanding the fact that · notwithstanding that · even though · even if · for all that · while · whilst · granted that ·
    even supposing · despite the possibility that · albeit · however · yet · but
    • however; but.
      "he says he has the team shirt, although I've never seen him wear it"
Middle English: from all (as an adverb) + though.
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it was found that cotton and rayon could be made crease resisting, although the products were greatly embrittled.
she had made up her mind that the woman had been defenestrated, although the official verdict had been suicide.
although the centre of Funchal is very built-up, there is still a lot of green land around the city.
although welter John Green fights only once, his brother Andy, a lightweight, faces two fights.
although their individual biographies are different, both are motivated by a similar ambition.
although she was too young, she was given special dispensation to play before her birthday.
although the sheep are shepherded, they're generally only counted when we bring them in.
his letters home give a very good, although somewhat too roseate, idea of how he lived.
Portuguese, although similar to Spanish on paper, is pronounced completely differently.
although the audience members were diverted by this new symphony, critics disliked it.
although attractive to pluralists, this vision of local democracy had its limitations.
although I used my best Italian, the receptionists automatically replied in English.
although she was paid £15 to join a man at his table, she never prostituted herself.
although there were a few minor mishaps, none of the pancakes stuck to the ceiling.
although the incidence of card skimming is low, you should observe precautions.
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How to say although in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)hoewel, alhoewel
Bangla যদিও
Bosnian (Latin) Iako
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)въпреки, макар
Cantonese (Traditional) 雖然
Catalan (PREPOSITION)encara
Chinese Simplified 虽然
Chinese Traditional 雖然
Croatian (PREPOSITION)iako, mada, premda
Czech (PREPOSITION)ačkoli, i když, přestože
Danish (PREPOSITION)selvom
Dutch (PREPOSITION)hoewel
Estonian (PREPOSITION)kuigi
Fijian e dina ga ni
Filipino Bagama 't
Finnish (PREPOSITION)vaikka, joskin
French (PREPOSITION)quoique, mais
German (PREPOSITION)obwohl, obgleich, zwar
Greek (PREPOSITION)παρόλο που, μολονότι, παρότι, παρά
Haitian Creole Malgre ke
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)למרות, אמנם
Hindi (PREPOSITION)हालांकि, यद्यपि
Hmong Daw Txawm hais tias
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)bár
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)enda þótt, þó, þótt
Indonesian (PREPOSITION)meskipun, walaupun
Italian (PREPOSITION)sebbene, benché
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)ingawa
Klingon naH jajmeymaj
Korean (PREPOSITION)비록, 있지만
Latvian (PREPOSITION)lai_gan, kaut_arī, kaut_gan, kaut
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)nors
Malagasy aza
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)walaupun
Maltese (PREPOSITION)għalkemm
Norwegian Bokmål Selv om
Persian (PREPOSITION)اگرچه, وجودی, گرچه
Polish (PREPOSITION)chociaż, choć, mimo
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)embora, apesar
Querétaro Otomi Anke
Romanian (PREPOSITION)deşi
Russian (PREPOSITION)хотя, несмотря
Samoan e ui
Serbian (Cyrillic) Иако
Serbian (Latin) Iako
Slovak (PREPOSITION)hoci
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)čeprav, četudi
Spanish (PREPOSITION)aunque, pesar
Swedish (PREPOSITION)fastän, trots, även
Tahitian Noatu e,
Tamil என்றாலும்
Telugu అయినప్పటికీ
Thai (PREPOSITION)แม้ว่า
Tongan Neongo
Turkish (PREPOSITION)olmasına rağmen, rağmen, olsa da
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)хоча
Urdu (PREPOSITION)اگرچہ, گو, حالانکہ, اگرچے, گرچہ
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)mặc dù
Yucatec Maya Kex
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