angers (plural noun)
  1. a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
    "the colonel's anger at his daughter's disobedience"
angers (third person present) · angered (past tense) · angered (past participle) · angering (present participle)
  1. fill (someone) with anger; provoke anger in.
    "she was angered by his terse answer" ·
    "he was angered that he had not been told"
    annoy · irritate · exasperate · irk · vex · put out · provoke · pique · gall ·
    displease · enrage · incense · infuriate · madden · inflame · antagonize · make someone's blood boil · make someone's hackles rise · rub up the wrong way · ruffle someone's feathers · ruffle · peeve · drive mad/crazy · drive up the wall · make someone see red · get someone's back up · get someone's dander up · get someone's goat · get under someone's skin · get up someone's nose · rattle someone's cage · aggravate · get someone · needle · bug · nettle · rile · miff · hack off · wind up · get at · nark · get across · get on someone's wick · tee off · tick off · burn up · gravel · give someone the pip · empurple
Middle English: from Old Norse angr ‘grief’, angra ‘vex’. The original use was in the Old Norse senses; current senses date from late Middle English.
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I emphasize the importance of owning our anger and finding ways to control it.
slow down your body's physiological response to anger by breathing deeply.
aside from gain the commoner motives for murder are anger and jealousy.
she wondered if his cold, level gaze betokened indifference or anger.
headaches and tension are the end result of keeping anger bottled up.
sometimes anger is the only resource left in a situation like this.
‘Shanti! Shanti! You must not let anger possess you like that.’.
her work is infused with an anger born of pain and oppression.
she talks with anger about the illegitimacy of the election.
Caroline felt a stir of anger deep within her breast.
she made a valiant effort to hold her anger in check.
he felt a vestigial flicker of anger from last night.
she saw the anger rise, saw the clench of his fists.
his anger at social injustice and materialist greed.
the colonel's anger at his daughter's disobedience.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)woede
Arabic (NOUN)الغضب, غضب, غضبك, غضبه, غضبهم, غضبي, غضبا
Bangla রাগ
Bosnian (Latin) Ljutnja
Bulgarian (NOUN)гняв, гнева, гневът
Cantonese (Traditional) 憤怒
Catalan (NOUN)ira, enuig, ràbia, còlera
Chinese Simplified 愤怒
Chinese Traditional 憤怒
Croatian (NOUN)ljutnje, bijes, gnjev, bes, srdžba, besa, gnev
Czech (NOUN)hněv, hněvu, zlost, vztek, hněvem, zloba, indikuje
Danish (NOUN)vrede
Dutch (NOUN)woede, boosheid, toorn, kwaadheid
Estonian (NOUN)viha
Fijian cudru
Filipino galit
Finnish (NOUN)viha, kiukku, suuttumuksensa
French (NOUN)colère, rage, fureur
German (NOUN)Wut, Zorn, Ärger, Ärgers, arganienbaum
Greek (NOUN)θυμό, θυμού, θυμός, ο θυμός, οργή, Θυμώστε, οργής, αγανάκτηση, υποδεικνύει
Haitian Creole kout san
Hebrew (NOUN)כעס, הכעס, לכעס, בכעס, אנגר, זעם, העצבים
Hindi (NOUN)क्रोध, गुस्से
Hmong Daw npau taws
Hungarian (NOUN)harag, düh, dühét, méreg
Icelandic (NOUN)reiði
Indonesian (NOUN)kemarahan, amarah, marah, murka
Italian (NOUN)rabbia, ira, collera, sdegno
Japanese (NOUN)怒り, 怒っ
Kiswahili (NOUN)hasira, ghadhabu
Klingon QeH
Korean (NOUN)분노, 노기
Latvian (NOUN)dusmas, dusmu, niknums
Lithuanian (NOUN)pyktis, pykčio, gniewu, disforija
Malagasy fahatezerana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kemarahan, marah
Maltese ir
Norwegian Bokmål sinne
Persian (NOUN)خشم, عصبانیت
Polish (NOUN)gniew, złość, irytować, furia
Portuguese (NOUN)raiva, ira, fúria, cólera, ódio, irritar
Querétaro Otomi cólera
Romanian (NOUN)furie, mânie
Russian (NOUN)гнев, злость, ярость
Samoan ita
Serbian (Cyrillic) бес
Serbian (Latin) bes
Slovak (NOUN)hnev, hnevu, zlosť, hnevom, hneve, popouzeli, vztek, indikuje
Slovenian (NOUN)jezo, jeza, jeze, togota, jezi, bes, označuje
Spanish (NOUN)ira, enojo, cólera, rabia, enfado, furia, coraje
Swedish (NOUN)ilska, vrede
Tahitian iria
Tamil கோபம்
Telugu కోపం
Thai ความโกรธ
Tongan 'ita
Turkish (NOUN)öfke, öfkeyi, öfkesi, öfkeni, sinir
Ukrainian (NOUN)гнів, гніву, гнівом, гніві, злості
Urdu (NOUN)غصہ, غصے
Vietnamese (NOUN)tức giận, giận dữ
Welsh (NOUN)dicter, ddicter, nicter, tymer, llid, ddig
Yucatec Maya cólera
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