animals (plural noun)
  1. a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.
    "wild animals adapt badly to a caged life" ·
    "humans are the only animals who weep"
    animal · beast · brute · living thing · living entity · living soul · soul ·
    mortal · being · life form · organism · critter
    • an animal as opposed to a human being.
      "are humans superior to animals, or just different?"
      creature · beast · living thing · being · brute · critter · wildlife ·
    • a mammal, as opposed to a bird, reptile, fish, or insect.
      "the snowfall seemed to have chased all birds, animals, and men indoors"
    • a person without human attributes or civilizing influences, especially someone who is very cruel, violent, or repulsive.
      "those men have to be animals—what they did to that boy was savage"
      brute · beast · monster · savage · devil · demon · fiend · villain ·
    • a particular type of person or thing.
      "I am a political animal" ·
      "property development was a different animal altogether"
  1. relating to or characteristic of animals.
    "the evolution of animal life" ·
    "animal welfare"
  2. biology
    relating to or denoting the pole or extremity of an embryo that contains the more active cytoplasm in the early stages of development.The opposite of vegetal.
Middle English: the noun from Latin animal, based on Latin animalis ‘having breath’ from anima ‘breath’ ; the adjective via Old French from Latin animalis.
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the rejection by an animal of a syngeneic tumour graft proves that the tumour cells carry their own specific antigens.
for every clever defence that plants devise, some animal seems to be able to come up with a countermeasure.
understanding the microbiome—human, animal, and environmental—is as important as the human genome.
many argue that the cause of animal rights is subsidiary to that of protecting the environment.
the goldfish's vision is receptive to a wider band of light than almost any other animal.
the oldest known land animal is a hexapod found in Scotland, dated at 405 million years.
a diet low in animal fat protects against potentially fatal diseases, notably diabetes.
after the target animal is spotted, the pilot swoops down, cutting it out of the herd.
various animal models have been used to study the dormancy of tuberculosis in humans.
this ritualized action gives each animal time to assess the prowess of the other.
when we assess animal intelligence we tend to take a very anthropocentric view.
only the most marginal of the paysan kept up practical plant and animal lore.
the animal had been captured, collared, and released by federal researchers.
a priest would find omens in the steaming entrails of a sacrificed animal.
a wide spectrum of biologicals are produced from animal cells in culture.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)dier
Arabic (NOUN)الحيوان, حيوان, أنيمال
Bangla পশু
Bosnian (Latin) životinja
Bulgarian (NOUN)животните, ветеринарно, странични животински
Cantonese (Traditional) 動物
Chinese Simplified 动物
Chinese Traditional 動物
Croatian (NOUN)životinja
Czech (NOUN)živočišného, zvířat, veterinární
Danish (NOUN)animalske, dyr, dyret, dyrs, dyre, dyrenes
Dutch (NOUN)dierlijke
Estonian (NOUN)loomade
Fijian manumanu
Filipino hayop
Finnish (NOUN)eläinten
French (NOUN)origine animale, bête
German (NOUN)Tier
Greek (NOUN)ζώο, ζωικής, ζωικά, ζώων, ζωικών, ζώου, ζωικό, ζωικές, ζώα, ζωάκια
Haitian Creole animo
Hebrew (NOUN)בעלי חיים, בעל חיים, חיה, החיה, חיות, החיות, חיית, לחיה, החי, בעלי החיים, חיים
Hindi (NOUN)पशु, जानवर, पशुओं
Hmong Daw tsiaj
Hungarian (NOUN)állat
Icelandic (NOUN)dýr, dýra, dýri, skepna
Indonesian (NOUN)hewan, binatang, satwa
Italian (NOUN)animale, degli animali
Japanese (NOUN)動物, アニマル, 動物性, 家畜
Kiswahili (NOUN)mnyama, wanyama
Klingon Qaj
Korean (NOUN)동물, 애니멀, 짐승
Latvian (NOUN)dzīvnieku
Lithuanian (NOUN)gyvūnų, gyvulių
Malagasy ny biby
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)haiwan, binatang
Maltese (NOUN)annimali, bhima, bhejjem
Norwegian Bokmål dyr
Persian (NOUN)حیوانات, جانوری, حيوانات, دام
Polish (NOUN)zwierząt
Portuguese (NOUN)bicho
Querétaro Otomi me̲ti
Romanian (NOUN)animale, origine animală
Russian (NOUN)животных, зверь
Samoan manu
Serbian (Cyrillic) животиња
Serbian (Latin) životinja
Slovak (NOUN)zvierat, živočíšneho
Slovenian (NOUN)živali, ivalskih
Swedish (NOUN)djur, animaliska, djuret, djura, djurs
Tahitian animala
Tamil (NOUN)விலங்கு
Telugu జంతు
Thai (NOUN)สัตว์
Tongan monumanu
Turkish (NOUN)hayvan
Ukrainian (NOUN)тварин, колісний, звір
Urdu (NOUN)جانور, گہنا
Vietnamese (NOUN)động vật, thú, vật
Welsh (NOUN)anifeiliaid
Yucatec Maya ba'alche'
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