announces (third person present) · announced (past tense) · announced (past participle) · announcing (present participle)
  1. make a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention.
    "the President's office announced that the siege would be lifted" ·
    "he announced his retirement from international football" · "‘I have a confession to make,’ she announced"
    make public · make known · report · issue a statement about · declare · state · set forth · give out · put out · post · notify · give notice of · publicize · broadcast · publish ·
    advertise · circulate · proclaim · promulgate · trumpet · noise abroad · disclose · reveal · divulge · intimate · shout something from the rooftops · blazon abroad · preconize
late 15th century: from French annoncer, from Latin annuntiare, from ad- ‘to’ + nuntiare ‘declare, announce’ (from nuntius ‘messenger’).
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the President's office announced that the siege would be lifted.
the car giant is expected to announce around 5,000 redundancies.
he announced his retirement from international football.
‘I have a confession to make,’ she announced.
they were announcing her train.
How to say announce in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans kondig
Arabic (VERB)يعلن, أعلن, نعلن, تعلن, سيعلن, ستعلن, إعلان, يعلنوا
Bangla ঘোষণা
Bosnian (Latin) objaviti
Bulgarian (VERB)обявя, обяви, съобщи
Cantonese (Traditional) 宣布
Catalan (VERB)anunciar
Chinese Simplified 宣布
Chinese Traditional 宣佈
Croatian (VERB)objaviti, najavljuju, saopštiti, predstavili
Czech (VERB)oznámit, vyhlásí, ohlásit
Danish (VERB)annoncere, meddele, bekendtgøre, bebude, kundgøre, offentliggøre
Dutch (VERB)kondigen, meedelen, melden
Estonian (VERB)teatada, kuulutab, näevad
Fijian ena kacivaka
Filipino ibalita
Finnish (VERB)ilmoittaa, julkistaa, julistaa
French (VERB)annoncer
German (VERB)verkünden, ankündigen, bekannt, mitteilen, melden, Ansagen
Greek (VERB)ανακοινώσει, αναγγείλει
Haitian Creole anonse
Hebrew (VERB)להכריז, להודיע
Hindi (VERB)घोषणा, घोषित
Hmong Daw ncha moo
Hungarian (VERB)bejelent, kihirdeti, jelentjük, tudatjuk
Icelandic (VERB)tilkynna
Indonesian (VERB)mengumumkan
Italian (VERB)annunciare
Japanese (VERB)発表, アナウンス, お知らせ, 告知
Kiswahili (VERB)kutangaza
Korean (VERB)발표, 알리는
Latvian (VERB)paziņot, izziņot, izsludināt
Lithuanian (VERB)pranešti, paskelbti, skelbia
(NOUN)Pranešk, skelbti
Malagasy manambara
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mengumumkan
Maltese tħabbar
Norwegian Bokmål kunngjøre
Persian (VERB)اعلام
Polish (VERB)ogłosić, informujemy, ogłasza, zaanonsować, zakomunikować, poinformować
(NOUN)zawiadomić, anonsuj, zapowiedz, ogłaszają
Portuguese (VERB)anunciar
Querétaro Otomi anuncian
Romanian (VERB)anunţe
Russian (VERB)объявить, сообщить, анонсировать, огласить, заявить
(NOUN)анонс, объявили
Samoan faasilasila atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) објави
Serbian (Latin) objavi
Slovak (VERB)oznámiť, vyhlásiť
Slovenian (VERB)sporočamo, razglasi, napove, objaviti, najavijo, naznani, nakazujejo
(NOUN)napovedo, Obveščaj, prijava
Spanish (VERB)anunciar, anunciarles
Swedish (VERB)meddela, tillkännage, presentera, annonsera
Tahitian faaite
Tamil அறிவிக்க
Telugu ప్రకటిస్తామని
Thai (VERB)ประกาศ
Tongan Fanongonongo
Turkish (VERB)duyurmak, anons, ilan, açıkla, bildir
Ukrainian (VERB)оголосити, повідомити, заявляю
Urdu کا اعلان
Vietnamese (VERB)thông báo, công bố
Welsh (VERB)gyhoeddi, cyhoeddaf, ddatgan
Yucatec Maya anuncian
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