applications (plural noun)
  1. a formal request to be considered for a position or to be allowed to do or have something, submitted to an authority, institution, or organization.
    "an application for leave" ·
    "licences are available on application" · "an application form"
  2. the action of putting something into operation.
    "the application of general rules to particular cases" ·
    "massage has far-reaching medical applications"
    implementation · use · exercise · employment · administration ·
    utilization · practice · applying · discharge · exertion · execution · prosecution · enactment · carrying out · accomplishment · putting into operation/practice · praxis
  3. the action of applying something to a surface.
    "paints suitable for application on fabric" ·
    "a fresh application of make-up"
    putting on · rubbing in · spreading · smearing
  4. sustained effort; hard work.
    "the job takes a great deal of patience and application"
  5. computing
    a program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose.
    "a database application"
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin applicatio(n-), from the verb applicare ( see apply).
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your signature on this application will serve as your attestation that the information contained above is true and accurate.
it would be useless to enumerate all the drugs and recipes for their application which have been tried.
no application for registration is required when the property is conveyed following a court order.
updates will be delivered as delta updates instead of complete application downloads.
the consistency of fertilizer prills has a major effect on nitrogen application.
your application should get the rubber stamp from the residents' association.
you can get telltale streaking if you are not very careful with application.
the council was extremely zealous in the application of the regulations.
the application will not be processed until the requisite fee is paid.
the back end has three parts to it: server, application, and database.
the court may discharge a care order on the application of the child.
the Lord chancellor and the judges will consider the application.
an application to hold a pop concert at the club was rejected.
he advises an application of fluoride to strengthen the teeth.
under r 7.4 (6) the court may hear an application immediately.
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How to say application in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)aansoek, toepassing, toediening, aanwending, bespuiting, voorstel
Arabic (NOUN)التطبيق, تطبيق, الطلب, طلب, انطباق
Bangla আবেদন
Bosnian (Latin) aplikacija
Bulgarian (NOUN)прилагането, заявление, приложение, молба, кандидатстване, заявка, искането
Cantonese (Traditional) 應用
Catalan (NOUN)aplicació, sol·licitud
Chinese Simplified 应用
Chinese Traditional 應用
Croatian (NOUN)aplikacija, primjene, program, prijavu, zahtjev, zatvaranje
Czech (NOUN)aplikace, žádost, přihláška, přiložení, použití, uplatňování, provádění
Danish (NOUN)ansøgning, program, applikation, anvendelse, overførelse, gennemførelsen, anmodning
Dutch (NOUN)toepassing, aanvraag, sollicitatie, verzoek, programma
Estonian (NOUN)rakendus, taotluse, kohaldamise, avalduse
Fijian ivolakerekere
Filipino aplikasyon
Finnish (NOUN)sovellus, hakemus, ahkeruus, ohjelma
French (NOUN)demande, candidature, requête
German (NOUN)Anwendung, Applikation, Bewerbung, Antrag, Anmeldung, Programm, Einsatz
Greek (NOUN)εφαρμογή, αίτηση, εφαρµογή, υποβολής αιτήσεων
Haitian Creole aplikasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)יישום, היישום, ביישום, ליישום, יישומים, מיישום, הבקשה, האפליקציה, בקשה
Hindi (NOUN)आवेदन, अनुप्रयोग, एप्लिकेशन
Hmong Daw daim ntawv
Hungarian (NOUN)alkalmazás, kérelmet, iránti kérelem, pályázati, jelentkezési, bejelentés
Icelandic (NOUN)umsókn, forrit, jöfnun, hugbúnaðar
Indonesian (NOUN)aplikasi, permohonan, penerapan, lamaran, pendaftaran
Italian (NOUN)applicazione, domanda, candidatura, richiesta
Japanese (NOUN)アプリケーション, 応用, 適用, 申請
Kiswahili (NOUN)programu tumizi, maombi, utekelezaji, ombi
Korean (NOUN)응용 프로그램, 애플리케이션, 신청, 적용
Latvian (NOUN)lietojumprogrammu, pieteikumu, piemērošanu, programmas, iesniegumu
Lithuanian (NOUN)taikymo, paraiška, prašymą, programa, gretinimas, pareiškimas
Malagasy amporisiho ny fanaovana fampiharana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)permohonan, aplikasi, pemakaian, memohon
Maltese (NOUN)applikazzjoni, rikors, jiġi applikat
Norwegian Bokmål programmet
Persian (NOUN)برنامه, کاربرد, درخواست, نرم افزار, استفاده, تقاضای
Polish (NOUN)aplikacji, stosowania, wniosek, zastosowanie, zgłoszenie, podanie
Portuguese (NOUN)aplicativo, pedido, candidatura, requerimento
Querétaro Otomi nt'ot'e
Romanian (NOUN)aplicarea, cerere, solicitarea
Russian (NOUN)приложения, заявление, нанесения, программы
Samoan faaaogaaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) апликација
Serbian (Latin) aplikacija
Slovak (NOUN)aplikácie, uplatňovanie, žiadosť, prihlášky, použitie, iadosti
Slovenian (NOUN)aplikacija, uporaba, vloga, zahtevek, prijavo, program, prošnje, izvajanje
Spanish (NOUN)aplicación, solicitud, uso
Swedish (NOUN)ansökan, tillämpning, applicering, program
Tahitian no te faaohiparaa
Tamil (NOUN)பயன்பாடு, விண்ணப்பப்
Telugu అప్లికేషన్
Thai (NOUN)แอพพลิเคชัน, โปรแกรม ประ ยุกต์, ประยุกต์, สมัคร
Tongan faka'aonga'i
Turkish (NOUN)uygulama, başvuru, kullanma
Ukrainian (NOUN)застосування, додаток, заявки, програми, нанесення, заява, заяву, прикладного, заяви
Urdu (NOUN)ایپلی کیشن, درخواست, اطلاق, کیشن, پروگرام
Vietnamese (NOUN)ứng dụng, áp dụng, đơn, dụng
Welsh (NOUN)cais, gais, ymgeisio, cymhwyso, gymhwyso, gwneud cais, chymhwyso, ceisiadau, rhaglen
Yucatec Maya ka'anatako'ob
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