arrays (plural noun)
  1. an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.
    "there is a vast array of literature on the topic" ·
    "a bewildering array of choices"
  2. an ordered series or arrangement.
    "several arrays of solar panels will help provide power" ·
    "the lens focuses light on to an array of pixels"
    • an arrangement of troops.
      "I shall have my men drawn up here in battle array ready to come to your help"
    • mathematics
      an arrangement of quantities or symbols in rows and columns; a matrix.
    • computing
      an indexed set of related elements.
  3. literary
    elaborate or beautiful clothing.
    "he was clothed in fine array"
  4. law
    a list of jurors impanelled.
arrays (third person present) · arrayed (past tense) · arrayed (past participle) · arraying (present participle)
  1. display or arrange (things) in a particular way.
    "the manifesto immediately divided the forces arrayed against him"
    arrange · assemble · draw up · group · order · range · place · position ·
    set out · set forth · dispose · marshal · muster · lay out · display · exhibit · put on show · put on display · put on view · expose to view · unveil · present · uncover · reveal
  2. (be arrayed in)
    dress someone in (the clothes specified).
    "they were arrayed in Hungarian national dress"
    dress · attire · clothe · robe · garb · deck · deck out · drape · accoutre ·
    outfit · fit out · costume · get up · turn out · trick out/up · doll up · apparel · bedizen · caparison · invest · habit · trap out
  3. law
    impanel (a jury).
Middle English (in the senses ‘preparedness’ and ‘place in readiness’): from Old French arei (noun), areer (verb), based on Latin ad- ‘towards’ + a Germanic base meaning ‘prepare’.
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choose from a colourful array of mango, starfruit, and raspberries, to name but a few.
a striking array of cinematic effects, including superimpositions and fast motion.
the multitudinous array of chemical substances that exist in the natural world.
I shall have my men drawn up here in battle array ready to come to your help.
a wonderful array of shops that will keep any browser amused for hours.
the manifesto immediately divided the forces arrayed against him.
Americans are free to choose from a promiscuous array of values.
there is a bewildering array of holidays to choose from.
several arrays of solar panels will help provide power.
there is a vast array of literature on the topic.
the lens focuses light on to an array of pixels.
they were arrayed in Hungarian national dress.
they made a gallant array as they marched off.
a dazzling array of straight A's.
an array of exotic potted palms.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)skikking, verskeidenheid
Arabic (NOUN)الصفيف, صفيف, مجموعة, المصفوفة, للصفيف, الصفائف, لصفيف, مصفوفة, طائفة, صفائف
Bangla অ্যারে
Bosnian (Latin) polja
Bulgarian (NOUN)масив, спектър, набор, гама, строявам
Cantonese (Traditional) 陣列
Catalan (NOUN)matriu, varietat, gamma, ventall, arsenal, arranjament, panell
Chinese Simplified 阵 列
Chinese Traditional 陣 列
Croatian (NOUN)polje, razvrstati, niz
Czech (NOUN)pole, matice, poli
Danish (NOUN)matrix, vifte, opbud, udvalg, række, lang række
Dutch (NOUN)matrix, scala, serie, reeks, waaier
Estonian (NOUN)massiivi
Fijian kei
Filipino iba 't ibang uri
Finnish (NOUN)matriisi, taulukon, joukko, jono, valikoima
French (NOUN)tableau, éventail, matrice, baie, gamme, rangée
German (NOUN)Reihe, Palette, Anordnung, Matrix, Spektrum
Greek (NOUN)συστοιχία, σειρά, πίνακα, φάσμα, τακτοποιώ, ποικιλία
Haitian Creole etalaj
Hebrew (NOUN)מערך, המערך, במערך, למערך, כמערך, מגוון, מערכים
Hindi (NOUN)सरणी, ऐरे
Hungarian (NOUN)tömb, tömbben, tömböt, sor, tömbhöz, sorát, tömbje
Icelandic (NOUN)fylking
Indonesian (NOUN)jajaran
Italian (NOUN)matrice, gamma, schiera, allineamento, serie
Japanese (NOUN)配列, アレイ, アレー
Kiswahili (NOUN)solo, safu, mkusanyiko
Klingon DaH
Korean (NOUN)배열, 어레이
Latvian (NOUN)masīva, bloku
Lithuanian (NOUN)masyvas, matrica
Malagasy hitandahatra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)tatasusunan, pelbagai
Norwegian Bokmål matrise
Persian (NOUN)آرایه, آرايه
Polish (NOUN)tablicy, macierzy, odziewać, szyku, szyk
Portuguese (NOUN)matriz, leque, disposição, variedade, gama, conjunto
Querétaro Otomi thoki discos
Romanian (NOUN)matrice, gamă, tablou, serie, vector
Russian (NOUN)массив
Samoan meafaigaluega eseese
Serbian (Cyrillic) низа
Serbian (Latin) niza
Slovak (NOUN)pole, poľa, poli, spektrum, poľom, škálu, paletu
Slovenian (NOUN)matrika, arak, niz, paleto, zbirko
Spanish (NOUN)matriz, arsenal, arreglo, gama, variedad, conjunto, discos, abanico
Swedish (NOUN)matris, uppställa, utbud, disksystem, vektor, rad, spektrum, samling, kedjan
Tahitian hopea
Tamil வரிசை
Telugu ఎరాయ్
Thai อาร์เรย์
Tongan kehekehe
Turkish (NOUN)dizi
Ukrainian (NOUN)масив, набором, коло
Urdu (NOUN)لڑی, سرنی, صف
Vietnamese (NOUN)mảng, loạt, dãy
Welsh (NOUN)arae, casgliad, amrywiaeth, llu
Yucatec Maya arreglo discos
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