assumes (third person present) · assumed (past tense) · assumed (past participle) · assuming (present participle)
  1. suppose to be the case, without proof.
    "topics which assume detailed knowledge of local events" ·
    "it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects" · "they were assumed to be foreign"
    presume · suppose · take it · take for granted · take as read ·
    take it as given · presuppose · conjecture · surmise · conclude · come to the conclusion · deduce · infer · draw the inference · reckon · reason · guess · imagine · think · fancy · suspect · expect · accept · believe · be of the opinion · understand · be given to understand · gather · glean · figure · opine · ween
  2. take or begin to have (power or responsibility).
    "he assumed full responsibility for all organizational work"
    accept · shoulder · bear · undertake · take on · take up ·
    take on oneself · manage · handle · deal with · get to grips with · turn one's hand to
  3. begin to have (a specified quality, appearance, or extent).
    "militant activity had assumed epidemic proportions"
    acquire · take on · adopt · come to have
    • take on or adopt (a manner or identity), sometimes falsely.
      "Oliver assumed an expression of penitence" ·
      "she puts on a disguise, assumes a different persona, and cruises the squalid bars on the bad side of town"
late Middle English: from Latin assumere, from ad- ‘towards’ + sumere ‘take’.
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neurotypical individuals often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one or the only correct one.
we cannot assume that such notions will necessarily be grammaticalized in the structure of any particular language.
she puts on a disguise, assumes a different persona, and cruises the squalid bars on the bad side of town.
we can only assume that someone simply had a brainstorm and left the important bits out.
don't assume that you should stare toward the radiant to see the most meteors.
it's ridiculous to assume someone wasn't born here just because they're a POC.
it would be wrong to assume that he is simply playing at right-wing politics.
it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects.
I got a reply almost right away, which I assume was from an autoresponder.
many doctors assume that women who undergo testing would choose to abort.
assume that your examiner is an ignoramus and explain everything to him.
he assumed full responsibility for all organizational work.
a seer had foretold that the earl would assume the throne.
topics which assume detailed knowledge of local events.
militant activity had assumed epidemic proportions.
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How to say assume in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)aanvaar, aanneem, veronderstel
Arabic (VERB)نفترض, تفترض, افترض, افتراض, تحمل, تتحمل, تولي, يفترض, تتولى, الاضطلاع, تضطلع
Bangla ধারণা
Bosnian (Latin) pretpostaviti
Bulgarian (VERB)предположи, приемем, поеме, поемат, допуснал, мислете
Cantonese (Traditional) 假設
Catalan (VERB)assumir, suposar
Chinese Simplified 假设
Chinese Traditional 假設
Croatian (VERB)pretpostaviti, preuzeti
Czech (VERB)předpokládat, převzít, nepřebírají, domnívat, zaujmout
Danish (VERB)antage, påtage sig, formoder, overtage, forudsætter, varetager, Lad os antage
Dutch (VERB)veronderstellen, ervan uitgaan, aannemen, wordt ervan uitgegaan, nemen, neem, aanvaardt
Estonian (VERB)eeldada, endale, hoolitseb, oletame, arvata, võta, võtaks, võtma
Fijian nanuma
Filipino ipinapalagay
Finnish (VERB)olettaa, anastaa, ottamaan
French (VERB)supposer, assumer, présumer, imagine
German (VERB)davon ausgehen, annehmen, übernehmen, gehe davon aus, vermuten, voraussetzen, Annahme
Greek (VERB)υποθέσουμε, αναλάβει, υποτεθεί, υπέθετε, προϋποθέτουν, ας υποθέσουμε ότι, θεωρήσει, θεωρούν
Haitian Creole sipoze
Hebrew (VERB)מניח, להניח, מניחים, מניחה, נניח, לשער, משער, תניחו
Hindi (VERB)मान, ग्रहण, लगता, मानते, संभालने, कल्पना, मान लीजिए, मानना
Hmong Daw kev pov plob
Hungarian (VERB)feltételezik, vállalja, elfogad, azt feltételezni, Tegyük fel, betöltheti, gondold, ellátja
Icelandic (VERB)ætla, taka, tekið
Indonesian (VERB)berasumsi, menganggap, asumsikan, beranggapan, memikul, menanggung, anggap
Italian (VERB)presumere, assumere, supporre, Si supponga, si presuppone, scontato, dal presupposto, ipotizzare, ritenere
Japanese (VERB)仮定, 想定, 引き受ける, 負い, 前提, 負う, 引き受け, 引き継ぐ
Kiswahili (VERB)kudhani, Chukulia
Korean (VERB)있다고, 가정, 추측, 추정, 같은데요, 않습니다, 이라고 생각
Latvian (VERB)uzņemties, pieņemt, jāuzņemas, uzskatīt
Lithuanian (VERB)prisiimti, manyti, daryti prielaidą, tarkime, administruoja, manau, manome, teigti, teisiškai
Malagasy mihevitra
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menganggap, memikul, menanggung, bertanggungjawab
Maltese (VERB)jassumi, tassumi
Norwegian Bokmål Anta
Persian (VERB)فرض, پذیرد, تصور, عهده
Polish (VERB)zakładać, założyć, zakladam, przyjąć, zalozyc, ponoszą, przypuszczać, przejęcia
Portuguese (VERB)assumir, presumir, supor, suponha, supr, pressupor, supõe
Querétaro Otomi asumir
Romanian (VERB)asuma, presupune, se presupună, îşi asumă, să îşi asume, asume, abordaţi, să presupunem că, prelua
Russian (VERB)предположить, полагаю, считать, допустим, думайте, взять, берут
Samoan manatu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Претпостављам да
Serbian (Latin) Pretpostavljam da
Slovak (VERB)predpokladať, prevziať, domnievať, fungovala, prevezme, preberá, niesť
Slovenian (VERB)prevzeti, domnevati, predpostavimo, predvidevam, smatramo, sklepati
Spanish (VERB)asumir, suponer, presumir, imagino
Swedish (VERB)antar, anta, Antag, förutsätter, utgår från, förmodar, ta, överta, ansvara
Tahitian e manao
Tamil கருதி
Telugu భావించవచ్చు
Thai สมมติ
Tongan Fakakaukau
Turkish (VERB)varsayalım, üstlen, olduğunu varsayıyorum, farz, kabul, sanı, saymak
Ukrainian (VERB)припустити, вважати, думайте, передбачають, взяти, берете, думати
Urdu (VERB)فرض
Vietnamese (VERB)thừa nhận, giả, cho
Welsh (VERB)tybio, dybio, ganiataol, rhagdybio, thybio, cymryd, ysgwyddo, gymryd, ymgymryd â
Yucatec Maya asumir
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