1. notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.
    "he drew attention to three spelling mistakes"
  2. the action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something.
    "her business needed her attention" ·
    "he was found guilty of failing to give a patient adequate medical attention"
  3. military
    a position assumed by a soldier, standing very straight with the feet together and the arms straight down the sides of the body.
    "Saunders stood stolidly to attention"
    • an order to assume a straight standing position.
late Middle English: from Latin attentio(n-), from the verb attendere ( see attend).
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this new-found attention to the plight of black trans folks by primarily cisgender allies is timely and necessary.
strategies to promote health should pay greater attention to financial hardship and other correlates of poverty.
there was no point in calling her attention to the implications of her statement, she would only take it ill.
he left a comment on the thread which I think deserves more attention so I'm reposting it this morning.
public relations policies are sometimes intended to divert attention away from criticism.
the control of conscious attention is not at all coextensive with information processing.
it may look absurd, but having a treadmill desk could improve your attention span.
as the students exit, an exasperated teacher tries in vain to get their attention.
many patients self-diagnose and do not seek medical attention for their symptoms.
she has lapses in attention and concentration—she may be confabulating a little.
those public-spirited people who call attention to low standards in high places.
he was found guilty of failing to give a patient adequate medical attention.
he needs to pay serious attention to his financials, particularly cash flow.
he paid people attention and made them feel special—and not in a pervy way.
he ploughed on, trying to outline his plans and engage Sutton's attention.
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How to say attention in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)aandag, behandeling
Arabic (NOUN)الاهتمام, اهتمام, ايلاء اهتمام, انتباه, الانتباه, عناية, توجيه اهتمام, يولي اهتمام, العناية
Bangla মনোযোগ
Bosnian (Latin) pozornost
Bulgarian (NOUN)внимание, знанието
Cantonese (Traditional) 注意
Catalan (NOUN)atenció
Chinese Simplified 注意
Chinese Traditional 注意
Croatian (NOUN)pozornost, pažnju
Czech (NOUN)pozornost, důrazem, zřetelem, upozornění
Danish (NOUN)opmærksomhed, sans
Dutch (NOUN)aandacht, Opgelet, attentie, Let
Estonian (NOUN)tähelepanu
Fijian vakarorogo
Filipino pansin
Finnish (NOUN)huomiota, asento, tietoon
French (NOUN)une attention particulière, souci
German (NOUN)Aufmerksamkeit, Achtung, Augenmerk, Beachtung, liebe, Betreuung
Greek (NOUN)προσοχή, φροντίδα, σημασία
Haitian Creole Atansyon
Hebrew (NOUN)תשומת לב, שימו לב, הקשיבו, קשב, הקשב, לב, לשים לב, יחס, שים לב, העניינים
Hindi (NOUN)ध्यान, ध्यान देने, ध्यान दें
Hmong Daw xim
Hungarian (NOUN)figyelmet
Icelandic (NOUN)athygli, eftirtekt
Indonesian (NOUN)perhatian
Italian (NOUN)attenzione, cura
Japanese (NOUN)注意, 注目, 関心, アテンション, こだわり, 配慮
Kiswahili (NOUN)usikivu, makini, nadhari, nathari, uangalifu, kipaumbele, tahadhari, mawazo
Korean (NOUN)관심, 주의, 주목을, 주의가, 시선을
Latvian (NOUN)uzmanību, jāpievērš uzmanība
Lithuanian (NOUN)dėmesį, atkreipti dėmesį, dλmesio
Malagasy tsara
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)perhatian
Maltese (NOUN)attenzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål oppmerksomhet
Persian (NOUN)توجه
Polish (NOUN)uwagę, uwagi, Uwaga, dbałość, zwrócić uwagę, uwzględnieniem, wagę
Portuguese (NOUN)atenção
Querétaro Otomi Ntheti
Romanian (NOUN)atenţia, o atenţie deosebită
Russian (NOUN)внимание, сведения, пристального внимания
Samoan gauai
Serbian (Cyrillic) Пажња
Serbian (Latin) Pažnja
Slovak (NOUN)pozornosť, dôrazom
Slovenian (NOUN)pozornost, nega, poudarkom, opozoriti
Spanish (NOUN)atención
Swedish (NOUN)uppmärksamhet, kännedom, omsorg
Tahitian haapao
Tamil (NOUN)கவனம்
Telugu దృష్టికి
Thai ความสนใจ
Tongan tokanga
Turkish (NOUN)dikkat, ilgi, önem, bakıma, müdahale
Ukrainian (NOUN)увагу, уваги, увага, увагою, увазі, відома
Urdu (NOUN)توجہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)sự chú ý, chú ý, quan tâm
Welsh (NOUN)sylw, roi sylw
Yucatec Maya óolal
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