1. to or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing.
    "she landed badly, and crawled away" ·
    "they walked away from the vicarage in silence" · "we'll only be away for four nights"
    aside · off · to one side
    • at a specified distance.
      "when he was ten or twelve feet away he stopped" ·
      "we have had patients from as far away as Wales"
    • at a specified future distance in time.
      "the wedding is only weeks away"
    • towards a lower level; downwards.
      "in front of them the land fell away to the river"
    • conceptually to one side, so as no longer to be the focus of attention.
      "the Museum has shifted its emphasis away from research towards exhibitions"
      aside · off · to one side
    • (with reference to a sports fixture) at the opponents' ground.
      "Oh what fun it is to see the Mariners win away" ·
      "we are away to Morecambe on Saturday"
  2. into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping.
    "he put away the pistol"
    at a distance · apart · isolated
  3. into non-existence.
    "Marie felt her distress ebbing away"
    elsewhere · abroad · not at home · not here · gone · absent ·
    on holiday · on vacation
  4. constantly, persistently, or continuously.
    "there was Morrissey crooning away"
  1. (of a sports fixture) played at the opponents' ground.
    "tomorrow night's away game at Leicester" ·
    "an away victory"
    • relating to or denoting a sports team that is playing at the opponents' ground.
      "the away side scored first" ·
      "away fans chanted and cheered"
aways (plural noun)
  1. an away match or win.
Old English onweg, aweg ‘on one's way’ (see a-2, way).
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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.

John Muir

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain
some parents fudge the issue by saying that the grandparent has gone away for a little while, but this kind of cop-out is likely to undermine their credibility.
he played the perfect wrestling heel, arrogant, overly aggressive, yet the first to run away when the odds are not in his favour.
the government succeeded in diverting resources away from consumption at considerable cost to its political popularity.
what goes on in the pits is a million miles away from what happens when Joe Bloggs puts his car in for a service.
behind, away from home, and down to 14 men, Kelso ought to have been down and out, but Jeffrey rallied his men.
the young Ukrainian is a real goal poacher and can put away chances most strikers wouldn't even attempt.
the skin may scale and peel away with itching, stinging, or burning sensations in the infected area.
the sandbags that made up the parapet had been blown away and the wall of the trench had caved in.
you could have respect for a man who fought for you, but none for this milksop, who backed away.
he blasted away from the field during the second lap to knock a second off the existing mark.
the school is located a few kilometers away and is run on the pattern of other army schools.
a second of silence, not long enough for the echo of the previous fulminations to fade away.
public relations policies are sometimes intended to divert attention away from criticism.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADVERB)weg
Arabic (ADVERB)بعيدا, الفور, بعيدة, جانبا, بعيد
Bangla মুখ
Bosnian (Latin) daleko
Bulgarian (ADVERB)далеч, разстояние, настрана, път, х, веднага, някъде
Cantonese (Traditional) 離開
Catalan (ADVERB)distància, lluny, fora, allunyat, absent, desaparèixer, escombraries
Chinese Simplified 离开
Chinese Traditional 離開
Croatian (ADVERB)daleko, udaljen, odsutan, podalje, gostima, odavde, otjerati, dalje, vožnje
Czech (ADVERB)pryč, daleko, odtud, odsud, dál, stranou
Danish (ADVERB)væk, derfra, bortrejst, bort, lager, hotellet, samme
Dutch (ADVERB)weg, afstand, verderop, afwezig, verwijderd, rijden
Estonian (ADVERB)kaugusel, ära, eemal, minema
Fijian tani
Filipino layo
Finnish (ADVERB)päässä, pois, matka, vieras
French (ADVERB)loin, éloigner, absent, écart, suite, parti, extérieur, distance
German (ADVERB)weg, entfernt, fern, fort, abseits, davon, ab
Greek (ADVERB)μακριά, μακρυά
Haitian Creole ale
Hebrew (ADVERB)משם, מכאן, מהמלון, הרחק, מפה, הצידה, נסיעה, במרחק, ממני, רחוק, ממך
Hindi (ADVERB)दूर, चले, भाग
Hmong Daw tseg
Hungarian (ADVERB)el, re, távol, idegenben, vendég, fekszenek, szállodától, elérhető
Icelandic (ADVERB)fjarlægð, burtu, burt, undan, fjarri
Indonesian (ADVERB)pergi, menjauh, jauhnya, jauh, diri
Italian (ADVERB)via, lontano, distanza, assente, allontana
Japanese (ADVERB)離れて, 離れ, 距離, 先, 離れた, 離れた所, すぐ
Kiswahili (ADVERB)mbali, kuondoa
Klingon Ha'
Korean (ADVERB)멀리, 떨어져, 도망, 거리, 저리, 떠나
Latvian (ADVERB)prom, projām, attālumā, nost, nostāk, tālāk, tālu, izvietošanu
Lithuanian (ADVERB)toli, šalin, atokiau, atstumu, išvykoje, nuošalyje, karto, kelio
Malagasy any
Malay (Latin) (ADVERB)jauhnya, jaraknya, jauh, sejauh, perjalanan
Maltese bogħod
Norwegian Bokmål unna
Persian (ADVERB)دور, دورتر, فاصله
Polish (ADVERB)daleko, dala, dzieli, oddalone, wyjeździe, drogi, stąd
Portuguese (ADVERB)afastado, longe, distância, fora, embora, ausente, daqui, fugir, escapar
Querétaro Otomi mbi
Romanian (ADVERB)departe, distanţă, deplasare, deoparte, mers, plecat
Russian (ADVERB)прочь, подальше, вдали, далеко, езды, отсюда, вне, стороне, сейчас
Samoan ese
Serbian (Cyrillic) одсутан
Serbian (Latin) odsutan
Slovak (ADVERB)preč, ďaleko, vzdialené, odtiaľto, dál, autom, jazdy, mimo
Slovenian (ADVERB)proč, stran, oddaljen, avtomobilom, zunaj, vožnje
Spanish (ADVERB)lejos, alejado, distancia, ausente, fuera, escapó, apartó, desaparecer
Swedish (ADVERB)bort, borta, undan, iväg, härifrån, hotellet
Tahitian na
Tamil (ADVERB)காலமானார்
Telugu దూరంగా
Thai (ADVERB)เก็บ
Tongan mama'o
Turkish (ADVERB)mesafede, uzaklıktadır, uzakta, uzağa, uzak, buradan
Ukrainian (ADVERB)геть, звідси, подалі, далеко, їзди, зараз, відсутності, поза
Urdu (ADVERB)دور, فاصلے, دوری, الگ
Vietnamese (ADVERB)đi, xa
Welsh (ADVERB)oddi wrth, ymaith, draw, ffwrdd, gael gwared, osgoi
Yucatec Maya distancia
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