worse (comparative adjective) · worst (superlative adjective)
  1. of poor quality or a low standard.
    "a bad diet" ·
    "bad eyesight"
  2. not such as to be hoped for or desired; unpleasant or unwelcome.
    "bad news" ·
    "it was the worst day of his life" · "bad luck"
  3. failing to conform to standards of moral virtue or acceptable conduct.
    "the bad guys" ·
    "bad behaviour"
  4. (of a part of the body) injured, diseased, or painful.
    "a bad back"
  5. (of food) decayed; putrid.
    "everything in the fridge went bad"
    rotten · off · decayed · decomposed · decomposing · putrid · putrefied ·
    putrescent · mouldy · mouldering · sour · rancid · rank · unfit for human consumption · addled · maggoty · worm-eaten · wormy · flyblown · putrefactive · putrefacient
    • (of the atmosphere) polluted; unhealthy.
      "bad air"
  6. regretful, guilty, or ashamed about something.
    "she feels bad about ending their engagement" ·
    "I feel bad that our business is benefiting from something so horrible"
  7. worthless; not valid.
    "he ran up 87 bad cheques"
  8. informal
    good; excellent.
    "they want the baddest, best-looking Corvette there is"
  1. badly.
    "he beat her up real bad"
Middle English: perhaps from Old English bǣddel ‘hermaphrodite, womanish man’.
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I try not to set myself up as different or as a celebrity or special. I have a husband that can get on my nerves. I have kids that test my patience. I've got a cat I can't keep off the sofa. It's real. On a bad day, I'm reading 'Acts of Faith.'

Iyanla Vanzant
she puts on a disguise, assumes a different persona, and cruises the squalid bars on the bad side of town.
the bad characters in the novels are mostly forgivable and the harm they do usually repairable.
hurricanes start off as loose regions of bad weather known as tropical depressions.
the company has suffered a dramatic turndown after a storm of bad publicity.
we had a bad trip, and he emerged from his cabin looking the worse for wear.
we have the team which can win the league, providing we avoid bad injuries.
to the best of my recollection no one ever had a bad word to say about him.
it is an unfortunate truth of today's media that bad news makes good copy.
‘Look, if yer rob, or tief, or kill, or do notting bad, wat yer run for?’.
their guns kick so hard that they have developed a bad case of flinching.
we got guys doing stretches for passing bad checks and aggravated mopery.
anyone who says anything bad about the country is branded as a traitor.
she had been propositioned at the party by a subeditor with bad breath.
just as bad money drives out good, so does bad art drive out the good.
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How to say bad in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)slegte, swak, oninbare, erg, stout
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)سيئة, السيئة, سيئا, سيء, سيئ, السوء, سوء, سئ, السيء, باد, غير صالح
Bangla খারাপ
Bosnian (Latin) loše
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)лошо, лош, лоши, лоша, лошите, зле, лошата, лошия, лошото
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)dolent, mala, mal, males, mals
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)loše, loš, loša, loših, lošu, zločesti, strašno
Czech (ADJECTIVE)špatné, chybný, zlé, bolavý, zlý, nedobytné, hrozné, ošklivá
Danish (ADJECTIVE)dårlig, slemt, skadelig, skidt, ond, forkert, onde
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)slechte, verkeerd, beschadigde
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)halb, halvad, paha, vigane, hull, vale
Fijian ca
Filipino masamang
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)huono, paha, epäkelpo, pahaa, pahoja, virheellinen
French (ADJECTIVE)mauvais, mal, méchant, vilaine, incorrect, grave, terrible
German (ADJECTIVE)schlecht, bösen, böse, übel, fehlerhafte, ungültige, falsche
Greek (ADJECTIVE)κακή, κακό, κακός, κακές, άσχημα, κακά, κακών, κακής, κατεστραμμένους, κακοί
Haitian Creole move
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)רע, רעים, גרוע, רעה, הרע, גרועה, רעות, הרעים, נורא, גרועים, קשה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)बुरा, खराब, गलत
Hmong Daw phem
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)rossz, hibás, helytelen
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)slæmur, illa, vondur, vont, vondi, vond, skemmd
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)buruk, macet, jahat, jelek
Italian (ADJECTIVE)cattivo, male, brutto, pessimo, difettoso, negativa, grave
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)悪い, 不良, 悪く, バッド, 不正, 悪, ひどい, 不適切な, 無効
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)mbaya, mabaya, wabaya, kibaya, baya, vibaya
Klingon qab
Korean (ADJECTIVE)나쁜, 나쁘지, 불량, 나쁘다, 악, 배드, 잘못된, 나쁘게, 좋지
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)slikti, ļauni, bezcerīgo, nelāgi, nederīgs, nepareizs
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)blogai, netinkamas
Malagasy ratsy
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)buruk, lapuk, jahat, rosak, teruk
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)ħażin
Norwegian Bokmål dårlig
Persian (ADJECTIVE)بد, بدی, نادرست
Polish (ADJECTIVE)złe, zły, źle, złych, zła, złej, złym, złego, z³y, uszkodzone
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)ruim, mau, má, más, mal, ruins, maus, péssima, grave
Querétaro Otomi ts'ojä'i
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)rău, rele, proastă, rea, prost, bogdan
Russian (ADJECTIVE)плохо, Бад, неприятный, неудачный, дурной, вредных, неверный, ужасно
Samoan leaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) лоше
Serbian (Latin) loše
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)zlé, zlý, zlá, zlých, zlou, zlú, nedobytné, zlého, zlej, chybné
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)slabo, napačen, poškodovane, hudo
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)malo, mal, grave
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)dålig, illa, felaktig, osäkra, onda
Tahitian ino
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)தவறான, பாத, சரியற்ற
Telugu చెడు
Thai (ADJECTIVE)เลว, ร้าย, เสีย
Tongan kovi
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)kötü, fena, kötüydü, hatalı, bozuk
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)погано, неприємний, бад, безнадійних, невдалий, шкідливих, непогано
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)برا, بری, خراب, ناشائستہ, برے, ناقص
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)xấu, tình trạng, tồi, tệ
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)drwg, ddrwg, gwael, wael, beth drwg, waethed, cynddrwg, garw, anghywir
Yucatec Maya K'aas
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