1. heavy material, such as gravel, sand, or iron, placed in the bilge of a ship to ensure its stability.
    "the hull had insufficient ballast"
  2. gravel or coarse stone used to form the bed of a railway track or the substratum of a road.
    "a thick layer of railway ballast"
    • a mixture of coarse and fine aggregate for making concrete.
  3. a passive component used in an electric circuit to moderate changes in current.
    "ballasts are permanently wired into existing fixtures" ·
    "ballast resistors"
ballasts (third person present) · ballasted (past tense) · ballasted (past participle) · ballasting (present participle)
  1. give stability to (a ship) by putting a heavy substance in its bilge.
    "the vessel has been ballasted to give the necessary floating stability" ·
    "people insufficiently ballasted with factual information"
  2. form (the bed of a railway line or the substratum of a road) with gravel or coarse stone.
    "the track was laid with rails and ballasted with earth"
mid 16th century: probably of Low German or Scandinavian origin.
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How to use ballast in a sentence?
the film is an entertaining comedy with some serious ideas thrown in for ballast.
the vessel has been ballasted to give the necessary floating stability.
the craft was stabilized by throwing out the remaining ballast.
people insufficiently ballasted with factual information.
the track was laid with rails and ballasted with earth.
ballasts are permanently wired into existing fixtures.
use a mix of one part cement to five parts ballast.
the ballast is suspended from its nether end.
a forty kilo sandbag was used as ballast.
the ballast was cleaned ready for reuse.
the hull had insufficient ballast.
a thick layer of railway ballast.
ballast resistors.
How to say ballast in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans van ballas
Arabic (NOUN)الصابورة
(ADJECTIVE)مياه الصابورة
Bosnian (Latin) balastnih
Bulgarian (NOUN)баласт
Cantonese (Traditional) 鎮流器
Catalan (NOUN)llast
Chinese Simplified 镇流器
Chinese Traditional 鎮流器
Croatian balastnih
Czech (NOUN)předřadník, balastu, zátěž
(ADJECTIVE)zátěžových, předřadníková, přídavná
Dutch (NOUN)voorschakelapparaat
Filipino balasto
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)painolasti
French (NOUN)lest
(ADJECTIVE)ballastage, lestage
German (NOUN)Vorschaltgerät, Drossel, Schotter
Greek (NOUN)έρμα, έρματος
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)רבד
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)रोडा
Hungarian (NOUN)ballaszt, előtét
Icelandic kjölfestuefni
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)pemberat
Italian (NOUN)zavorra, reattanza, massicciata, alimentatore
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)バラスト
Korean (NOUN)밸러스트
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)balasta
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)balasto
Malay (Latin) balast
Maltese (NOUN)saborra
Persian (NOUN)بالاست
Polish (NOUN)balastu, statecznik
Portuguese (NOUN)lastro, reator, balastro
Querétaro Otomi lastre
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)balast
Russian (NOUN)балласта
Serbian (Cyrillic) баласт
Serbian (Latin) balast
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)zaťažovacích
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)balastnih
Spanish (NOUN)lastre, balastro, reactancia
Swedish (NOUN)barlast, reaktorn
Tamil பல்லாஸ்ட்
Telugu బలాస్ట్
Thai (NOUN)บัลลาสต์
Turkish (NOUN)balast
Ukrainian (NOUN)баласту
Urdu روڑا
Vietnamese Chấn lưu
Welsh balast
Yucatec Maya lastre
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