bananas (plural noun)
  1. a long curved fruit which grows in clusters and has soft pulpy flesh and yellow skin when ripe.
    "a bunch of bananas"
    severely mentally ill · mentally ill · insane · mad · certifiable · deranged ·
    demented · of unsound mind · out of one's mind · not in one's right mind · not together · crazed · maniac · maniacal · lunatic · unbalanced · unhinged · unstable · disturbed · distracted · stark mad · manic · frenzied · raving · distraught · frantic · hysterical · delirious · mad as a hatter · mad as a March hare · non compos mentis · sectionable · crazy · mental · off one's head · out of one's head · off one's nut · nuts · nutty · nutty as a fruitcake · off one's rocker · not (quite) right in the head · round the bend · stark staring/raving mad · raving mad · bats · batty · bonkers · cuckoo · loopy · loony · bananas · loco · dippy · screwy · with a screw loose · schizoid · touched · gaga · up the pole · not all there · not right upstairs · away with the fairies · foaming at the mouth · barmy · crackers · barking · barking mad · round the twist · off one's trolley · daft · as daft as a brush · not the full shilling · buggy · off the wall · nutsy · nutso · out of one's tree · meshuga · squirrelly · wacko · bushed · porangi · psychotic · sociopathic · psychopathological
  2. the tropical and subtropical palmlike plant that bears bananas, having very large leaves but lacking a woody trunk.
bananas (adjective)
  1. informal
    insane or extremely silly.
    "I've spent two months in a studio—I must be bananas"
    • extremely angry or excited.
      "she went bananas when I said I was going to leave the job"
late 16th century: via Portuguese or Spanish from Mande.
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How to use banana in a sentence?
she went bananas when I said I was going to leave the job.
I've spent two months in a studio—I must be bananas.
the country is heavily dependent on banana exports.
the banana plant is the world's largest herb.
a banana leaf from a fruitless palm.
a bunch of bananas.
a rubberoid banana.
banana fritters.
mashed banana.
banana chips.
How to say banana in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)piesang
Arabic (NOUN)الموز, موز, موزة, بانانا, بنانا
Bangla কলা
Bosnian (Latin) banane
Bulgarian (NOUN)банан
Cantonese (Traditional) 香蕉
Catalan (NOUN)plàtan, Afrixalus
Chinese Simplified 香蕉
Chinese Traditional 香蕉
Czech (NOUN)banán
Danish (NOUN)banan
Dutch (NOUN)banaan, aardbei
Estonian (NOUN)banaan
Fijian Jaina
Filipino saging
Finnish (NOUN)banaani
French (NOUN)banane
German (NOUN)Banane, Boy
Greek (NOUN)μπανάνα
Haitian Creole bannann fig
Hebrew (NOUN)בננה, הבננה, בננות
Hindi (NOUN)केले
Hmong Daw txiv tsawb
Hungarian (NOUN)banán
Icelandic (NOUN)banani
Indonesian (NOUN)pisang
Japanese (NOUN)バナナ
Kiswahili (NOUN)ndizi
Klingon banan naH
Korean (NOUN)바나나
Latvian (NOUN)banānu
Lithuanian (NOUN)bananų
Malagasy akondro
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pisang
Maltese tal-banana
Norwegian Bokmål banan
Persian (NOUN)موز
Querétaro Otomi plátano
Romanian (NOUN)banane
Russian (NOUN)банан
Samoan faipula
Serbian (Cyrillic) банана
Slovak (NOUN)banán
Spanish (NOUN)plátano, banano, guineo
Swedish (NOUN)banan
Tahitian meia
Tamil வாழை
Telugu అరటి
Thai (NOUN)กล้วย
Tongan fo'i siaine
Turkish (NOUN)muz, muzlu, muzu, bekiroglu, muza, bekçi, bedel, bekar
Ukrainian (NOUN)банан
Urdu (NOUN)کیلا
Vietnamese (NOUN)chuối
Welsh (NOUN)fanana
Yucatec Maya ja'as
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