1. only just; almost not.
    "she nodded, barely able to speak" ·
    "a barely perceptible pause"
    hardly · scarcely · just · only just · narrowly · by the skin of one's teeth ·
    by a hair's breadth · by a very small margin · by the narrowest of margins · by a nose · almost not · by a whisker
    • only a very short time before.
      "they had barely sat down before forty policemen swarmed in"
  2. in a simple and sparse way.
    "their barely furnished house"
  3. archaic
    openly; explicitly.
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How to use barely in a sentence?
she barely conceals her irritation and speaks briefly and abruptly to the woman.
he sagged against her so that she could barely sustain his weight.
the roads are barely adequate to cope with the present traffic.
Yvette responded finally, her French accent barely detectable.
the words tumbled out so fast that I could barely hear them.
they had barely sat down before forty policemen swarmed in.
discontent began to give way to barely controllable rage.
something that was barely thinkable just 70 years ago.
he could barely wheeze out his pleas for a handout.
his voice was heavy with barely disguised emotion.
their parents were uneducated and barely literate.
my son is teething so some nights I barely sleep.
his voice was rough with barely suppressed fury.
writing barely pays my part of the housekeeping.
he dived into the pool leaving barely a ripple.
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How to say barely in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADVERB)skaars
Arabic (ADVERB)الكاد, يكاد, تكاد
Bangla উত্তেজনায়
Bosnian (Latin) Jedva
Bulgarian (ADVERB)едва
Cantonese (Traditional) 爭 D
Catalan (ADVERB)penes, amb prou feines, escassament
Chinese Simplified 几乎
Chinese Traditional 幾乎
Croatian (ADVERB)jedva, slabo
Czech (ADVERB)sotva, stěží, chatrně, taktak, jen stěží
Danish (ADVERB)knap nok, knap, næppe, knapt
Dutch (ADVERB)nauwelijks, amper
Estonian (ADVERB)vaevu, vaevalt
Fijian sega
Filipino halos hindi
Finnish (ADVERB)tuskin, hädin tuskin, vajaa, niukasti
French (ADVERB)peine, guère, difficilement
German (ADVERB)kaum, knapp
Greek (ADVERB)μετά βίας, μόλις, ελάχιστα
Haitian Creole apèn
Hebrew (ADVERB)בקושי, שבקושי
Hindi (ADVERB)बमुश्किल, मात्र
Hmong Daw Nw nyuam qhuav
Hungarian (ADVERB)alig, hiányosan
Icelandic (ADVERB)varla
Indonesian (ADVERB)nyaris, hampir
Italian (ADVERB)a malapena, appena
Japanese (ADVERB)かろうじて, やっと, 辛うじて, ぎりぎり, ほとんど, ベアリー
Kiswahili (ADVERB)vigumu
Korean (ADVERB)간신히, 겨우, 벌 거 벗, 거의
Latvian (ADVERB)tikko, tik tikko spēja, knapi, gandrīz, vāji
Lithuanian (ADVERB)vos, vargu ar, sunkiai
Malagasy zara raha
Malay (Latin) hampir tidak
Maltese ftit
Norwegian Bokmål knapt
Persian (ADVERB)سختی
Polish (ADVERB)ledwo, zaledwie, trudem
Portuguese (ADVERB)mal, quase, dificilmente
Querétaro Otomi penä
Romanian (ADVERB)abia
Russian (ADVERB)едва, еле, трудом, чуть, всего лишь
Samoan tau
Serbian (Cyrillic) Једва
Serbian (Latin) Jedva
Slovak (ADVERB)sotva, taktak, ťažko, len ťažko
Slovenian (ADVERB)komaj, nag
Spanish (ADVERB)apenas, duras penas, escasamente, penas
Swedish (ADVERB)knappt, nätt
Tahitian Aita
Tamil வெறுமனே
Telugu బారులు
Thai แทบไม่
Tongan malo pe
Turkish (ADVERB)zar zor, zorlukla, ancak, güçbela, doğru dürüst
Ukrainian (ADVERB)ледь, ледве, навряд
Urdu (ADVERB)بمشکل
Vietnamese (ADVERB)hiếm khi
Welsh (ADVERB)prin
Yucatec Maya Táantik
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