begins (third person present) · began (past tense) · beginning (present participle) · begun (past participle)
  1. perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity).
    "Peter had just begun a life sentence for murder" ·
    "it was beginning to snow" · "she began by rewriting the syllabus"
    start · set about · go about · embark on · launch into · get down to ·
    take up · turn one's hand to · undertake · tackle · initiate · set in motion · institute · inaugurate · get ahead with · get cracking on · get going on · commence
  2. informal
    not have any chance or likelihood of doing a specified thing.
    "I can't begin to tell you how much I hate that commercial"
Old English beginnan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German beginnen.
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The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. begin it now.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
we can begin with the combination in which both the addend and the augend are 0's but the carry bit from the previous column is a 1.
caffeine is a natural mood elevator but if you're stressed to begin with it can kind of tweak you out.
work to remove the munted footbridge—an icon of the Canterbury earthquakes—is to begin this week.
most boating accidents begin small, as a disabled engine or a collision with a deadhead.
if breathing stops, there is no oxygen getting to the brain and the cells begin to die.

Don't let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.

Richard L. Evans
begin with a few seconds of static shot, remembering to allow for backspace time.
the ship would simply sail into the harbour, dock, and begin debarking troops.
how old will these graduates be before they begin a long climb out of debt?.
I had my iPod on shuffle and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ just happened to begin playing.
economic recovery will begin once the election is out of the way.
if you begin to flag, there is an excellent cafe to revive you.
cheese stored at room temperature will quickly begin to sweat.
the people are about to begin a new chapter in their history.
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How to say begin in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (VERB)تبدأ, البدء, يبدأ, بدء, نبدأ, ابدا, ستبدأ, الشروع
Bangla আরম্ভ
Bosnian (Latin) početi
Bulgarian (VERB)започне
Cantonese (Traditional) 初時
Catalan (VERB)començar, iniciar
Chinese Simplified 开始
Chinese Traditional 開始
Croatian (VERB)početi, započeti, počinju, počne, počnite, počnu, počeli
Czech (VERB)začít, zahájit, začne, začnou, začátek, začal, spusťte
Danish (VERB)begynde, starte, påbegynde, indlede, lægge
Dutch (VERB)beginnen, starten
Estonian (VERB)alustada, alata, algab, hakkab, hakata, algus, kõigepealt, Esiteks
Fijian tekivu
Filipino simulan ang
Finnish (VERB)alkaa, aloittaa, alettava, aluksi, Ensinnäkin
French (VERB)commencer, entamer, début, amorcer, lancer, entreprendre, abord, démarrer
German (VERB)beginnen, anfangen, fangen, starten, zunächst
Greek (VERB)αρχίσει, αρχίζουν, ξεκινήσει, κατ ' αρχάς, έναρξη
Haitian Creole te chita nan
Hebrew (VERB)להתחיל, מתחילים, נתחיל, התחילו, תתחיל, התחל, יתחילו, תחילת
Hindi (VERB)शुरू, आरंभ, प्रारंभ, लगते
Hmong Daw pib
Hungarian (VERB)kezdődik, kezdeni, kezd, kezdjük, megkezdése, elkezd, kezdi
Icelandic (VERB)byrja, hefja, hafist, byrjum, hefst
Indonesian (VERB)mulai, memulai, dimulai, bermula
Italian (VERB)iniziare, cominciare, avviare
Japanese (VERB)開始, 始める, 始まる, 始め, 始まり, 始まります, まず
Kiswahili (VERB)kuanza, Anza, waanza, zinaanza, uanze, huanza
Klingon lIH
Korean (VERB)시작
Latvian (VERB)sākt, sāktu, sākas, sākties, sāksies, sāk, jāsākas, sākat, sāciet, uzsākt
Lithuanian (VERB)pradėti, prasideda, pradžia
Malagasy manomboka
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mula, memulakan, bermula
Maltese (VERB)jibda, tibda, ibda
Norwegian Bokmål begynne
Persian (VERB)شروع, آغاز
Polish (VERB)rozpocząć, zaczynają, zacząć, zacznie, początek
Portuguese (VERB)começar, iniciar
Querétaro Otomi ndi ndu̲i
Romanian (VERB)începe
Russian (VERB)начать, приступить к
Samoan amata
Serbian (Cyrillic) почети
Serbian (Latin) početi
Slovak (VERB)začať, začína, začne, začnú, začnite, spustite, začal
Slovenian (VERB)začeli, začeti, začne, pričeti, začnite
Spanish (VERB)comenzar, empezar, iniciar
Swedish (VERB)börja, påbörja, inleda, starta
Tahitian haamata i te
Tamil (VERB)தொடங்க
Telugu ప్రారంభం
Thai (VERB)เริ่ม, เริ่ม ต้น
Tongan kamata
Turkish (VERB)başlamak
Ukrainian (VERB)почати, починають, почнемо, розпочати, приступити, почну, Почніть, самого початку
Urdu (VERB)شروع, آغاز, ابتدائی
Vietnamese (VERB)bắt đầu
Welsh (VERB)dechrau, ddechrau, gychwyn, cychwyn
Yucatec Maya comenzar
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