behavior (noun)
  1. the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.
    "he will vouch for her good behaviour" ·
    "his insulting behaviour towards me" · "behaviour patterns" · "management is a set of techniques and behaviours for getting things done"
    conduct · way of behaving · way of acting · deportment · bearing · etiquette · actions · exploits · doings · efforts · manners · ways · habits · practices · capers ·
late Middle English: from behave, on the pattern of demeanour, and influenced by obsolete haviour from have.
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films depicting behaviour which seemed perverse or deviant were seen as more suitable for private therapy than for public consumption.
internal self-system characteristics interact with external demands of the environment to reveal individual differences in behaviour.
government regulations can influence behaviour, but often without changing underlying values and motivations.
bacterial meningitis can present with acute disturbance of behaviour which may closely mimic substance abuse.
he did not believe driver behaviour could be improved sufficiently to make the junction acceptably safe.
as with any social behaviour, we pick up linguistic norms and learn to code-switch according to context.
the focus of their work with young offenders was almost exclusively on their offending behaviour.
several industries are already under investigation after complaints of anticompetitive behaviour.
he had only been allowed to come on the understanding that he would be on his best behaviour.
practitioners help families develop strategies for managing problem behaviour in teens.
dieters who ate ad libitum attributed more of their distress to their eating behaviour.
the band smashed up their equipment in an approximation of rock star behaviour.
it was only when his drunken behaviour led to blows that he started to reform.
teams will patrol anti-social behaviour hotspots in all parts of the borough.
the law should delineate and prohibit behaviour which is socially abhorrent.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)gedrag, optrede
Arabic (NOUN)السلوك, سلوك, سلوكهم, سلوكا, سلوكيات, التصرف, تصرفات, تصرف
Bangla আচরণ
Bosnian (Latin) ponašanje
Bulgarian (NOUN)поведение
Cantonese (Traditional) 行為
Catalan (NOUN)comportament, conducta
Chinese Simplified 行为
Chinese Traditional 行為
Croatian (NOUN)ponašanje, vladanje, postupanje
Czech (NOUN)chování, fungování
Danish (NOUN)adfærd, opførsel, virkemåden
Dutch (NOUN)gedrag, rijgedrag, handelwijze, houding
Estonian (NOUN)käitumine
Fijian italatala
Filipino pag-uugali
Finnish (NOUN)käyttäytyminen, käytös
French (NOUN)comportement, conduite, attitude
German (NOUN)Verhalten, benehmen
Greek (NOUN)συμπεριφορά, συµπεριφοράς
Haitian Creole tèt
Hebrew (NOUN)התנהגות, ההתנהגות
Hindi (NOUN)व्यवहार, बिहेवियर, आचरण
Hungarian (NOUN)viselkedés, magatartás
Icelandic (NOUN)hegðun
Indonesian (NOUN)perilaku, tingkah laku, kelakuan
Italian (NOUN)comportamento, condotta, tuta
Japanese (NOUN)行動, 挙動, 振る舞い, 振舞, ふるまい, 振舞い
Kiswahili (NOUN)tabia
Klingon ghotvam
Korean (NOUN)행동, 행태
Latvian (NOUN)uzvedību, rīcību, izturēšanos, prakses, pārveidi
Lithuanian (NOUN)elgesį, elgsenos, dinamika
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)tingkah laku, kelakuan
Maltese (NOUN)imġieba, mġieba, aġir, mġiba
Norwegian Bokmål atferd
Persian (NOUN)رفتار
Polish (NOUN)zachowanie, postępowania
Portuguese (NOUN)comportamento, conduta
Querétaro Otomi comportamiento
Romanian (NOUN)comportamentul, asupra comportamentului, conduită
Russian (NOUN)поведение
Samoan matauleagaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) понашање
Serbian (Latin) ponašanje
Slovak (NOUN)správanie, chovanie
Slovenian (NOUN)vedenje, obnašanje, ravnanja, behavior, porazdelitvi
Spanish (NOUN)comportamiento, conducta
Swedish (NOUN)beteende, uppträdande, uppförande, agerande, handlande
Tamil நடத்தை
Telugu ప్రవర్తన
Thai (NOUN)พฤติกรรม
Turkish (NOUN)davranış
Ukrainian (NOUN)поведінки
Urdu (NOUN)رویے
Vietnamese (NOUN)hành vi
Welsh (NOUN)ymddygiad, ymddwyn
Yucatec Maya comportamiento
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