1. at a lower level or layer than.
    "just below the pocket was a stain" ·
    "the blistered skin below his collar"
    • lower in grade or rank than.
      "the aristocracy rank below the monarchy" ·
      "they rated the company's financial soundness below its competitor's"
      lower than · under · inferior to · subordinate to · secondary to ·
      subservient to · subject to · controlled by · at the mercy of · under the heel of
    • lower than (a specified amount or standard).
      "pupils of below average ability" ·
      "below freezing" · "below 50 mph"
      less than · lower than · under · not as much as · not so much as ·
      smaller than · shy of
      above · more than
  2. extending underneath.
    "the tunnel below the crags" ·
    "cables running below the floorboards"
    beneath · under · underneath · further down than · lower than
    above · over
  1. at a lower level or layer.
    "he jumped from the window into the moat below"
    further down · lower down · in a lower position · underneath · beneath ·
    • (in printed text) mentioned further down on the same page, or further on in the text.
      "our nutritionist is pictured below right"
      underneath · following · further on · at a later point ·
      in a later place · at the bottom · at the end
    • nautical
      below deck.
      "I'll go below and fix us a drink"
late Middle English (as an adverb): from be- ‘by’ + the adjective low1. Not common until the 16th century, the word developed a prepositional use and was frequent in Shakespeare.
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How to use below in a sentence?
with the Mississippi River far below its normal level, the catfishing kept getting better and better.
2,500 g is the standard cut-off below which infants are categorized as ‘low birthweight’.
the springs on the left slope of the hill lie below the level of permanent saturation.
I have my heel below the pedal during the power stroke and above it during recovery.
the Dutch have demonstrated that it is perfectly feasible to live below sea level.
he will be pushed to retain the title as his form this season has been below par.
everything above the 80 northing is positive, while everything below is negative.
a tight-fisted, penurious boss whose wage scale is well below other bandleaders.
it if be below great men to be kind of recompense, and merchandise their Power.
a stream came crashing through a narrow cavern to scour out a round pool below.
the background walls have been stippled above the dado rail and ragged below.
the activities listed below are starred according to their fitness ratings.
uprooting trees will disturb any archaeological remains below ground level.
a food is considered to have a low GI if its score is below fifty five.
the cabin has rectangular ports set just below sheer in each quarter.
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How to say below in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)hieronder, onder
Arabic (PREPOSITION)أدناه
Bangla নিচে
Bosnian (Latin) ispod
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)под, долу
Cantonese (Traditional) 下面
Catalan (PREPOSITION)sota, continuació
Chinese Simplified 下面
Chinese Traditional 下面
Croatian (PREPOSITION)ispod, nastavku
Czech (PREPOSITION)níže, pod
Danish (PREPOSITION)nedenfor, under
Dutch (PREPOSITION)hieronder, onder
Estonian (PREPOSITION)allpool
Fijian koto e ra
Filipino ibaba
Finnish (PREPOSITION)alla, alapuolella
French (PREPOSITION)ci-dessous, dessous, au-dessous
German (PREPOSITION)unten, unter, nachfolgend
Greek (PREPOSITION)παρακάτω, κατωτέρω
Haitian Creole Anba
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)להלן, מתחת, שלהלן
Hindi (PREPOSITION)नीचे, नीचे दिए गए, नीचे दी गई
Hmong Daw hauv qab
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)alábbi, alul, alatt, lent
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)neðan, niðri
Indonesian (NOUN)Daftar dibawah ini
(PREPOSITION)dibawah, berikut, bawah
Italian (PREPOSITION)sotto, seguito
Japanese (PREPOSITION)以下, 下, 下記
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)chini
Korean (PREPOSITION)아래, 아래의
Latvian (PREPOSITION)zemāk, zem, turpmāk, tālāk
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)žemiau, toliau
Malagasy etsy ambany
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)bawah, dibawah, berikut
Maltese (PREPOSITION)hawn taħt, taħt, hawn isfel
Norwegian Bokmål under
Persian (PREPOSITION)زیر
Polish (PREPOSITION)poniżej
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)abaixo
Querétaro Otomi 'bu̲ ya debajo ar
Romanian (PREPOSITION)sub, dedesubt
Russian (PREPOSITION)ниже
Samoan i lalo o
Serbian (Cyrillic) испод
Serbian (Latin) ispod
Slovak (PREPOSITION)nižšie, pod
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)spodaj, pod, spodnji, nadaljevanju
Spanish (PREPOSITION)abajo, debajo
Swedish (PREPOSITION)nedan, under
Tahitian i raro nei
Tamil (PREPOSITION)கீழே, கீழேயுள்ள, கீழுள்ள
Telugu క్రింద
Thai (PREPOSITION)ต่ำกว่า, ใต้
Tongan 'i lalo
Turkish (PREPOSITION)aşağıda, altında
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)нижче
Urdu (PREPOSITION)نیچے, ذیل, مندرجہ ذیل
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)dưới đây, bên dưới
Welsh (PREPOSITION)isod, islaw
Yucatec Maya tumen debajo u
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