bills (plural noun)
  1. a printed or written statement of the money owed for goods or services.
    "the bill for their meal came to £17"
    invoice · account · statement · list of charges · tally · amount due ·
    check · the damage · tab · shot · reckoning · score
  2. a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion.
    "a debate over the civil rights bill"
    draft law · proposed legislation · proposal · measure · act ·
    Act of Parliament
  3. a programme of entertainment at a theatre or cinema.
    "she was top of the bill at America's leading vaudeville house"
    programme (of entertainment) · listing · list · line-up · playbill ·
    bill of fare
    a banknote.
    "a ten-dollar bill"
  5. a poster or handbill.
    "he has been hard at work bill posting in a poster and sticker campaign"
    poster · advertisement · public notice · announcement · flyer · leaflet ·
    circular · handout · handbill · fly-poster · dodger · affiche · ad · advert
bills (third person present) · billed (past tense) · billed (past participle) · billing (present participle)
  1. list (a person or event) in a programme.
    "they were billed to appear but did not show up"
    advertise · promote · announce · post · give advance notice of ·
    put up in lights · schedule · programme · timetable · slate
  2. send a bill to (someone).
    "we shall be billing them for the damage caused" ·
    "he had been billed £3,000 for his licence"
    send an invoice to · invoice · charge · debit · send a statement to
    • charge (a sum of money).
      "we billed £400,000"
      send an invoice to · invoice · charge · debit · send a statement to
Middle English (denoting a written list or catalogue): from Anglo-Norman French bille, probably based on medieval Latin bulla ‘seal, sealed document’ ( see also bull2).
bills (plural noun)
  1. the beak of a bird, especially when it is slender, flattened, or weak, or belongs to a web-footed bird or a bird of the pigeon family.
    • the muzzle of a platypus.
      the peak of a cap.
  2. the point of an anchor fluke.
  3. a narrow promontory.
    "Portland Bill"
    promontory · headland · point · head · foreland · cape · peninsula ·
    bluff · ness · naze · horn · spit · tongue · mull
bills (third person present) · billed (past tense) · billed (past participle) · billing (present participle)
  1. (of birds, especially doves) stroke bill with bill during courtship.
Old English bile, of unknown origin.
bills (plural noun)
  1. a medieval weapon like a halberd with a hook instead of a blade.
Old English bil, of West Germanic origin; related to German Bille ‘axe’.
(the Billthe Old Bill)
Old Bill (noun)
  1. the police.
1960s: pet form of the given name William.
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How to use bill in a sentence?
international law and the New Zealand bill of Rights say that everyone has the right to seek asylum if they are found to be persecuted.
secondly, the Home Secretary has found a way to deal with the problem swiftly; thirdly, the bill has received all-party support.
the bill will have a two-year sunset clause, so the decision will need to be revisited after the next election.
suddenly, miraculously, a Good Samaritan leaned over and handed the cashier a dollar bill on my behalf.
most insurance companies do not pay the standard chargemaster price that hospitals bill the uninsured.
a bill that would make it easier for law enforcement to wiretap computers and combat cyberterrorism.
the House vote in favour of the bill was 10 votes short of the requisite majority for an override.
I told bill that I was going to write the final draft of the script and he was cool with that.
the bill is the latest in a long line of measures to protect society from criminals.
anyone who believes that the bill will be effective is living in cloud cuckoo land.
the Committee reported out the Civil Rights bill, quicker than ever expected.
the bill data doesn't provide sufficient granularity to answer the questions.
we will need to gazette the bill if a decision cannot be reached imminently.
a few pence on the electricity bill is nothing compared with your security.
a bill proposing harsher penalties for crimes involving firearms and drugs.
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How to say bill in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)wetsontwerp, Handves, rekening
Arabic (NOUN)بيل, مشروع قانون, فاتورة, الفاتورة, شرعة, الشرعة, القانون, قانون, الخزانة
Bangla বিল
Bosnian (Latin) račun
Bulgarian (NOUN)законопроект, бил, сметка, комплексно, банкнота
Cantonese (Traditional) 條例草案
Catalan (NOUN)factura, llei, bitllet, bec
Chinese Simplified 条例 草案
Chinese Traditional 條例 草案
Croatian (NOUN)račun, zakon, prijedlog zakona, novčanicu
Czech (NOUN)návrh zákona, zákona, Vilém, žaloba, vyúčtování, účet, kusovníku, směnky
Danish (NOUN)regningen, lovforslag, nota, stykliste, veksel, faktura
Dutch (NOUN)wetsvoorstel, factuur, wetsontwerp, wisselbrief, rekening, stuklijst
Estonian (NOUN)arve, seaduseelnõu, maksja, koosluse
Fijian bili
Finnish (NOUN)laskun, lakiehdotus, setelin, tuoterakenne
French (NOUN)facture, loi, P.L., addition, nomenclature, note
German (NOUN)Rechnung, Gesetzentwurf, Stückliste, Schein, Wechsel
Greek (NOUN)νομοσχέδιο, Μπιλ, λογαριασμό, δισεκατομμύριο, τιμολόγηση, διακήρυξη
Haitian Creole bil
Hebrew (NOUN)ביל, שטר, לביל, הצעת החוק, החשבון, חשבון, שביל
Hindi (NOUN)बिल, विधेयक
Hmong Daw nqi
Hungarian (NOUN)törvényjavaslatot, számlát, anyagjegyzék, váltó
Icelandic (NOUN)frumvarp, reikningur, gísla, víxill
Indonesian (NOUN)tagihan, RUU, rancangan undang
Italian (NOUN)fattura, bolletta, conto, legge, disegno, distinta, becco
Japanese (NOUN)法案, ビル, 手形, 請求書, 紙幣, 部品表, 代, 札, 案, 請求
Kiswahili (NOUN)muswada, mswada, bili
Klingon neb
Korean (NOUN)빌, 법안, 청구서, 지폐, 자재 명세서, 요금, BOM
Latvian (NOUN)rēķinu, likumprojektu, materiālu komplekta
Lithuanian (NOUN)sąskaitą, vekselis, įstatymo, kupiūrą, sΰskaitΰ, pirkėjo
Malagasy i bill
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)bil, rang undang
Maltese (NOUN)kont
Persian (NOUN)بیل, لایحه, صورتحساب, قبض, اسکناس
Polish (NOUN)rachunku, projekt ustawy, ustawy, zestawienie, BOM
Portuguese (NOUN)conta, fatura, factura, lei, projeto
Querétaro Otomi factura
Romanian (NOUN)factura, lege, notă
Russian (NOUN)Билл, законопроект, счет, купюру, векселя
Samoan pili
Serbian (Cyrillic) Бил
Serbian (Latin) Bil
Slovak (NOUN)vyúčtovanie, zákona, zmenku, účet, nákladného, mld, účtu, bankovky, účte
Slovenian (NOUN)zakona, račun, obračun, kosovnica
Spanish (NOUN)factura, cuenta, ley, proyecto
Swedish (NOUN)räkningen, lagförslag, propositionen, näbb, notan, faktura, strukturlistan, näbben, växel
Tahitian tarahu
Tamil பில்
Telugu బిల్లు
Thai (NOUN)บิล, บิลล์, สูตร, ใบ
Tongan Pila
Turkish (NOUN)fatura, tasarı, banknot
Ukrainian (NOUN)законопроект, Білл, Білла, Білль, Біллом, векселя, рахунок, купюру, Біллі, чек
Urdu (NOUN)بل
Vietnamese (NOUN)hóa đơn, tỷ
Welsh (NOUN)Bil, Mesur, Fil, fesur
Yucatec Maya factura
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