blows (third person present) · blew (past tense) · blown (past participle) · blowing (present participle)
  1. (of wind) move creating an air current.
    "a cold breeze was blowing in off the sea"
    gust · puff · flurry · blast · roar · bluster · rush · storm · move ·
    be in motion
  2. (of a person) expel air through pursed lips.
    "Willie took a deep breath, and blew" ·
    "he blew on his tea to cool it"
    • use one's breath to propel (something).
      "he blew cigar smoke in her face"
      exhale · breathe out · puff out · emit · expel · discharge ·
      give out · issue · send forth
    • breathe hard; pant.
      "Uncle Albert was soon puffing and blowing"
      wheeze · puff · pant · puff and pant · gasp · huff and puff ·
      breathe hard/heavily · fight for breath · catch one's breath
    • force air through the mouth into (an instrument) in order to make a sound.
      "the umpire blew his whistle"
      sound · play · blast · toot · pipe · trumpet · make a noise with
    • (of an instrument) make a sound when air is forced into it.
      "police whistles blew"
    • sound (the horn of a vehicle).
      "angry motorists blew their horns"
    • informal
      play jazz or rock music in an unrestrained style.
      "it took him maybe five choruses to warm up, but then he could really blow"
    • force air through a tube into (molten glass) in order to create an artefact.
      "factory showrooms where you can see glass being blown and painted"
    • remove the contents of (an egg) by forcing air through it.
      "teaching children to blow an egg by placing holes in either end with a pin"
    • (of a whale) eject air and vapour through the blowhole.
  3. (of an explosion or explosive device) displace violently or send flying.
    "the blast had blown the windows out of the van"
    • (of a vehicle tyre) burst suddenly while the vehicle is in motion.
      "a rear tyre had blown"
      burst · explode · blow · split · rupture · crack · break · fly open ·
      puncture · get a puncture · get a flat tyre
    • burst or cause to burst due to pressure or overheating.
      "the engines sounded as if their exhausts had blown"
      burst · explode · blow out · split · rupture · crack · break ·
      fly open · puncture · get a puncture · get a flat tyre
    • (with reference to an electric circuit) burn out through overloading.
      "the fuse had blown" ·
      "the floodlights blew a fuse"
      fuse · short-circuit · burn out · expire · break · go
  4. informal
    spend recklessly.
    "they blew £100,000 in just eighteen months"
    squander · waste · misspend · throw away · fritter away · spend freely ·
    run through · go through · lose · lavish · dissipate · make poor use of · be prodigal with · spend recklessly · spend unwisely · spend like water · throw around like confetti · burn · use up · splurge · pour/throw down the drain · spend as if it grows on trees · spend as if there were no tomorrow · spend as if it were going out of style · splash out · blue
    save · spend wisely
  5. informal
    completely bungle (an opportunity).
    "he'd been given a second chance and he'd blown it" ·
    "they blew a 4–2 lead"
    spoil · ruin · bungle · make a mess of · mess up · fudge · muff · waste ·
    lose · squander · throw away · botch · make a hash of · screw up · louse up · foul up · bodge · fluff · cock up
    "‘Well, blow me’, he said, ‘I never knew that.’" ·
    "I'm blowed if I want to see him again"
  7. vulgar slang
    perform fellatio on (a man).
  8. US
    be extremely bad or unwelcome.
    "‘This blows,’ she sighs, ‘I want it to be next week already’"
  9. (of flies) lay eggs in or on (something).
  1. a strong wind.
    "we're in for a bit of a blow"
    gale · storm · tempest · hurricane · blast · superstorm · wind · breeze ·
    gust · puff of wind · draught · flurry · turbulence · zephyr
    • an act of getting some fresh air.
      "I'll go down to the sea and get a blow before supper"
  2. an act of blowing an instrument.
    "a number of blows on the whistle"
    toot · blare · blast · sound · whistle · shriek
    • informal
      a spell of playing jazz or rock music.
    • an act of blowing one's nose.
      "give your nose a good blow"
    • (in steel-making) an act of sending an air or oxygen blast through molten metal in a converter.
  3. informal
    cannabis or cocaine.
Old English blāwan, of Germanic origin; related to German blähen ‘blow up, swell’, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin flare ‘blow’.
blows (plural noun)
  1. a powerful stroke with a hand, weapon, or hard object.
    "he received a blow to the skull"
    knock · bang · hit · punch · thump · smack · crack · thwack · buffet ·
    jolt · stroke · rap · tap · clip · whack · bash · belt · clout · sock · wallop · battering · lick · slosh · bat
late Middle English: of unknown origin.
blows (third person present) · blew (past tense) · blowing (present participle) · blown (past participle)
  1. produce flowers or be in flower.
    "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows"
  1. the state or period of flowering.
    "stocks in fragrant blow"
Old English blōwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bloeien and German blühen, also to bloom1 and blossom.
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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.

John Muir
at last the big obnoxious boor had been dealt a stunning blow for his uncouth and belligerent manner.
teaching children to blow an egg by placing holes in either end with a pin.
a rundown in the business would be a devastating blow to the local economy.
he never knew when a casual remark to a stranger might blow up in his face.
it took him maybe five choruses to warm up, but then he could really blow.
a major injection of private cash could soften the blow for the taxpayer.
we'd shake up a piece of soap in a tin of warm water and blow bubbles.
the scandal appeared to have struck a mortal blow to the government.
he is volatile and likely to blow his top if his demands aren't met.
this feature of quantum mechanics dealt a death blow to the theory.
factory showrooms where you can see glass being blown and painted.
‘This blows,’ she sighs, ‘I want it to be next week already’.
unquestionably, the loss of his father was a grievous blow.
his lip was beginning to thicken and welt from the blow.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)blaas
Arabic (NOUN)ضربة, الضربة
(VERB)تفجير, انفخ, افجر, يفجر, تهب, تنفخ, نفخ, تنفجر, فجر
Bangla আঘাত
Bosnian (Latin) udarac
Bulgarian (NOUN)удар, ударът, удара
(VERB)взриви, пръсна, раздухат, избухне, надува, надуе
Cantonese (Traditional) 打擊
Catalan (NOUN)cop, bufen
(VERB)bufar, bufi, bufa, volar
Chinese Simplified 打击
Chinese Traditional 打擊
Croatian (VERB)puhati, raznijeti, raznesi, otpuhati, dići, eksplodirati
(NOUN)udarac, pušu, Popuši, udarcem
Czech (NOUN)ránu, rána, úder, Trubte, ranou, vyfukovací
(VERB)foukat, vyhodit, odpálit, ráně
Danish (VERB)blæse, sprænge, puste
(NOUN)slag, blæser
Dutch (NOUN)klap, slag, blaast
(VERB)blazen, wegblazen, blaas, waaien, afblazen
Estonian (NOUN)löök, puhuda, löögi
(VERB)puhaltaa, puhu, puhuma
Fijian kaukauwa
Filipino pumutok
Finnish (NOUN)isku, kukoistaa
(VERB)puhaltaa, räjäyttää
French (NOUN)soufflent, coup, choc
(VERB)exploser, éclate, griller
German (NOUN)Schlag, geblasen, Hieb, wehe
(VERB)sprengen, puste, durchzubrennen, explodieren
Greek (NOUN)πλήγμα, χτύπημα
(VERB)φυσήξει, φυσούν, ανατινάξουν, φυσά
Haitian Creole n. kou
Hebrew (VERB)לפוצץ, תפוצץ, תנשוף, אפוצץ, מפוצץ, פוצץ, למצוץ, תהרוס, להרוס
(NOUN)המכה, מכה
Hindi (NOUN)उड़ा, झटका, उड़ाने, बजाओ, आघात
Hmong Daw tshuab
Hungarian (NOUN)csapást, ütés, ütést, rügy
(VERB)robbantani, fújja, fújd, fúj, fújni, felrobbantották
Icelandic (NOUN)blása, höggi
(VERB)klúðra, sprengja, skýt
Indonesian (NOUN)pukulan, Tiuplah, bertiup, hair
(VERB)meniup, meledakkan
Italian (VERB)soffiare, saltare, esplodere
(NOUN)colpo, soffiano, duro colpo, botta
Japanese (NOUN)ブロー, 打撃, 一撃, ブロウ, フェラ
(VERB)爆破, 吹く, 吹き
Kiswahili (NOUN)pigo
Klingon SuS
Korean (VERB)날려, 폭파, 불기, 불
(NOUN)타격, 불어, 한번 불기, 블로우, 중공, 블, 폭발
Latvian (NOUN)trieciens, sitiens, izpūš, belziena, līķu
(VERB)pūst, izpūst, uzpūstu, nolīdzināt
Lithuanian (VERB)smūgis, pūsti
Malagasy rivotra
Malay (Latin) (VERB)meniup
(NOUN)tamparan, pukulan
Maltese daqqa
Norwegian Bokmål slag
Persian (NOUN)ضربه
Polish (NOUN)cios, uderzenie, wieją, zamachem, wyprzedaż
(VERB)wiać, dmuchać, wysadzić
Portuguese (VERB)explodir, soprar, rebentar, estourar, sopre, estragar, fundir
(NOUN)golpe, sopro, sopra
Querétaro Otomi golpe
Romanian (NOUN)lovitură, suflare
(VERB)sufla, arunce, explodeze
Russian (NOUN)удар, дуновение, дуют, дуй
(VERB)взорвать, дуть, дунуть, взрывать, отсосать
Samoan agi
Serbian (Cyrillic) ударац
Serbian (Latin) udarac
Slovak (VERB)vyhodiť, fúkať, prepalov, rane
(NOUN)ranu, rana, úder, Trube, ranou
Slovenian (NOUN)udarec, zamahom, švrk
(VERB)razstrelili, piha
Spanish (NOUN)golpe, soplo, duro golpe
(VERB)soplar, volar, explotar, estallar, arruinar
Swedish (VERB)blåsa, spränga
(NOUN)blås, slag, bakslag, sönder
Tahitian aueue
Tamil அடி
Telugu బ్లో
Thai (NOUN)เป่า
Tongan angi
Turkish (NOUN)darbe, üfleme, şişirme
(VERB)patlat, üfle, havaya, uçur, uçuracağını, dağıtı, es
Ukrainian (NOUN)удар, ударом, удару, мильні
(VERB)підірвати, дути
Urdu (NOUN)دھچکا
Vietnamese (VERB)thổi, nổ tung
Welsh (NOUN)ergyd, gnoc
Yucatec Maya toop
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