bothers (third person present) · bothered (past tense) · bothered (past participle) · bothering (present participle)
  1. take the trouble to do something.
    "scientists rarely bother with such niceties" ·
    "the driver didn't bother to ask why"
  2. (of a circumstance or event) worry, disturb, or upset (someone).
    "secrecy is an issue which bothers journalists" ·
    "it bothered me that I hadn't done anything"
    concern oneself · trouble oneself · mind · care · worry oneself ·
    burden oneself · occupy oneself · busy oneself · take the time · make the effort · go to trouble · inconvenience oneself · give a damn · give a hoot · give a rap · give a hang · worry · trouble · concern · perturb · disturb · disquiet · disconcert · unnerve · fret · upset · distress · alarm · make anxious · cause someone anxiety · work up · agitate · gnaw at · weigh down · lie heavy on · rattle · faze · discombobulate
  1. effort, trouble, or difficulty.
    "he saved me the bother of having to come up with a speech" ·
    "it may seem like too much bother to cook just for yourself"
    trouble · effort · exertion · strain · inconvenience · fuss · bustle ·
    hustle and bustle · disruption · pains · hassle
  1. used to express mild irritation or impatience.
    "‘Bother!’ she muttered"
    damn · damnation · blast · hell · heck · Gordon Bennett · bother · drat ·
    sugar · botheration · flip · flipping heck/hell · dash · blooming heck/hell · blinking heck/hell · doggone it · shucks · shoot · tarnation · arré · confound it · pish
late 17th century (as a noun in the dialect sense ‘noise, chatter’): of Anglo-Irish origin; probably related to Irish bodhaire ‘noise’, bodhraim ‘deafen, annoy’. The verb (originally dialect) meant ‘confuse with noise’ in the early 18th century.
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she's hurt that her hook-up didn't even bother to stick around long enough to say good morning.
why bother to paint it when you can photograph it with the same effect?.
it may seem like too much bother to cook just for yourself.
he saved me the bother of having to come up with a speech.
he wasn't to bother himself with day-to-day things.
don't bother about me—I'll find my own way home.
secrecy is an issue which bothers journalists.
I'm sorry to bother you at this time of night.
getting yelled at by randos doesn't bother me.
scientists rarely bother with such niceties.
it bothered me that I hadn't done anything.
I'm awfully sorry to bother you so late.
the driver didn't bother to ask why.
I hope she hasn't been a bother.
don't bother seeing me out.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)pla
Arabic (VERB)عناء, يزعج, يكلف نفسه عناء, تهتم, تزعج نفسك, تتعب نفسك, تزعج, تضايق, يضايق, ازعاج, الازعاج
Bangla বিরক্ত
Bosnian (Latin) smetaju
Bulgarian (VERB)притеснява, безпокойство
Cantonese (Traditional) 騷擾
Catalan (VERB)molestar, preocupar
Chinese Simplified 打扰
Chinese Traditional 打擾
Croatian (VERB)gnjaviti, zamarati, smeta, uznemiravam, truditi, dosađivati, muči, smetnji
Czech (VERB)obtěžovat, neobtěžoval, trápit, otravovat, trápení, vadilo, nevadí, rušit
Danish (VERB)gider, genere, bekymre, gad
Dutch (VERB)moeite, hinderen, soesa, storen, deert, last, stoort
Estonian (VERB)viitsinud, häirinud, tüüta, vaeva, vaevu, sega
Fijian kauwai ki se cevata
Filipino abalahin
Finnish (VERB)vaivaudu, häiritse, kiusa, välitä, viitsinyt
French (VERB)déranger, embêter, peine, tracasser, ennuyer, gêne, se soucier
German (VERB)stören, Mühe, belästigen, kümmern, Störung
Greek (VERB)ενοχλεί, ασχοληθείτε, κόπο
(NOUN)ενόχληση, μπελάς
Haitian Creole anbete
Hebrew (VERB)מפריע, תטרח, טורח, תטריד, יטריד, מטריד, תטרחי, להטריד, יפריע, תפריע, להפריע
Hindi (VERB)परेशान, जहमत, चिंता, परवाह
Hmong Daw looj koov
Hungarian (VERB)zavarja, kellemetlenség, fáradj, törődj, bajlódnia
Icelandic (VERB)ómak, angrar, trufla, standa, ónáða
Indonesian (VERB)repot, mengganggu, peduli
Italian (VERB)fastidio, perdete tempo, preoccuparsi, si preoccupano, disturbo, briga, importunare, annoierò, infastidito
Japanese (VERB)わざわざ, 気, 邪魔, 面倒, 迷惑, 困らせる, 悩む, すら, 掛け
Klingon yIv
Korean (VERB)귀찮게, 성가시게, 괴롭히지, 방해, 일부러, 걱정, 번거로움
(NOUN)성가심, 싫은
Latvian (VERB)apnikt, apgrūtināt, uztraukties, raizēties, jāraizējas, nepatikšanas, parūpējas, traucēt, satraukt
Lithuanian (VERB)nerimauti, vargintis, trukdyti, usi, gaišti, rūpintis
Malagasy misahirana
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mengganggu
Norwegian Bokmål bry
Persian (VERB)زحمت, خسته
Polish (VERB)niepokoić, przeszkadza, przejmuj, męczyć, bInne, zawracaj, trudu, zechce, martwić, starał
Portuguese (VERB)incomodar, me incomodo, aborrecer, te incomodes, chatear, se preocupe, preocupar, perturbar
Querétaro Otomi ar molestan
Romanian (VERB)deranjez, chinui
Russian (VERB)беспокоить, докучать, потрудились, побеспокоил, утруждают себя, возиться, волнует, мешает
Samoan faalavelave
Serbian (Cyrillic) смета
Serbian (Latin) smeta
Slovak (VERB)obťažovať, trápiť, neobťažoval, nevadí, nenamáhal, otravovať, vadí, starať
Slovenian (VERB)trudim, sitnost, moti, ukvarjati, potrudil
Spanish (VERB)molesta, te molestes, molestarse, incomodar, nos molestamos, importó, preocuparse, te preocupes
Swedish (VERB)bry, bry sig, bekymra sig, besvära, bryr sig, stör, brydde sig om, störa, bryr, orkar, störd
Tahitian haapeapea
Tamil தொந்தரவு
Telugu ఇబ్బంది
Thai รำคาญ
Tongan fakahoha'asi
Turkish (VERB)rahatsız, zahmet, uğraşı, taciz, canını, dert
(NOUN)rahatsız ediyor
Ukrainian (VERB)турбувати, потрудилися, возитися, морочитися, заморочуватися, заважати
Urdu زحمت
Vietnamese (VERB)phiền, bận
Welsh (VERB)trafferthu, ffwdanu, boeni
Yucatec Maya u molestan
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