1. a yellow alloy of copper and zinc.
    "a brass plate on the door"
    rudeness · insolence · impoliteness · unmannerliness · bad manners ·
    lack of civility · discourtesy · discourteousness · disrespectfulness · incivility · impudence · cheek · cheekiness · audacity · temerity · effrontery · nerve · gall · boldness · brazenness · brashness · shamelessness · presumptuousness · presumption · forwardness · brass · brass neck · neck · face · front · cockiness · sauce · snash · sass · sassiness · nerviness · chutzpah · hide · crust · malapertness · procacity · assumption
    • a decorative object made of brass.
      "shining brasses stood on the mantelpiece"
      memorial tablet · plate · stone plate · metal plate · tablet · panel ·
      a round flat brass ornament for the harness of a draught horse.
    • a memorial, typically a medieval one, consisting of a flat piece of inscribed brass, laid in the floor or set into the wall of a church.
      "children do not appear on memorial brasses until the 1420s"
    • a brass block or die used for stamping a design on a book binding.
  2. music
    brass wind instruments (including trumpet, horn, and trombone) forming a band or a section of an orchestra.
    "the brass were consistently too loud"
  3. informal
    people in authority or of high military rank.
    "the top brass of the Jockey Club"
    celebrity · famous person · very important person · personality · name ·
    big name · famous name · household name · star · superstar · celebutante · leading light · mogul · giant · great · master · king · guru · dignitary · luminary · worthy · grandee · lion · public figure · pillar of society · notable · notability · personage · panjandrum · heavyweight · celeb · somebody · someone · bigwig · biggie · big shot · big noise · big gun · big cheese · big chief · nob · lady muck · lord muck · top brass · honcho · head honcho · top dog · supremo · megastar · heavy · fat cat · big wheel · big kahuna · kahuna · top banana · big enchilada · macher · high muckamuck · high muckety-muck
    "they wanted to spend their newly acquired brass"
    money · wealth · finance(s) · funds · cash · hard cash · (filthy) lucre ·
    wherewithal · means · assets · liquid assets · capital · resources · reserves · deep pockets · opulence · gold · property · treasure · affluence · substance · prosperity · dough · bread · loot · the ready · readies · shekels · moolah · the necessary · boodle · dibs · gelt · ducats · rhino · gravy · scratch · stuff · oof · dosh · brass · lolly · spondulicks · wonga · ackers · greenbacks · simoleons · bucks · jack · mazuma · dinero · Oscar · splosh · green · tin · l.s.d. · kale · rocks · shinplasters · pelf
Old English bræs, of unknown origin.
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How to use brass in a sentence?
the herbalist spooned the powder on to scales with tiny brass weights.
it had a tarnished brass knocker showing a pixie cobbling shoes.
the fuzz guitar riff is replaced by some slinky brass stabs.
children do not appear on memorial brasses until the 1420s.
an antique three-piece set of Edwardian brass fire irons.
she sifted flour on to the wide brass pan of the scales.
the heat is communicated through a small brass grating.
a discreet brass plate announced William Marsden, RA.
a faded runner held in place with brass stair rods.
the distant strains of the brass band grew louder.
a small brass casket containing four black opals.
they wanted to spend their newly acquired brass.
a brass nameplate adorned the publisher's desk.
the peculiarly British hobby of brass rubbing.
an ancient oak chest bound with brass braces.
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How to say brass in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans brons
Arabic (NOUN)النحاس, نحاس, نحاسية
Bangla পিতল
Bosnian (Latin) mesing
Bulgarian (NOUN)месинг, духов, Брас, медни, мед, медта
Cantonese (Traditional) 黃銅
Catalan (NOUN)llautó, bronze
Chinese Simplified 黄铜
Chinese Traditional 黃銅
Croatian (NOUN)mesing, mjed, mjedi, puhački
Czech (NOUN)mosaz, dechových, žesťové, bronzové
Danish (NOUN)messing
Dutch (NOUN)messing, koper
Estonian (NOUN)messing, valgevasest
Fijian parasa
Filipino tanso
Finnish (NOUN)messinki
French (NOUN)laiton, cuivres, airain
German (NOUN)Messing, Blechbläser, Bläser, Erz
Greek (NOUN)ορείχαλκο, χάλκινα, ΧΡΥΣΟ
Haitian Creole kwiv
Hebrew (NOUN)פליז, בראס, נחושת
Hindi (NOUN)पीतल, ब्रास
Hmong Daw nrig txog tooj dag
Hungarian (NOUN)sárgaréz, réz, rézfúvós, bronz
Icelandic Kopar
Indonesian (NOUN)kuningan, tiup
Italian (NOUN)ottone, d'ottone, bronzo
Japanese (NOUN)真鍮, 黄銅, ブラス, 真鍮製, 真ちゅう, 金管, 金管楽器
Kiswahili (NOUN)shaba
Korean (NOUN)황동, 고급장교, 금관 악기, 브래스 경감 님, 놋쇠, 경감, 청동
Latvian (NOUN)misiņa, pūtēju
Lithuanian (NOUN)žalvario, bronzos
Malagasy takela-barahina
Malay (Latin) tembaga
Maltese tar-ram
Norwegian Bokmål messing
Persian (NOUN)برنج, برنجی
Polish (NOUN)mosiądzu, brązu
Portuguese (NOUN)bronze, latão, Filarmónica
Querétaro Otomi latón
Romanian (NOUN)alama, aramă
Russian (NOUN)латунь, Брасс, духовой, медь
(ADJECTIVE)латунными, бронзовый
Samoan apamemea
Serbian (Cyrillic) месинг
Serbian (Latin) mesing
Slovak (NOUN)mosadz, dychové, bronzové
Slovenian (NOUN)medenina, trobila, medi, toča
Spanish (NOUN)latón, cobre amarillo, bronce
Swedish (NOUN)mässing, koppar
Tahitian veo
Tamil பித்தளை
Telugu ఇత్తడి
Thai (NOUN)ทองเหลือง
Tongan palasa
Turkish (NOUN)pirinç, prinç
Ukrainian (NOUN)латунь, Брас, Брасса, духовий, мідні, мідь
Urdu (NOUN)پیتل
Vietnamese (NOUN)đồng thau, thau, đồng
Welsh (NOUN)pres
Yucatec Maya latón
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