breaks (third person present) · broke (past tense) · breaking (present participle) · broken (past participle)
  1. separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.
    "the rope broke with a loud snap" ·
    "windows in the street were broken by the blast"
    shatter · smash · smash to smithereens · crack · snap · fracture ·
    fragment · splinter · disintegrate · fall to bits · fall to pieces · split · burst · blow out · tear · rend · sever · rupture · separate · divide · bust · shiver
    • sustain an injury involving the fracture of a bone or bones in a part of the body.
      "she had broken her leg in two places" ·
      "what if his leg had broken?"
    • cause a cut or graze in (the skin).
      "the bite had scarcely broken the skin"
      pierce · puncture · penetrate · perforate · cut · graze ·
      make a flesh wound in
    • make or become inoperative.
      "the machine has broken and they can't fix it until next week" ·
      "he's broken the video"
      stop working · cease to work/function · break down · go wrong ·
      give out · develop a fault · malfunction · be damaged · be unusable · crash · go kaput · go/be on the blink · die · give up the ghost · conk out · go phut · go haywire · have had it · pack up
    • (of the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus) be discharged when the sac is ruptured in the first stages of labour.
      "she realized her waters had broken"
    • informal
      open (a safe) forcibly.
    • use (a banknote) to pay for something and receive change out of the transaction.
      "she had to break a tenner"
    • (of two boxers or wrestlers) come out of a clinch, especially at the referee's command.
      "I was acting as referee and telling them to break"
    • make the first stroke at the beginning of a game of billiards, pool, or snooker.
    • unfurl (a flag or sail).
    • succeed in deciphering (a code).
      "ciphers are easily broken by the new wonder machines"
      decipher · decode · decrypt · unravel · solve · work out · crack ·
      figure out
    • disprove (an alibi).
  2. interrupt (a continuity, sequence, or course).
    "the new government broke the pattern of growth" ·
    "his concentration was broken by a sound"
    interrupt · disturb · interfere with
    • put an end to (a silence) by speaking or making contact.
      "it was some time before he broke the silence"
      make a pause in (a journey).
      "we will break our journey in Venice"
    • stop proceedings in order to have a pause or vacation.
      "at mid-morning they broke for coffee"
      stop · pause · take/have a break · have a rest · recess ·
      suspend proceedings · knock off · take/have a breather · take five
    • lessen the impact of (a fall).
      "she put out an arm to break her fall"
      cushion · lessen/reduce/soften the impact of · take the edge off ·
    • disconnect or interrupt (an electric circuit).
      "a multimeter able to measure current without having to break the circuit under test"
    • stop oneself from engaging in (a habitual practice).
      "try to break the habit of adding salt at the table"
      give up · relinquish · drop · get out of · kick · shake · pack in ·
    • surpass (a record).
      "the film broke box office records in the US"
      exceed · surpass · beat · better · cap · top · trump · outdo ·
      outstrip · go beyond · eclipse · put in the shade · leave standing
  3. fail to observe (a law, regulation, or agreement).
    "the council says it will prosecute traders who break the law" ·
    "a legally binding contract which can only be broken by mutual consent"
    contravene · violate · fail to comply with · fail to observe · disobey ·
    infringe · breach · commit a breach of · transgress against · defy · flout · fly in the face of · ignore · disregard · infract
    keep · abide by
    • fail to continue with (a self-imposed discipline).
      "diets started without preparation are broken all the time"
  4. crush the emotional strength, spirit, or resistance of.
    "the idea was to better the prisoners, not to break them"
  5. (of the weather) change suddenly, especially after a fine spell.
    "the weather broke and thunder rumbled through a leaden sky"
    change · undergo a change · alter · shift · metamorphose
    • (of a storm) begin violently.
      "when all were aboard, the storm broke"
    • (of dawn or a day) begin as the sun rises.
      "dawn was just breaking"
      dawn · begin · start · come into being · come forth · emerge ·
    • (of clouds) move apart and begin to disperse.
      "on the seventh of September the clouds broke for the first time"
    • (of waves) curl over and dissolve into foam.
      "the Caribbean sea was breaking gently on the shore"
      crash · dash · beat · pound · lash · batter
    • (of a person's voice) falter and change tone, due to emotion.
      "her voice broke as she relived the experience"
    • (of a boy's voice) change in tone and register at puberty.
      "after his voice broke, he left the choir"
    • phonetics
      (of a vowel) develop into a diphthong, under the influence of an adjacent sound.
    • (of prices on the stock exchange) fall sharply.
  6. (of news or a scandal) suddenly become public.
    "since the news broke I've received thousands of wonderful letters"
    erupt · burst out · break out
  7. (chiefly of an attacking player or team, or of a military force) make a rush or dash in a particular direction.
    "Mitchell won possession and broke quickly, allowing Hughes to score"
    • (of a bowled cricket ball) change direction on bouncing, due to spin.
    • (of a ball) rebound unpredictably.
      "the ball broke to Craig but his shot rebounded from the post"
breaks (plural noun)
  1. an interruption of continuity or uniformity.
    "the magazine has been published without a break since 1950"
    • an act of separating oneself from a pre-existing state of affairs.
      "a break with the past"
    • a change in the weather.
      "a week or so may pass without a break in the weather"
    • a change of line, paragraph, or page.
      "dotted lines on the screen show page breaks"
    • a change of tone in a person's voice due to emotion.
      "there was a break in her voice now"
    • an interruption in an electric circuit.
    • tennis
      the winning of a game against an opponent's serve.
  2. a pause in work or during an activity or event.
    "I need a break from mental activity" ·
    "those returning to work after a career break" · "a coffee break"
    rest · respite · interval · breathing space · lull · recess · stop · pause ·
    tea break · coffee break · intermission · interlude · entr'acte · breather · let-up · time out · downtime · smoko
      an interval during the school day.
      "the bell went for break"
    • a short holiday.
      "a weekend break in the Cotswolds"
      holiday · time off · period of leave · minibreak · vacation · vac ·
    • a short solo or instrumental passage in jazz or popular music.
    • dance music featuring breakbeats.
  3. a gap or opening.
    "the track bends left through a break in the hedge" ·
    "he stopped to wait for a break in the traffic"
    gap · opening · space · hole · breach · chink · crack · fissure · cleft ·
    rift · chasm · tear · split · slit · rent · rupture
  4. an instance of breaking something, or the point where something is broken.
    "he was stretchered off with a break to the leg"
  5. a rush or dash in a particular direction, especially by an attacking player or team.
    "Norwich scored on a rare break with 11 minutes left"
    • informal
      an escape, typically from prison.
    • cricket
      a change in the direction of a bowled ball on bouncing.
  6. informal
    an opportunity or chance, especially one leading to professional success.
    "he got his break as an entertainer on a TV music hall show"
    opportunity · stroke of luck · chance · opening · foot in the door
  7. snooker
    a consecutive series of successful shots, scoring a specified number of points.
    "a break of 83 put him in front for the first time"
    • a player's turn to make the opening shot of a game.
      "whose break is it?"
  8. a bud or shoot sprouting from a stem.
Old English brecan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch breken and German brechen, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin frangere ‘to break’.
breaks (plural noun)
  1. former term for breaking cart.
  2. historical
    another term for brake.
mid 19th century: perhaps from 16th-century brake ‘cage’, later ‘framework’, of unknown origin.
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Every day you have a choice to be honest or deceptive. If you commit to telling the truth, you will win. You’ll win more trust, you’ll win more business, and you’ll win more peace of mind. You’ll break the system and be even more successful.

Dale Patridge

Every day you have a choice to be honest or deceptive. If you commit to telling the truth, you will win. You’ll win more trust, you’ll win more business, and you’ll win more peace of mind. You’ll break the system and be even more successful.

Dale Patridge

Every day you have a choice to be honest or deceptive. If you commit to telling the truth, you will win. You’ll win more trust, you’ll win more business, and you’ll win more peace of mind. You’ll break the system and be even more successful.

Dale Patridge

Every day you have a choice to be honest or deceptive. If you commit to telling the truth, you will win. You’ll win more trust, you’ll win more business, and you’ll win more peace of mind. You’ll break the system and be even more successful.

Dale Patridge
the heap was normally printed as white paper in the morning, turned at the midday break, and perfected in the afternoon.
I managed to break even in the first six months—quite a short time for a small business to get into the black.
the individual is denied even the opportunity to break the law on conscientious grounds.
a multimeter able to measure current without having to break the circuit under test.
I popped into the butchers in my lunch break to buy some chops for hubby's dinner.
for those who break the law, revocation of their liquor licence may result.
the Greeks were the first subject people to break free from Ottoman rule.
Stephen was eagerly anticipating the break from the routine of business.
a legally binding contract which can only be broken by mutual consent.
as we gathered to break bread, a sense of thanksgiving ran through us.
Mitchell won possession and broke quickly, allowing Hughes to score.
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How to say break in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)breek, opbreek, verbreek
(NOUN)pouse, blaaskans, onderbreking
Arabic (VERB)كسر, اكسر, تكسر, يكسر, قطع, الخروج
(NOUN)استراحه, فاصل, الاستراحه, انقطاع, الراحة
Bangla ছুটি
Bosnian (Latin) prijelom
Bulgarian (NOUN)почивка, пауза, прекъсване, пробив
(VERB)прекъсне, чупя, счупят, наруши, разбие, счупи, раздели
Cantonese (Traditional) 打破
Catalan (VERB)trencar, trenqui, dividir
(NOUN)pausa, descans, ruptura, trencament, salt, escapada, vacances
Chinese Simplified 打破
Chinese Traditional 打破
Croatian (VERB)slomiti, razbiti, provaliti, prekinuti
(NOUN)prijelom, pauze, izbiti, pauzu, odmor, prekid
Czech (NOUN)přestávce, konec, přerušení, konce
(VERB)zlomit, rozbít, prolomit, porušit, přerušit, rozdělit
Danish (VERB)bryde, bryd, brække, knække
(NOUN)pause, brud, gennembrud, afbrydelse, ferie
Dutch (VERB)breken, breek, doorbreken, verbreken, verzetje
(NOUN)pauze, onderbreking, einde, breuk, vakantie
Estonian (VERB)murda, puruneda, riku, katkestada
(NOUN)vaheaega, pausi, paus, Katkesta, piir
Fijian vakacagicagi
Filipino pahinga
Finnish (VERB)rikkoa, murtaa, katkaista, erottaa, riko, räjäyttää
(NOUN)tauko, tauon, tauolla, lomalle
French (NOUN)pause, rupture, coupure, saut
(VERB)briser, casser, rompre, enfreindre
German (VERB)brechen, durchbrechen, unterbrechen, kaputt, aufheben
(NOUN)Pause, Bruch, Auszeit, Unterbrechung
Greek (NOUN)διάλειμμα, σπάσιμο, διακοπή, αλλαγή, διάλυση
(VERB)σπάσει, σπάσουν, σπάστε, διασπάσετε, παραβαίνουν
Haitian Creole fraktire
Hebrew (VERB)לשבור, תשבור, לפרוץ, שוברים, שובר, לנתק, שבור
(NOUN)הפסקה, ההפסקה, מעבר, הפסקת
Hindi (VERB)तोड़, तोड़ने, टूट, भंग
(NOUN)विराम, ब्रेक
Hmong Daw so
Hungarian (NOUN)szünet, utazására, törés, áttörést
(VERB)megtörni, alkalom, törni, eltörhet, törik, bontják
Icelandic (NOUN)brot, hlé, hléi, hvíld
(VERB)brjóta, rjúfa, brotið, skemmt
Indonesian (NOUN)istirahat, liburan
(VERB)mematahkan, memecahkan, melanggar, menghancurkan, pecah, merusak, memutuskan
Italian (NOUN)pausa, rottura, interruzione, vacanza
(VERB)rompere, spezzare, si rompono, infrangere, rompono, interrompere
Japanese (VERB)破る, 壊す, 中断, 壊れる, 分割, 解除
(NOUN)ブレーク, 休憩, 改, ブレイク, 区切り
Kiswahili (VERB)kuvunja
(NOUN)kigawa, Katiza, mapumziko, Kikatiza
Klingon len
Korean (NOUN)휴식, 브레이크, 틈, 나누기, 방학
(VERB)깰, 끊을, 끊는, 중단, 끊기, 침입
Latvian (NOUN)pārtraukumu, pauze
(VERB)izjauktu, salauzt, izlauzties, lauzt, saraut, pārraut, pārtraukt, sadalīt
Lithuanian (NOUN)pertrauka, lūžis, atsipūsti, pailsėti
(VERB)nutraukti, sulaužyti, įsilaužti, padalyti, sumušė, pažeidžia
Malagasy handika
Malay (Latin) (VERB)memecahkan, terputus, mematahkan, melanggar, pecah
(NOUN)rehat, berehat, cuti, percutian
Maltese (NOUN)pawża
Norwegian Bokmål pause
Persian (VERB)شکستن, تجزیه
(NOUN)دزدی, وقفه, استراحت, شکسته, شکست, فرار, قطع
Polish (NOUN)przerwy, podział
(VERB)złamać, łamać, przełamać, zerwać, łamią, przerwać, rozbicie, przebić
Portuguese (VERB)quebrar, romper, partir
(NOUN)pausa, ruptura, quebra, intervalo, descanso, folga
Querétaro Otomi rotura
Romanian (NOUN)pauză, pauzei, vacanţa, sfârşit
(VERB)rupe, sparge, rupă, rup, incalca, gustare
Russian (NOUN)перерыв, пролом, брейк, разрыв, отдохнуть, каникулы
(VERB)разорвать, сломать, нарушить, ломать, прорваться
Samoan malologa
Serbian (Cyrillic) Пауза
Serbian (Latin) Pauza
Slovak (NOUN)prestávke, pauzu, zlom, prerušenie
(VERB)zlomiť, rozbiť, prelomiť, porušiť, prerušiť, preniknúť
Slovenian (NOUN)odmor, prelom, premoru, prekinitve, oddih
(VERB)prekinil, zlom, vdreti, uničijo, kršijo
Spanish (VERB)romper, romperse, quebrar
(NOUN)rotura, descanso, ruptura, respiro, pausa, brecha, vacaciones
Swedish (VERB)bryta, bryter, Bryt
(NOUN)paus, avbrott, rast, brytning, uppehåll, semester
Tahitian faafaaearaa
Tamil (NOUN)வெட்டு
Telugu బ్రేక్
Thai (VERB)ทำลาย
(NOUN)แบ่ง, เบรค, ตัด
Tongan malolo
Turkish (NOUN)mola, sonu, kırılmak, ara, tatil, kesme, rahat
(VERB)kırmak, kıra, kır
Ukrainian (NOUN)перерва, розрив, брейк, відпочити
(VERB)розірвати, розбити, порушити, зламати, подолай, ламати, вирватися
Urdu (NOUN)توڑ, وقفے, بریک, وقفہ, روک
(VERB)توڑنے, توڑنا
Vietnamese (VERB)phá vỡ, phá, chia, vi phạm
(NOUN)nghỉ, vỡ, lao, ngắt
Welsh (NOUN)egwyl, seibiant, toriad, saib, gwyliau, terfynu, doriad
(VERB)dorri, torri, thorri, chwalu
Yucatec Maya rotura
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