1. relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language.
  2. of the British Commonwealth or (formerly) the British Empire.
(the British)
the British (plural noun)
  1. the British people.
Old English Brettisc ‘relating to the ancient Britons’, from Bret ‘Briton’, from Latin Britto, or its Celtic equivalent.
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How to use british in a sentence?
the british feel no compunction about ushering the gentry into the coach and packing the rabble off to debtor's prison.
she offers kitsch interpretations of classic british dress, including a range of tartan mini-kilts.
companies will be pushed to the brink, driving another nail in the coffin of british manufacturing.
the rank of Feldwebel in the German forces nominally corresponded to the british rank of sergeant.
the willingness of british troops to lay down their lives for their country is a humbling thought.
that victory resulted in Churchill's own defenestration by the war-weary british electorate.
like many of the 3,000 other Kelpers, he is a descendant of 19th-century british immigrants.
The banks advise against sending cash. Likewise, sending british cheques may cause problems.
none of the five main british insurance underwriters would be willing to offer cover.
the decline in british manufacturing encapsulated in the term ‘deindustrialization’.
it's not surprising that the british rock press has her down as a major space cadet.
british cod is being replaced by hoki, trawled from great depths off New Zealand.
in certain cases, children may acquire british citizenship through registration.
empiricism of this stamp has been especially influential in british philosophy.
there was a reward if you were delivered unharmed to the nearest british post.
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How to say british in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)Britse
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)البريطانية, بريطانيا, الثقافي البريطاني
Bangla ব্রিটিশ
Bosnian (Latin) Britanski
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)британски
(NOUN)британска, английски
Cantonese (Traditional) 英國
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)britànic, anglesos
Chinese Simplified 英国
Chinese Traditional 英國
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)britanski
Czech (ADJECTIVE)britské
Danish (ADJECTIVE)britiske, engelske
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)Britse, Engelse
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)Briti, Ühendkuningriigi
Fijian Peritania
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)Yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan, Englannin
(NOUN)englantilainen, britit
French (ADJECTIVE)britannique, anglais, Colombie
German (ADJECTIVE)britischen, englischen
Greek (ADJECTIVE)βρετανική, τους Βρετανούς, Άγγλους
Haitian Creole Britanik
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)הבריטית, בריטי, בריטניה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)ब्रिटिश, ब्रिटेन
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)brit, angol
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)breska, Bretar
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)Inggris
Italian (ADJECTIVE)britannico, inglesi, cucina britannica
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)イギリス, 英国, 大英
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)Uingereza
Korean (ADJECTIVE)영국, 대영
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)britu, Lielbritānijas, angļu
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)britų, Didžiosios Britanijos
Malagasy britanika
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)Inggeris
Maltese Ingliżi
Norwegian Bokmål britiske
Persian (ADJECTIVE)بریتانیا, انگلیسی, انگلستان
Polish (ADJECTIVE)brytyjski, Wielkiej Brytanii
(NOUN)Brytyjczyków, angielski
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)britânico, ingleses
Querétaro Otomi británico
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)britanic
Russian (ADJECTIVE)британский, Великобритании, английский
Samoan Peretania
Serbian (Cyrillic) Британски
Serbian (Latin) Britanski
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)britskej
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)britanski
(NOUN)Britanci, angleški
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)británico, ingleses
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)brittiska, Storbritanniens, engelsk
Tahitian Peretane
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)பிரிட்டிஷ்
Telugu బ్రిటిష్
Thai (NOUN)บริติช
(ADJECTIVE)อังกฤษ, ภาษาอังกฤษ
Tongan Pilitania
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)İngiliz, Britanya
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)британський, англійців, Великобританії
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)برطانوی, انگریزوں
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)Anh
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)Prydain, Prydeinig, Brydain
Yucatec Maya británico
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