1. give (a baby or animal) a specified name.
    "they called their daughter Hannah"
    name · christen · baptize · designate · style · term · dub · label · entitle ·
    clepe · denominate · answer to the name of · go by the name of
    • (be called)
      have a specified name.
      "her companion was called Ethel" ·
      "a book called Street Life in London"
    • address or refer to (someone) by a specified name, title, etc..
      "please call me Bob" ·
      "if he remains quiet she calls him a wimp"
    • refer to or consider (someone or something) as being.
      "he's the only person I would call a friend"
      describe as · regard as · look on as · consider to be · judge to be ·
      think of as · class as · categorize as
  2. cry out (a word or words).
    "he heard an insistent voice calling his name" ·
    "Meredith was already calling out a greeting"
    cry out · cry · shout · yell · sing out · whoop · bellow · roar · halloo ·
    • cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention.
      "she heard Terry calling her" ·
      "I distinctly heard you call"
      cry out · cry · shout · yell · sing out · whoop · bellow · roar ·
    • (of an animal, especially a bird) make its characteristic cry.
      "overhead, a skylark called"
    • shout out or chant (the steps and figures) to people performing a square dance or country dance.
    • bridge
      make (a particular bid) during the auction.
      "her partner called 6♠"
      claim (a specified privilege) for oneself, typically by shouting out a particular word or set phrase.
      "I call first dibs on the bathroom"
  3. contact or attempt to contact (a person or number) by phone.
    "could I call you back?" ·
    "he called her on Monday but her phone was switched off" · "the driver called 999"
    phone · telephone · get on the phone to · get someone on the phone ·
    dial · make/place a call to · get · reach · ring up · ring · give someone a ring · call up · give someone a call · give someone a buzz · buzz · give someone a bell · bell · give someone a tinkle · get on the blower to · get someone on the horn
    • use a phone to summon (someone or something, especially an emergency service or a taxi).
      "her husband called an ambulance"
      summon · send for · ask for · order · page
  4. order or request the attendance of.
    "representatives of all three teams have been called to appear before the Monaco stewards" ·
    "I got a letter calling me for an interview"
    • bring (a witness) into court to give evidence.
      "four expert witnesses were called"
    • cause (someone) to have a strong urge to choose a particular way of life or career.
      "he was called to the priesthood" ·
      "I think teachers, really good teachers, are called to teach"
  5. announce or decide that (an event, especially a meeting, election, or strike) is to happen.
    "there appeared to be no alternative but to call a general election" ·
    "he called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter with councillors and residents" · "the Allied forces called a ceasefire"
    convene · summon · call together · order · assemble · arrange ·
    arrange a time/date for · announce · declare · convoke
    (of a person) pay a brief visit.
    "I've got to call at the bank to get some cash" ·
    "he had promised Celia he would call in at the clinic" · "do call round if you're ever in the area"
    • (call at)
      (of a train or coach) stop at (a specified station or stations) on a particular route.
      "the 8.15 service to Paddington, calling at Reading"
  7. (of an umpire or other official in a game) pronounce (a ball, stroke, etc.) to be the thing specified.
    "the linesman called the ball wide"
    • cricket
      (of an umpire) declare (a bowler) to have bowled a no-ball.
      "he was called for throwing in the match against Hampshire"
    • predict the result of (a future event, especially an election or a vote).
      "in the Midlands the race remains too close to call" ·
      "few pundits risked calling the election for either Bush or Kerry"
    • guess (the outcome) of tossing a coin.
      "Burnley called heads and won the toss" ·
      "‘You call,’ he said. ‘Heads or tails?’"
  8. computing
    cause (a subroutine) to be executed.
    "one subroutine may call another subroutine (or itself)"
calls (plural noun)
  1. a cry made as a summons or to attract someone's attention.
    "a nearby fisherman heard their calls for help" ·
    "in response to the call, a figure appeared"
    • a series of notes sounded on a brass instrument as a signal to do something.
      "a bugle call to rise at 8.30"
    • a direction in a square dance given by the caller.
    • bridge
      a bid, response, or double.
      "the alternative call of 2♠ would be quite unsound"
  2. the characteristic cry of a bird or other animal.
    "it is best distinguished by its call, a loud ‘pwit’"
    cry · song · sound
    • a device used to imitate the cry of a particular bird or other animal.
      "turkeys in the wild don't sound like most turkey calls" ·
      "he bought a duck call at the store" · "most hunters I know have at least one call tucked away in a pocket"
  3. an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone.
    "I'll give you a call at around five" ·
    "he stopped returning her calls" · "a ten-minute call to the emergency services"
    phone call · telephone call · ring · buzz · bell · tinkle
  4. a brief visit, especially one made for social reasons.
    "we paid a call on Ben and his family"
    visit · social call
    • a visit or journey made by a doctor or other professional in response to a request for help, especially in an emergency situtation.
      "the ambulance is out on a call" ·
      "the district nurse for the local villages used to make her calls on a bicycle"
      social call · call
  5. an appeal or demand for something to happen or be done.
    "the call for action was welcomed" ·
    "a call to all sides to remain calm and refrain from violence" · "there are more and more calls on his time"
  6. an order or request for someone to be present.
    "he was delighted that so many former players had heeded the call to attend the conference"
  7. (in sport) a decision or ruling made by an umpire or other official, traditionally conveyed by a shout, that the ball has gone out of play or that a rule has been breached.
    "he was visibly irritated with the umpire's calls"
    • a decision, judgement, or prediction.
      "personally, I'm all in favour, but it's your call" ·
      "that entrepreneurial instinct may account for his ability to make tough calls when profits are at stake" · "the two old foes are so evenly matched that it's anyone's call"
  8. computing
    a command to execute a subroutine.
    "parameter values may be changed by calls to a special purpose input specification subroutine"
  9. finance
    a demand for payment of lent or unpaid capital.
    • stock market
      short for call option.
  10. US
    (in a bar, club, etc.) denoting or made with relatively expensive brands of alcohol which customers request by name.Compare with well.
    "try wines by the glass for $5, beer for $3, and call drinks for $8"
late Old English ceallian, from Old Norse kalla ‘summon loudly’.
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How to use call in a sentence?

Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It's something we call heart power. Once a man has made his commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.

Vince Lombardi

Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It's something we call heart power. Once a man has made his commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.

Vince Lombardi
the case study showed improvement in many key areas once the company decided to onshore its call centre activity.
the White House read-out of the call came after the prime minister postponed a key speech on the European Union.
that entrepreneurial instinct may account for his ability to make tough calls when profits are at stake.
Councillor Byrne motioned that the committee call on the area manager to install street lighting.
Mr Scargill raised his head above the parapet to call for the repeal of ‘anti-union’ legislation.
if you call yourself 'Miss' you're advertising your availability to any man who takes a fancy.
parameter values may be changed by calls to a special purpose input specification subroutine.
the refusal to call a strike reflects the union leadership's prostration before the company.
he was delighted that so many former players had heeded the call to attend the conference.
representatives of all three teams have been called to appear before the Monaco stewards.
he called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter with councillors and residents.
call ahead if you order a carry-out, because it might take 45 minutes to prepare.
those public-spirited people who call attention to low standards in high places.
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How to say call in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)oproep
(VERB)bel, noem, ontbied, roep, skakel, kontak, belê
Arabic (VERB)استدعاء, اتصل, الاتصال, ندعو, تتصل, الكلمة
(NOUN)مكالمة, المكالمة, دعوة, الدعوة, نداء
Bangla কল
Bosnian (Latin) poziv
Bulgarian (NOUN)повикване, призива, покана, обаждане, разговор, викам
(VERB)наричат, обадя, обадете, обадите, призовавам
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)trucada, crida, convocatòria, anomenada
(VERB)trucar, truqui, anomenar, cridar, diuen
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)poziv
(VERB)nazvati, nazovite, zovi, zvati, pozvati, zovem, pozovem, zovu, nazivaju, zvala
Czech (NOUN)volání, hovor, výzva, výzvu, výzvy
(VERB)zavolat, volat, volejte, říkat, čerpat, nazývají
Danish (VERB)kalder, ringe, hidkalde, opfordre, calle, kræver
(NOUN)opkald, opfordring, kald, indkaldelse
Dutch (NOUN)oproep, gesprek, aanroep, vraag
(VERB)bel, bellen, noemen, roepen, noem, oproepen
Estonian (VERB)helistada, kutsuvad, nimetame, nõuavad
(NOUN)kõne, kõnet, kõnede, üleskutse, kutse
Fijian veikacivi
Filipino tumawag sa
Finnish (VERB)soittaa, kutsua, herättää, vaativat, edellyttävät
(NOUN)puhelun, kutsu, soiton, kehotus
French (VERB)appeler, téléphoner, composez
(NOUN)appel, téléphonique
German (VERB)anrufen, rufen, nennen, aufrufen, fordern
(NOUN)Anrufs, Aufrufs, Aufforderung, Gespräch
Greek (NOUN)κλήση, πρόσκληση, έκκληση, κλήσεων
(VERB)καλέσετε, αποκαλούν, καλούν, ονομάζουν, καλώ, ζητήσει
Haitian Creole rele
Hebrew (VERB)להתקשר, תתקשר, קוראים, לקרוא, קורא, התקשר, תקרא, מתקשר, קרא
(NOUN)השיחה, שיחה
Hindi (NOUN)कॉल, फोन, बुलाओ, बुलाने
(VERB)कहते, बुला, कह
Hmong Daw hu rau
Hungarian (VERB)hívja, hív, hívni, nevezik, felhívni
(NOUN)hívás, felhívás, pályázati
Icelandic (VERB)kalla, hringja, köllum
(NOUN)símtal, kall, hringi
Indonesian (NOUN)panggilan, ajakan, telepon
(VERB)memanggil, sebut, menelepon, menyebut, hubungi
Italian (VERB)chiamare, telefonare, denominare
(NOUN)chiamata, telefonata, invito, richiamo, appello
Japanese (NOUN)呼び出し, コール, 通話, 呼出し
(VERB)呼び出す, 呼ぶ, 呼び出します, 電話, 呼び出して, 呼び, 呼ん
Kiswahili (NOUN)wito, mwito, simu, Ita, kupiga simu
(VERB)kuwaita, kuita, piga simu, Muite, kumwita
Klingon pong
Korean (NOUN)호출, 통화, 콜, 외침, 전화가
(VERB)전화, 호출할, 불러, 부르는, 이라고 칭, 부
Latvian (NOUN)zvanu, zvans, zvanīšanas, zvana, izsaukums, sarunu, aicinājumu
(VERB)zvanīt, piezvanīt, izsauktu, sauc
Lithuanian (VERB)skambinti, vadiname, paskambinkite, iškviesti, pavadinti
(NOUN)skambučių, kvietimas, raginimą, iškvietimo, pokalbio
Malagasy antso
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)panggilan
(VERB)memanggil, hubungi, menelefon, menyeru
Maltese (NOUN)sejħa, telefonata, għeluq
(VERB)jsejjaħ, ssejjaħ, jsejħu, jitolbu, titlob
Norwegian Bokmål samtale
Persian (NOUN)تماس, فراخوان, ندای, تلفن, صدا
(VERB)تماس بگیرید, اسمش, فراخوانی, مکالمه
Polish (VERB)zadzwonić, nazywają, zawołać, wywołać, nazwać
(NOUN)wywołanie, wezwanie, połączenia, po³±czenie, rozmowy, zaproszenie
Portuguese (VERB)chamar, ligar, chame, telefonar, chamo
(NOUN)chamada, ligação, telefonema
Querétaro Otomi Llame 'na ar
Romanian (NOUN)apel, chemare, convorbiri
(VERB)apela, numim, numesc, sunaţi, suna
Russian (VERB)называть, позвонить, вызвать, звонить, призываем, звать, зовут
(NOUN)вызова, звонок, призыв
Samoan valaauga
Serbian (Cyrillic) позив
Serbian (Latin) poziv
Slovak (NOUN)hovor, volanie, výzva, výzvu, výzvy
(VERB)zavolať, volať, nazývajú, hovoriť, vyžadujú
Slovenian (NOUN)klic, razpis, poziv, postanka
(VERB)pokličite, oklic, kličejo, imenujejo, zahtevajo, pravijo
Spanish (VERB)llamar
(NOUN)llamada, convocatoria
Swedish (VERB)kalla, ring, appellen, anropa, syna, kräver
(NOUN)samtal, uppmaning, anrop, appell
Tahitian e piiraa
Tamil (NOUN)அழைப்பு, அழை
Telugu కాల్
Thai (NOUN)โทร, เรียก, โทรศัพท์
Tongan ui 'a
Turkish (NOUN)çağrı, aramayı, telefon
(VERB)çağıra, arama, ara, arayın, araya, diye, diyor, di
Ukrainian (NOUN)виклику, дзвінок, заклик
(VERB)зателефонувати, називають, телефонуйте, подзвонити, назвати, дзвоніть, викликати
Urdu (NOUN)کال, دعوت
(VERB)فون, کہتے, ٹیلی فون, زور, بلا
Vietnamese (VERB)gọi, kêu gọi
(NOUN)cuộc gọi, goïi
Welsh (NOUN)alwad, galwad, cais
(VERB)alw, galw, ffoniwch
Yucatec Maya Llame ti' le
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