centuries (plural noun)
  1. a period of one hundred years.
    "a century ago most people walked to work"
    • a period of a hundred years reckoned from the traditional date of the birth of Christ.
      "the fifteenth century" ·
      "a twentieth-century lifestyle"
      age · time · period · era · epoch · century · decade · year · stage
  2. a score of a hundred in a sporting event, especially a batsman's score of a hundred runs in cricket.
    "he scored the only century of the tour"
  3. a company in the ancient Roman army, originally of a hundred men.
    • an ancient Roman political division for voting.
late Middle English ( in century (sense 3)): from Latin centuria, from centum ‘hundred’. century (sense 1) dates from the early 17th century.
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raising the £6.5 million had been either a heroic achievement by selfless, dedicated humanitarians or the blag of the century.
it was not until the end of the fifteenth century that the sandglass was depicted as the attribute of Father Time.
by the late eighteenth century Edo had grown to a metropolis with a population of nearly one million.
he inspired me with the desire to restore writing on art to nineteenth century belles-lettres.
birth control became associated with Malthusianism only in the last quarter of the century.
her books continue to be popular among library borrowers into the twenty-first century.
in the seventeenth century, goldsmiths acted as depositaries for the gold of the rich.
Warhol is now canonized as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.
the increasingly transcultural relationships among writers in the twentieth century.
the humanistic hands of the 15th century were based on the Carolingian minuscule.
his ancestors had held the land but had been disseized in the fifteenth century.
a collection of 19th century French automata: acrobats, clowns, and musicians.
buildings may be purged of the showy symbolism of the late twentieth century.
Bergdorf Goodman has managed to attract big spenders for more than a century.
the caricaturist and wit who flourished in the early years of this century.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)eeu, eeuse
Arabic (NOUN)القرن, قرن
Bangla শতাব্দী
Bosnian (Latin) stoljeća
Bulgarian (NOUN)век, века, столетие
Cantonese (Traditional) 世紀
Catalan (NOUN)del segle, segle
Chinese Simplified 世纪
Chinese Traditional 世紀
Croatian (NOUN)stoljeća, veka, veku, St., vijeka, vek
Czech (NOUN)století, sto
Danish (NOUN)århundrede, tallet, tals
Dutch (NOUN)eeuw, eeuwse
Estonian (NOUN)sajandi
Fijian ni senijiuri
Filipino na siglo
Finnish (NOUN)luvun, vuosisadan
French (NOUN)siècle
German (NOUN)Jahrhundert, Jh., Jhs
Greek (NOUN)αιώνα, αι
Haitian Creole syèk
Hebrew (NOUN)המאה, במאה, מהמאה, למאה, סנטורי, מאה
Hindi (NOUN)सदी, शताब्दी, सेंचुरी
Hmong Daw xyoo pua
Hungarian (NOUN)század, évszázad
Icelandic (NOUN)öld, aldar, öldin
Indonesian (NOUN)abad, abad ke, kurun
Italian (NOUN)secolo, sec
Japanese (NOUN)世紀, センチュリー, 1世紀, 一世紀, 紀
Kiswahili (NOUN)karne
Klingon vatlh DIS poH
Korean (NOUN)세기, 세기로, 세기가, 센추리, 센츄리
Latvian (NOUN)gadsimta, gs
Lithuanian (NOUN)amžiaus, a., šimtmetį
Malagasy tamin' ny taonjato
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)abad
Maltese is-seklu
Norwegian Bokmål århundre
Persian (NOUN)قرن, سده, سدۀ
Polish (NOUN)wieku, wiecznym, stulecia, w.
Portuguese (NOUN)século
Querétaro Otomi 'nanthebe je̲ya
Romanian (NOUN)secolul, lea, din secolul al
Russian (NOUN)века, столетие, го века, м веке
Samoan o le seneturi
Serbian (Cyrillic) века
Serbian (Latin) veka
Slovak (NOUN)storočia
Slovenian (NOUN)stoletja, vek
Spanish (NOUN)siglo, S.
Swedish (NOUN)århundradet, talet, sekel, tals, seklet, tal
Tahitian o te tenetere
Tamil நூற்றாண்டு
Telugu శతాబ్దం
Thai (NOUN)ศตวรรษ
Tongan senituli
Turkish (NOUN)yüzyıl, asır, yy
Ukrainian (NOUN)століття, сторіччя, ст, му столітті
Urdu (NOUN)صدی
Vietnamese (NOUN)thế kỷ, kỷ
Welsh (NOUN)ganrif, canrif
Yucatec Maya siglo
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