cheeses (plural noun)
  1. a food made from the pressed curds of milk, firm and elastic or soft and semi-liquid in texture.
    "grated cheese" ·
    "a cheese sandwich" · "a cow's milk cheese"
    • a complete cake of cheese with its rind.
      "the cheeses are trimmed and wrapped in sterilized muslin"
      a conserve having the consistency of soft cheese.
      "lemon cheese"
    • a round, flat object resembling a cake of cheese, such as the heavy flat wooden disc used in skittles and other games.
  2. informal
    the quality of being too obviously sentimental.
    "the conversations tend too far towards cheese"
Old English cēse, cȳse, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kaas and German Käse ; from Latin caseus.
(big cheese)
big cheese (noun) · big cheeses (plural noun)
  1. an important person.
    "he was a really big cheese in the business world"
1920s: probably via Urdu from Persian čīz ‘thing’: the phrase the cheese was used earlier to mean ‘first-rate’ (i.e. the thing).
(be cheesed off)
cheeses (third person present) · cheesed (past tense) · cheesed (past participle) · cheesing (present participle)
  1. exasperate, frustrate, or bore (someone).
    "I got a bit cheesed off with the movie"
early 19th century (in the archaic phrase cheese it, used to urge someone to stop doing something): the current use dates from the 1940s. Both uses are of uncertain origin.
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How to use cheese in a sentence?
any unpasteurized cheese will have a fuller flavour than its treated counterpart.
the cheese has a sharp rich aftertaste with echoes of salty, earthy pastures.
fresh goats' milk cheese has a slightly sharper flavour than fromage frais.
the herbage of this area produces the milk necessary to make a fine cheese.
the tomatoes were sweet, compensating for the mildness of the cheese.
cheese stored at room temperature will quickly begin to sweat.
I was cramming large pieces of toast and cheese down my maw.
the new cheese is a pale imitation of continental cheeses.
the cheeses are trimmed and wrapped in sterilized muslin.
the cheese has a sharp flavour and is crumbly and moist.
swap one of your sandwiches for a cheese and pickle?.
place under a hot grill until the cheese has melted.
chèvre is a generic term for all goat's milk cheese.
she watched him dispose of a large slice of cheese.
the cheese is smooth with a delicate goaty flavour.
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How to say cheese in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)kaas
Arabic (NOUN)الجبن, جبن, جبنة, تشيز, الأجبان
Bangla পনির
Bosnian (Latin) Sir
Bulgarian (NOUN)сирене, кашкавал
Cantonese (Traditional) 奶酪
Catalan (NOUN)formatge
Chinese Simplified 奶酪
Chinese Traditional 乳酪
Croatian (NOUN)sir, sira, sirom, siru, sireva, Cheesea
Czech (NOUN)sýr, sýrem, sýra, sýrové, sýry, sýrů
Danish (NOUN)ost, osten, oste
Dutch (NOUN)kaas, kazen
Estonian (NOUN)juust
Fijian jisi
Filipino keso
Finnish (NOUN)juusto
French (NOUN)fromage
German (NOUN)Käse, Käses, Käsesorten
Greek (NOUN)τυρί, τυριού, τυριά, τυριών, Τυροκομικά
Haitian Creole fwomaj
Hebrew (NOUN)גבינה, הגבינה, גבינת, גבינות, וגבינה, לגבינה, בגבינה
Hindi (NOUN)पनीर, चीज़
Hungarian (NOUN)sajt, sajtot, sajttal
Icelandic (NOUN)ostur, osti, ost
Indonesian (NOUN)keju
Italian (NOUN)formaggio
Japanese (NOUN)チーズ
Kiswahili (NOUN)jibini
Klingon nIm wIb ngogh
Korean (NOUN)치즈, 치즈가, 치즈로
Latvian (NOUN)siers
Lithuanian (NOUN)sūris
Malagasy frômazy
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)keju
Maltese (NOUN)ġobon, ġobnijiet
Norwegian Bokmål ost
Persian (NOUN)پنیر, پنير, پنیری
Polish (NOUN)ser, sera, serem, sery, serów, serze
Portuguese (NOUN)queijo
Querétaro Otomi queso
Romanian (NOUN)brânză, caşcaval, brînză
Russian (NOUN)сыр, брынзой, творог
Samoan sisi
Serbian (Cyrillic) Сир
Serbian (Latin) Sir
Slovak (NOUN)syr, syrom, syra, syry, syrov, syre, syru
Slovenian (NOUN)sir, sira, sirom, siru, siri
Spanish (NOUN)queso
Swedish (NOUN)ost, osten, ostar
Tahitian pata
Tamil சீஸ்
Telugu చీజ్
Thai ชีส
Tongan siisi
Turkish (NOUN)peynir
Ukrainian (NOUN)сир, сиру, сиром, сири, сирів, сирний, сирої, сирі
Urdu (NOUN)پنیر
Vietnamese (NOUN)pho mát, Pho
Welsh (NOUN)caws, chaws, gaws, gawsiau, cawsiau
Yucatec Maya queso
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