closer (comparative adjective) · closest (superlative adjective)
  1. only a short distance away or apart in space or time.
    "the hotel is close to the sea" ·
    "her birthday and mine were close together" · "why don't we go straight to the shops, as we're so close?"
    near · adjacent · in close proximity · close/near at hand · not far from ·
    in the vicinity of · in the neighbourhood of · within reach of · within close range of · neighbouring · hard by · adjoining · abutting · alongside · on the doorstep · within sight · within earshot · a stone's throw away · close by · nearby · at hand · at close quarters · contiguous · proximate · accessible · handy · convenient · walkable · within spitting distance · a hop, a skip, and a jump away · within sniffing distance · nigh
    • with very little or no space in between; dense.
      "cloth with a close weave" ·
      "this work occupies over 1,300 pages of close print"
    • narrowly enclosed.
      "animals in close confinement"
    • (close to)
      very near to (being or doing something).
      "on a good day the climate in LA is close to perfection" ·
      "she was close to tears"
      on the verge of · near · on the brink of · on the point of ·
      within an ace of · in danger of
    • (with reference to a competitive situation) involving only a small margin between winner and loser.
      "the race will be a close contest" ·
      "she finished a close second"
      evenly matched · even · well matched · neck and neck ·
      side by side · nose to nose · with nothing to choose between them · hard-fought · sharply contested · nip and tuck · fifty-fifty · even-steven(s)
  2. denoting a family member who is part of a person's immediate family, typically a parent or sibling.
    "the family history of cancer in close relatives"
  3. (of observation, examination, etc.) done in a careful and thorough way.
    "pay close attention to what your body is telling you about yourself"
  4. uncomfortably humid or airless.
    "a close, hazy day" ·
    "it was very close in the dressing room"
    humid · muggy · stuffy · airless · fuggy · heavy · sticky · steamy ·
    clammy · sultry · oppressive · stifling · suffocating · like a Turkish bath · like a sauna · unventilated · claggy
  5. phonetics
    another term for high.
(close to)
closer (comparative adverb)
  1. very near to someone or something; with very little space between.
    "they stood close to the door" ·
    "he was holding her close"
closes (plural noun)
  1. a residential street without through access.
    "she lives at 12 Goodwood Close"
    • the precinct surrounding a cathedral.
    • a playing field at certain traditional English public schools.
      an entry from the street to a common stairway or to a court at the back of a building.
Middle English: from Old French clos (as noun and adjective), from Latin clausum ‘enclosure’ and clausus ‘closed’, past participle of claudere.
closes (third person present) · closed (past tense) · closed (past participle) · closing (present participle)
  1. move so as to cover an opening.
    "she jumped on to the train just as the doors were closing" ·
    "she closed the door quietly" · "I kept closing my eyes and nodding off" · "they had to close the window because of the insects"
    shut · draw to · pull to · push to · slam · fasten · secure · lock · bolt ·
    bar · latch · padlock · put up the shutter
    • block up (a hole or opening).
      "close the hole with a plug of cotton wool" ·
      "Stephen closed his ears to the sound"
      block (up/off) · stop up · plug · seal (up/off) · shut up/off · cork ·
      stopper · bung (up) · make airtight · make watertight · fill (up) · pack · stuff · clog (up) · choke · obstruct · occlude · stopple
    • bring two parts of (something) together so as to block its opening or bring it into a folded state.
      "Loretta closed her mouth" ·
      "Rex closed the book"
    • (close around/over)
      come into contact with (something) so as to encircle and hold it.
      "my fist closed around the weapon"
      come together · join · connect · come into contact · unite ·
      form a circle
    • make (an electric circuit) continuous.
      "this will cause a relay to operate and close the circuit"
  2. bring or come to an end.
    "the members were thanked for attending and the meeting was closed" ·
    "the concert closed with ‘Silent Night’"
    end · bring/come to an end · conclude · finish · terminate · wind up ·
    break off · halt · call a halt to · discontinue · dissolve · adjourn · suspend · prorogue · recess
    open · begin
  3. (of a business, organization, or institution) cease to be in operation or accessible to the public, either permanently or at the end of a working day or other period of time.
    "the factory is to close with the loss of 150 jobs" ·
    "a hoax call which closed the city's stations for 4 hours"
    cease activity · shut down · close down · cease production ·
    cease operating · come to a halt · cease trading · fail · collapse · go out of business · crash · go under · go bankrupt · become insolvent · go into receivership · go into liquidation · be liquidated · be wound up · be closed (down) · be shut (down) · fold · flop · go broke · go bump · go to the wall · go bust
    • remove all the funds from (a bank or building society account) and cease to use it.
      "I went to the bank to close an account held by my daughter"
    • computing
      make (a file) inaccessible after use, so that it is securely stored until required again.
      "a statement is used to close a data file"
  4. gradually get nearer to someone or something.
    "they plotted a large group of aircraft about 130 miles away and closing fast" ·
    "he tried to walk faster, but each time the man closed up on him again"
    catch up · creep up · near · approach · gain on someone ·
    draw nearer/near · get nearer/near · come nearer/near · draw closer/close · get closer/close · come closer/close · narrow · lessen · grow/become/make smaller · dwindle · diminish · reduce · shrink · contract · constrict · get/become/make narrower · straiten
  1. the end of an event or of a period of time or activity.
    "the afternoon drew to a close" ·
    "the seminar was brought to a close with a discussion of future trends"
    end · finish · conclusion · termination · cessation · completion ·
    culmination · finale · resolution · climax · denouement · wind-up · bring to an end · finish · conclude · close · wind up · terminate · dissolve · round off · wrap up · put a period to
    • (the close)
      the end of a day's trading on a stock market.
      "by the close the Dow Jones average was down 13.52 points at 2,759.84"
    • (the close)
      the end of a day's play in a cricket match.
      "at the close, Lancashire were 129 for 3"
    • music
      the conclusion of a phrase; a cadence.
  2. the shutting of something, especially a door.
    "the door jerked to a close behind them"
Middle English: from Old French clos-, stem of clore, from Latin claudere ‘to shut’.
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How to use close in a sentence?

Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Thomas Edison
the lab technician examining your sample takes a close look at how many of your swimmers are normally shaped.
the President warned that focusing on relations with close neighbours would lead to political provincialism.
the less skilled negotiator feels vulnerable and is more likely to keep his cards close to his chest.
these handy wipes are always close by for swiping schmutz off my shoes, or cleaning up coffee spills.
those close to the financial and economic pulse maintain that there have been fundamental changes.
you will find the camera button located close to the handgrip on the right-hand side of the body.
a Muslim majority had to live in close proximity to large communities of Christians and pagans.
the magma may start off fairly basic and end up at the close of the eruption much more acid.
physicists struggled to close in on the Higgs boson—the great white whale of modern science.
the site is close to other prestige schemes which should make it attractive to developers.
a coronary angiogram showed ramification of the right coronary artery close to the ostium.
their views on education are so close that it's difficult to see daylight between them.
the Doctor found the bull, and held it to the close, while Servis only scored inners.
close examination of the violin shows that it contains the characteristic purfling.
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How to say close in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)sluit, toemaak, maak, toe
(ADJECTIVE)beslote, naby, hegte, noukeurige, noue
Arabic (VERB)إغلاق, أغلق, تغلق
(ADJECTIVE)الوثيق, قريبة, وثيق, قريب, وثيقة, قريبا, قرب
Bangla বন্ধ করুন
Bosnian (Latin) Zatvori
Bulgarian (VERB)затворите, затваряне, закрие, приключи
(ADJECTIVE)близки, близо, тясно, тясна, тесни, близък
Cantonese (Traditional) 關閉
Catalan (VERB)tancar, tanqueu
(ADJECTIVE)estreta, prop, tanca, proper, vora, molta
Chinese Simplified 关闭
Chinese Traditional 關閉
Croatian (VERB)zatvorite, zatvaranje
(ADJECTIVE)blizu, Zatvori, zaključenja, zatvaranja
Czech (VERB)zavřete, zavřít, uzavřít, ukončete
(ADJECTIVE)blízko, úzké, úzkou, těsné, úzká
Danish (VERB)lukke, Luk, slutning, afslutte
(ADJECTIVE)tæt, nære, tætte, nært, snævert, nær, nærheden
Dutch (VERB)sluiten, zuinig, gesloten
(ADJECTIVE)nauwe, dicht, nauw, vlakbij, buurt
Estonian (VERB)sulgege, suleb
(ADJECTIVE)Sule, lähedal, sulge, tihe
Fijian sogota
Filipino isara ang
Finnish (VERB)sulje, sulkea, lakkauttaa
(ADJECTIVE)lähelle, tiivistä, sulkemisen
French (ADJECTIVE)proche, étroite, fermeture
(ADVERB)près, proximité, fermés, rapprocher
(VERB)Fermez-vous, refermer
German (VERB)schließen
(ADJECTIVE)enge, nah
(ADVERB)Nähe, nahe, dicht
Greek (ADJECTIVE)στενή, κοντά, κλείσιμο, στενό, στενές, στενών, κοντινή, στενά
(VERB)κλείσει, κλείνω
Haitian Creole fèmen
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)קרוב, סגור, קרובים, קרובה, סגירה, קרובות
(VERB)לסגור, סגירת, תסגור, סוגר, סגרו
Hindi (VERB)बंद
(ADJECTIVE)करीब, पास, निकट, घनिष्ठ
Hmong Daw kaw
Hungarian (VERB)zárja be, zár, bezárásához, lezárja, zárni
(ADJECTIVE)szoros, közel, bezárása, lezárása
Icelandic (VERB)loka, lokið
(ADJECTIVE)náin, nálægt, nærri, lokun
Indonesian (VERB)menutup, ditutup
(ADJECTIVE)tutup, dekat, erat
Italian (VERB)chiudere, si chiudono, primi
(ADJECTIVE)vicino, Chiudi, stretta
Japanese (VERB)閉じる, 閉じ, 閉じます, 閉じて, 終了
(ADJECTIVE)近い, クローズ, 親しい, 緊密, 密接
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)Funga, karibu
(VERB)kufunga, ufunge
Klingon SoQmoH
Korean (ADJECTIVE)가까이, 닫기, 주변, 근접
(VERB)닫습니다, 닫을, 닫고, 닫는, 종료
Latvian (VERB)aizveriet, slēgt, jāaizver
(ADJECTIVE)tuvu, cieši, tuvs, tuvi
(ADVERB)slēgšanas, tuvāk, tuvumā
Lithuanian (VERB)uždaryti, u¾darykite
(ADJECTIVE)arti, glaudžiai, uždarymo, beveik, atidžiai, arčiau, netoli
Malagasy akatony ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)tutup, menutup, ditutup
(ADJECTIVE)dekat, rapat
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)qrib, viċin, stretta, sħiħa
(VERB)Agħlaq, tagħlaq, għalaq, jagħlaq, jingħalaq, egħluq
Norwegian Bokmål Lukk
Persian (ADJECTIVE)نزدیک, ببند
(VERB)بستن, ببندید, بسته
Polish (ADVERB)blisko
(ADJECTIVE)zamknij, bliskie, ścisłej, pobliżu
(VERB)zamknąć, zawrzeć, zamykanie
Portuguese (VERB)fechar, feche, fecho
(ADVERB)perto, proximo, aproximar
(ADJECTIVE)próximos, estreita, chegados, íntimos
Querétaro Otomi cerrar
Romanian (VERB)închide
(ADJECTIVE)strânsă, aproape, apropiat, închidere, atentă
Russian (VERB)закрыть
(ADJECTIVE)близко, тесном, пристальное, непосредственной
(ADVERB)рядом, ближе
Samoan Tapuni
Serbian (Cyrillic) Затвори
Serbian (Latin) Zatvori
Slovak (VERB)zavrieť, zatvorte, ukončiť, uzavretie
(ADJECTIVE)blízko, úzkej, úzku, úzke, úzka, tesnej
Slovenian (VERB)zapreti, zaprite, zapiranje
(ADJECTIVE)Zapri, tesnem, blizu, tesno, tesnih, zapiranja, tesen
Spanish (VERB)cerrar, cerrarse
(ADJECTIVE)cerca, estrecha, íntimos, unidos, acercan
Swedish (VERB)Stäng, avsluta
(ADJECTIVE)nära, tätt, slut
Tahitian e faaoti
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)மூடு
(VERB)மூடவும், மூடிவிட்டு, மூடிய, மூடும்
Telugu దగ్గరగా
Thai (VERB)ปิด
Tongan faka'osi
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)yakın, yaklaş, kapanış
(VERB)kapat, kapa, kapan
(ADVERB)yakınız, yakin
Ukrainian (VERB)закрити
(ADJECTIVE)тісні, близько, тісному, тісних, тісна, пильну, ближній
(ADVERB)поруч, поряд
Urdu (VERB)بند
(ADVERB)قریب, نزدیک
Vietnamese (VERB)đóng, nhắm, đóng cửa
(ADJECTIVE)gần gũi, gần, chặt chẽ, thân
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)agos, glos, clòs, manwl
(VERB)gau, cau, Caewch, chau, gloi
Yucatec Maya muts'ik in
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