1. (of a structure) having fallen down or given way.
    "an abandoned building with a collapsed roof"
    • (of a lung or blood vessel) flat and empty with the walls fallen inwards.
      "he was admitted to hospital with a collapsed lung"
  2. (of a person) having fallen down and become unconscious.
    "police officers rushed to the aid of the collapsed woman"
  3. having failed completely.
    "the country's collapsed economy" ·
    "compensation for workers in collapsed pension schemes"
collapses (third person present) · collapsed (past tense) · collapsed (past participle) · collapsing (present participle)
  1. (of a structure) suddenly fall down or give way.
    "the roof collapsed on top of me"
    cave in · fall in · subside · fall down · sag · slump · settle · give ·
    give way · crumble · crumple · disintegrate · fall to pieces · come apart
    • cause (something) to fall down or give way.
      "it feels as if the slightest pressure would collapse it" ·
      "many people tend to collapse the distinction between the two concepts"
    • (of a lung or blood vessel) become flat and empty with the walls fallen inwards.
      "she was so dehydrated that her veins had collapsed"
    • cause (a lung or blood vessel) to collapse.
      "he had an operation to collapse his lung"
  2. (of a person) fall down and become unconscious as a result of illness or injury.
    "he collapsed from loss of blood"
    faint · pass out · black out · lose consciousness · fall unconscious ·
    keel over · flake out · conk out · go out · swoon
    • sit or lie down as a result of exhaustion or amusement.
      "exhausted, he collapsed on the bed" ·
      "the three of them collapsed with laughter"
  3. fail suddenly and completely.
    "the talks collapsed last week over territorial issues"
    break down · fail · fall through · fold · founder · fall flat · miscarry ·
    go wrong · come to nothing · come to grief · be frustrated · be unsuccessful · not succeed · disintegrate · come to a halt · end · terminate · flop · fizzle out · flatline
    • (of a price or currency) drop suddenly in value.
      "the price of oil collapsed"
  4. fold or be foldable into a small space.
    "some cots collapse down to fit into a holdall"
    • compress a displayed part of (a spreadsheet or other electronic document).
      "tabulation programs can be used to collapse this list in various ways"
collapses (plural noun)
  1. an instance of a structure falling down or giving way.
    "the collapse of a railway bridge" ·
    "the church roof is in danger of collapse"
    cave-in · giving way · subsidence · crumbling · disintegration
early 17th century (as collapsed): from medical Latin collapsus, past participle of collabi, from col- ‘together’ + labi ‘to slip’.
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they invited us to get sauced with them and after we collapsed in beery exhaustion.
a referee collapsed during a match as his son watched from the sidelines.
a wall collapsed, causing the floors above to slope precipitously.
two buildings collapsed, trapping scores of people in the rubble.
Karla collapsed in a sobbing heap at the feet of the other girls.
the hotel was a shell, the roof having collapsed completely.
police officers rushed to the aid of the collapsed woman.
many people died, most entombed in collapsed buildings.
the talks collapsed last week over territorial issues.
compensation for workers in collapsed pension schemes.
the tower collapsed as a result of safety violations.
he knocked back a vodka and collapsed into the chair.
she was so dehydrated that her veins had collapsed.
he was admitted to hospital with a collapsed lung.
the deal collapsed and has yet to be resurrected.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans ineengestort
Arabic (VERB)انهار, مطوية, انهيار, طي, طيها, مطوي, تنهار
(ADJECTIVE)المطوي, المنهارة, منهارة
Bangla ভেঙ্গে গেছে
Bosnian (Latin) propala
Bulgarian (VERB)срина, срути, рухналата, свит, разпадна, припаднал, свито, срутване, падна
Cantonese (Traditional) 倒塌
Catalan (VERB)ensorrat, col·lapsat
Chinese Simplified 倒塌
Chinese Traditional 倒塌
Croatian (VERB)srušio, propali, urušio, sažeti, raspala, onesvijestio
Czech (VERB)sbalený, zhroutil, zkolaboval, zřítila
Danish (VERB)kollapsede, brudt sammen, skjult
Dutch (VERB)samengevouwen, ingestort, stortte, instortte, zakte
Estonian (VERB)ahendatud, varises, lagunes, kokkuvarisenud, kukkus
Fijian bale sobu
Filipino pinaliit
Finnish (VERB)romahti, kutistettu, tiivistetty, sortui, kaatui, supistaa
French (VERB)effondré, se sont effondrés, s'effondra, collapsus, écroulé, réduit, affaissement, s' écroule, replié
German (VERB)zusammengebrochen, eingestürzt, kollabierte, reduziert, ausgeblendet, brach, stürzte
Greek (VERB)κατέρρευσε, συμπτυχθεί, καταρρεύσει, συνεπτυγμένη
Haitian Creole kraze
Hebrew (VERB)התמוטט, מכווצת, קרסה, מצומצמים
Hindi (VERB)ढह, ध्वस्त, संक्षिप्त, गिर
Hmong Daw tsaus muag
Hungarian (VERB)összeomlott, ájul, csukva
Icelandic (VERB)féll
Indonesian (VERB)runtuh, ambruk, roboh, pingsan
Italian (VERB)crollato, collassato, compresso, sprofondato, sono crollati, svenuto
Japanese (VERB)折りたたまれてい, 崩壊, 倒壊, 折りたたんだ, 折りたたむ, 倒れ, 倒れた, 折りたたみ, 崩れ
Kiswahili (VERB)kuanguka
Klingon Dej
Korean (VERB)축소, 붕괴, 쓰러졌다, 궤멸, 무너졌다
Latvian (VERB)sabruka, sakļauts, saļima, sairušus, izjukušas, sašļuka, salūza, nogāzās, apvēlās, kritās, apvienoti
Lithuanian (VERB)žlugo, suskleista, sugriuvo, sutraukti, užgriuvęs
Malagasy nianjera
Malay (Latin) (VERB)runtuh
Maltese waqa
Norwegian Bokmål kollapset
Persian (VERB)سقوط
Polish (VERB)zwinięty, upadł, załamał, zawalił, zwijane, przesunięte
Portuguese (VERB)desmoronou, desabou, recolhido, ruiu, desmaiou, colapso, caiu, caído
(ADJECTIVE)colapsado, desmoronada
Querétaro Otomi bí ts'oni
Romanian (VERB)prăbuşit, restrânse, pliate, colaps
Russian (VERB)рухнул, развалилась, обрушились, свернуть, распался, потерял сознание, коллапс, сворачивать
Samoan palasi i lalo
Serbian (Cyrillic) скупљен
Serbian (Latin) skupljen
Slovak (VERB)zrútil, zbalené, zkolaboval, zhroutil
Slovenian (VERB)propadel, strnjeni, sesul, zgrudil, zrušil, zrušen, porušil
Spanish (VERB)colapsó, se derrumbó, derrumbado, se desplomó, contraído, desplomado, derrumbarse, desmayado
(ADJECTIVE)derrumbados, atelectasia
Swedish (VERB)kollapsade, rasade, rasat, komprimerats, dolt, döljs, föll
(ADJECTIVE)komprimerad, kollapsad
Tahitian Ua marua
Tamil சரிந்தது
Telugu కూలిపోయింది
Thai (VERB)ยุบ
Tongan to
Turkish (VERB)daraltılmış, çöktü, çökmüş, yıkılmış, bayıldı, çökme, sönmüş
Ukrainian (VERB)звалився, обвалився, згорнутий, зруйновані, згортати, впав, впала, впали
(ADJECTIVE)згорнутих, зруйнованих
Urdu تفصیل غائب
Vietnamese (VERB)sụp đổ
Welsh ar chwâl
Yucatec Maya Nikchaj
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