combs (plural noun)
  1. a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair.
    • an act of untangling or arranging the hair with comb.
      "she gave her hair a comb"
    • a short curved type of comb, worn by women to hold the hair in place or as an ornament.
      "her hair was held back with two tortoiseshell combs"
  2. a device for separating and dressing textile fibres.
      the lower, fixed cutting piece of a sheep-shearing machine.
    • a row of brass points for collecting the electricity in an electrostatic generator.
  3. the red fleshy crest on the head of a domestic fowl, especially a cock.
    "a grey-speckled hen with a red comb and wattles"
  4. short for honeycomb.
combs (third person present) · combed (past tense) · combed (past participle) · combing (present participle)
  1. untangle or arrange (the hair) by drawing a comb through it.
    "she combed her hair and put some lipstick on"
    groom · untangle · disentangle · smooth out · straighten · arrange ·
    neaten · tidy · dress · rake · curry
    • (comb something out)
      remove something in the hair by drawing a comb through it.
      "she combed the burrs out of the dog's coat"
  2. prepare (wool, flax, or cotton) for manufacture with a comb.
    "the wool had been cleaned and combed"
  3. search carefully and systematically.
    "police combed the area for the murder weapon" ·
    "his mother combed through the cardboard boxes"
    search · scour · look around in · explore · sweep · probe ·
    hunt through · look through · scrabble about/around in · root about/around in · ferret (about/around) in · rummage about/around/round in · rummage in/through · forage through · fish about/around in · poke about/around in · dig in · grub about/around in · delve in · go through · sift through · rake · rifle through · ransack · turn over · go through with a fine-tooth comb · turn upside down · turn inside out · leave no stone unturned in · rootle around in · fossick through · roust around in
Old English camb, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kam and German Kamm.
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How to use comb in a sentence?
he left his comb protruding prominently from a pile of objects.
comb hair from tip to root, working out the knots at the end.
she began to pack her compact, comb, and other etceteras.
her hair was held back with two tortoiseshell combs.
a grey-speckled hen with a red comb and wattles.
his mother combed through the cardboard boxes.
she combed her hair and put some lipstick on.
police combed the area for the murder weapon.
she combed the burrs out of the dog's coat.
she went to comb her disordered hair.
the wool had been cleaned and combed.
she raked a comb through her hair.
honey oozed out of the comb.
she gave her hair a comb.
How to say comb in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans kam
Arabic (NOUN)مشط, المشط
(VERB)تمشيط, نمشط
Bangla চিরুনি
Bosnian (Latin) češalj
Bulgarian (NOUN)гребен, Срешете
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)pinta
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)češalj, češlja
Czech (NOUN)hřeben, pročešte, česat
Danish (NOUN)kam, kammen, gennemsøge
Dutch (NOUN)kam
Estonian (NOUN)kamm, kammima
Fijian seruta na
Filipino suklay
Finnish (NOUN)kampa, harja, kamman
French (NOUN)peigne, sabot
(VERB)peigner, coiffer, peignez
German (NOUN)Kamm, Kanzellenkörper, Kammaufsatz, Haarkämme, Wabe
(VERB)kämmen, kämmbar
Greek (NOUN)χτένα, χτενίστε, χτενών, ενσιρωμένων, χτένες
Haitian Creole koulè
Hebrew (NOUN)המסרק, מסרק, חלת
Hindi (NOUN)कंघी, कॉम्ब
Hmong Daw ntsis
Hungarian (NOUN)fésű, fésűvel, fésűt, Fésűs
Icelandic (VERB)greiða
Indonesian (NOUN)sisir
Italian (NOUN)pettine, favo
Japanese (NOUN)櫛, くし, コーム, コム, クシ, 櫛形, くし形
(VERB)とかす, とかし
Kiswahili sega
Klingon jIb Ho'Du'
Korean (NOUN)빗, 콤, 조합이
Latvian (NOUN)ķemme, ķemmi, kombinētos
Lithuanian (NOUN)šukos, šukų, ketera
Malagasy fihogo
Malay (Latin) sikat
Maltese moxt
Norwegian Bokmål kam
Persian (NOUN)شانه
Polish (NOUN)grzebień, uczesz, Czesz
Portuguese (NOUN)pente
Querétaro Otomi peine ar
Romanian (NOUN)pieptene, fagure
Russian (NOUN)гребень, расческа, сотах
(VERB)расчесывать, причесать
Samoan selu
Serbian (Cyrillic) чешаљ
Serbian (Latin) češalj
Slovak (NOUN)hrebeň, strihu
(VERB)rozčesávajú, česať
Slovenian (NOUN)glavnik, Češljati
Spanish (NOUN)peine, canutillo, panal
(VERB)peinar, peinarse
Swedish (NOUN)kam, hårkammen, kammen, komb
Tahitian pahere
Tamil சீப்பு
Telugu దువ్వెన
Thai (NOUN)หวี
Tongan helu
Turkish (NOUN)tarak, tarağı, petek
Ukrainian (NOUN)гребінець
Urdu ںوہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)chải, Lược
Welsh (NOUN)crib, grib
Yucatec Maya xaache' u
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