conclusions (plural noun)
  1. the end or finish of an event, process, or text.
    "the conclusion of World War Two"
  2. a judgement or decision reached by reasoning.
    "each research group came to a similar conclusion"
    • logic
      a proposition that is reached from given premises.
late Middle English: from Latin conclusio(n-), from the verb concludere ( see conclude).
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they arrived at their conclusion by comparing the affordability of houses with average historical levels.
nothing that I have read about the case leads me to the conclusion that anything untoward happened.
at the conclusion of the liturgy the Bishop presented the certificates.
her conclusion helped lead to a fundamental reassessment of dyslexia.
in the conclusion we highlight these and other important issues.
they came to the inescapable conclusion that he was responsible.
the directors will move expeditiously to reach a conclusion.
the conclusion seems awkwardly grafted on to the main text.
if the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true.
he points to several factors supporting this conclusion.
I incline to the view that this conclusion is untenable.
she perorates with the following innocent conclusion.
he had arrived at a wholly insupportable conclusion.
Diogenes' conclusion that air is the prime matter.
each research group came to a similar conclusion.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)gevolgtrekking, sluiting, slot
Arabic (NOUN)الختام, الاستنتاج, استنتاج, إبرام, اختتام, خاتمة, ختام, الخلاصة, الاختتام, النتيجة, نتيجة
Bangla উপসংহার
Bosnian (Latin) zaključak
Bulgarian (NOUN)сключването, заключение, извод, приключване, подписването
Cantonese (Traditional) 結論
Catalan (NOUN)conclusió, celebració
Chinese Simplified 结论
Chinese Traditional 結論
Croatian (NOUN)zaključak, sklapanje
Czech (NOUN)závěr, uzavření, uzavírání, k závěru
Danish (NOUN)konklusion, indgåelse, afslutning, slut
Dutch (NOUN)conclusie, sluiting, afronding, Tot slot, tenslotte, besluit, einde, totstandkoming, afsluiten
Estonian (NOUN)järeldus, sõlmimise, lõppsõna, Kokkuvõte, lahenduseni
Fijian itinitini
Filipino konklusyon
Finnish (NOUN)päätelmä, johtopäätös, siihen tulokseen, tekemistä, päätökseen, loppusanat, lopuksi
French (NOUN)issue
German (NOUN)Schlussfolgerung, Abschluss, Fazit, Zusammenfassung, Ergebnis
Greek (NOUN)συμπέρασμα, σύναψη, κατακλείδι, ολοκλήρωση, πέρας, τελειώνοντας, κατάληξη, περάτωση
Haitian Creole konklizyon
Hebrew (NOUN)מסקנה, למסקנה, המסקנה, לסיום, סיכום, סיום
Hindi (NOUN)निष्कर्ष, समापन, नतीजे, अंत
Hmong Daw xaus
Hungarian (NOUN)következtetés, megkötése, Végezetül, Konklúzió, lezárását, elfogadásáról, összefoglalás
Icelandic (NOUN)niðurstöðu, endir, lokum
Indonesian (NOUN)kesimpulan
Italian (NOUN)conclusione, stipula
Japanese (NOUN)結論, 締結, という結論, 終結, まとめ
Kiswahili (NOUN)hitimisho, kuhitimisha
Korean (NOUN)결론, 결말
Latvian (NOUN)secinājums, noslēgšanu, slēdziena, nobeigums, slēgšanai
Lithuanian (NOUN)išvada, sudarymo, baigdamas, daryti išvadą, padaryta išvada
Malagasy famaranana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kesimpulan, tamat, akhir
Maltese (NOUN)konklużjoni, għeluq, tmiem
Norwegian Bokmål konklusjon
Persian (NOUN)نتيجهگيری, نتیجه, انعقاد
Polish (NOUN)zawarcia, wniosku, zawierania, zakończenie, Podsumowując, konkluzje
Portuguese (NOUN)conclusão, celebração
Querétaro Otomi njäts'i nu'bu
Romanian (NOUN)concluzie, încheierea
Russian (NOUN)заключение, вывод, завершения, сделать вывод
Samoan faaiuga
Serbian (Cyrillic) закључак
Serbian (Latin) zaključak
Slovak (NOUN)záver, uzatvorení, uzavretí
Slovenian (NOUN)zaključek, sklep, ugotovitev, koncu
Spanish (NOUN)conclusión, celebración
Swedish (NOUN)slutsats, avslutningen, ingående, dra slutsatsen
Tahitian hopea
Tamil முடிவுரை
Telugu నిర్ణయానికి
Thai (NOUN)บทสรุป
Tongan faka'osi
Turkish (NOUN)sonuç, çıkarım, netice
Ukrainian (NOUN)висновок, укладення, закінчення, ув'язнення, завершення
Urdu (NOUN)نتیجہ, اختتام
Vietnamese (NOUN)kết thúc
Welsh (NOUN)casgliad, gloi, derfynu, ben, ddiwedd, canlyniad
Yucatec Maya conclusión
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