[kənˈtrɪbjuːt, ˈkɒntrɪbjuːt]
contributes (third person present) · contributed (past tense) · contributed (past participle) · contributing (present participle)
  1. give (something, especially money) in order to help achieve or provide something.
    "taxpayers had contributed £141.8 million towards the cost of local services" ·
    "he contributed to a private pension"
    give · donate · give/make a donation of · put up · come up with · subscribe · hand out · grant · bestow · present · gift · accord · provide · supply · furnish · chip in ·
    pitch in · fork out · dish out · shell out · cough up · stump up · kick in · ante up · pony up · impart · lend · add · give · confer
    • (contribute to)
      help to cause or bring about.
      "the government imposed a tax on fuels which contributed to global warming"
      play a part in · be instrumental in · be a factor in · be partly responsible for · have a hand in · be conducive to · make for · lead to · cause · give rise to · help ·
      promote · advance · further · forward · oil the wheels of · open the door for · add to · conduce to
      stand in the way of
    • supply (an article) for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or journal.
      "he contributed articles to the magazine"
    • give one's views in a discussion.
      "he did not contribute to the meetings"
mid 16th century: from Latin contribut- ‘brought together, added’, from the verb contribuere, from con- ‘with’ + tribuere ‘bestow’.
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one of the central questions in axiology is this: what elements can contribute to the intrinsic value of a state of affairs?.
we investigated the in vitro control of MRSA by neutrophilic granulocytes because they contribute to abscess formation.
to start the ball rolling, the government was asked to contribute a million dollars to the fund.
the preservation of old buildings matters because they contribute to the general public good.
residents and the private sector can contribute as consultees to local urban renewal.
heavy foundations and concealers can contribute to dull skin and clogged pores.
even isolated communities can contribute meaningfully to national development.
taxpayers had contributed £141.8 million towards the cost of local services.
the government imposed a tax on fuels which contributed to global warming.
biotechnology is expected to contribute massively to the global economy.
isolation from family and friends may also contribute to anxiety.
the big cruncher—have you got anything to contribute to skating?.
older cars contribute disproportionately to global warming.
the diet is thought to contribute to improved health.
my sole aim was to contribute to the national team.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)bydra, dra
Arabic (VERB)المساهمة, تسهم, تساهم, الاسهام, يسهم, يساهم, يسهمان, التبرع, مساهمة, إسهام
Bangla অবদান
Bosnian (Latin) doprinose
Bulgarian (VERB)допринесе, дадат своя принос, съдейства, принос, участват, способства, спомагат, спомогне, подпомогне
Cantonese (Traditional) 貢獻
Catalan (VERB)contribuir, aportar, col·laborar
Chinese Simplified 贡献
Chinese Traditional 貢獻
Croatian (VERB)pridonijeti, doprinose, priložiti, sudjelovati
Czech (VERB)přispět, podílet
Danish (VERB)bidrage, medvirke
Dutch (VERB)bijdragen, dragen, draag, leveren
Estonian (VERB)aitavad kaasa, aidata kaasa, kaasa, toetada, soodustada
Fijian cau
Filipino makapag-ambag
Finnish (VERB)edistää, osallistua, vaikuttaa, lisäävät
French (VERB)contribuer, cotiser, participer, apporter, verser
German (VERB)beitragen, tragen, mitwirken, beisteuern, einbringen, leisten, beteiligen
Greek (VERB)συμβάλει, συνεισφέρουν, συντελούν, συμβολή
Haitian Creole kontribye
Hebrew (VERB)לתרום, תורמים, תורמת, התורמים
Hindi (VERB)योगदान, देती
Hmong Daw ua tau
Hungarian (VERB)járulnak hozzá, hozzájárul, közreműködni, fizet, való hozzájárulás
Icelandic (VERB)stuðla, leggja, gefa, lagt
Indonesian (VERB)berkontribusi, menyumbang, memberikan kontribusi terhadap, mengkontribusikan
Italian (VERB)contribuire, concorrono
Japanese (VERB)貢献, 寄与, 資する, 投稿, 寄付
Kiswahili (VERB)kuchangia
Klingon ghaq
Korean (VERB)기여, 기여할, 공헌, 기부
Latvian (VERB)veicināt, sekmē, ieguldījumu, palīdzēt, jāveicina, jāpiedalās
Lithuanian (VERB)prisidėti prie, padėti, padeda
Malagasy mandray anjara amin' ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menyumbang
Maltese (VERB)jikkontribwixxu, tikkontribwixxi, kontribuzzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål bidra
Persian (VERB)کمک, مشارکت, منجر
Polish (VERB)przyczynić się, współtworzenia, wspierać, wkład
Portuguese (VERB)contribuir, colaborar
Querétaro Otomi contribuir
Romanian (VERB)contribuie
Russian (VERB)внести свой вклад, вносить вклад, способствовать, содействия, вклад, взносы, участвуют, принять участие
Samoan saofaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) допринос
Serbian (Latin) doprinos
Slovak (VERB)prispieť k, podieľať
Slovenian (VERB)prispevajo k, sodelovati
Spanish (VERB)contribuir, aportar, colaborar
Swedish (VERB)bidrar, medverka
Tahitian i te tauturu
Tamil பங்களிப்பு
Telugu దోహదం
Thai มีส่วนร่วม
Tongan tokoni
Turkish (VERB)katkı, bağışta
(NOUN)katkıda bulunma, sözlüğe
Ukrainian (VERB)сприяють, внести, внесок, брати участь
Urdu تعاون کریں
Vietnamese (VERB)đóng góp, góp phần
Welsh (VERB)gyfrannu, cyfrannu, chyfrannu
Yucatec Maya contribuir
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