1. (of a structure in building) covered with a coping.
    "a coped joint" ·
    "a stone coped wall"
copes (third person present) · coped (past tense) · coped (past participle) · coping (present participle)
  1. (of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
    "his ability to cope with stress" ·
    "it all got too much for me and I couldn't cope"
    manage · survive · subsist · look after oneself · fend for oneself ·
    shift for oneself · stand on one's own two feet · carry on · get through · get on · get along · get by · muddle through · muddle along · scrape by · bear up · make the grade · come through · hold one's own · keep one's end up · keep one's head above water · keep the wolf from the door · weather the storm · make out · hack it · paddle one's own canoe · rub along · deal with · handle · manage · address · face · face up to · confront · tackle · sort out · take care of · take in hand · get to grips with · contend with · grapple with · wrestle with · struggle with · tussle with · put up with · get through · weather · endure · withstand · stand up to · bear · brave · accept · come to terms with · master · overcome · surmount · get over · get the better of · beat · stomach · swallow
    • (of a machine or system) have the capacity to deal successfully with.
      "the roads are barely adequate to cope with the present traffic"
Middle English (in the sense ‘meet in battle, come to blows’): from Old French coper, colper, from cop, colp ‘a blow’, via Latin from Greek kolaphos ‘blow with the fist’.
copes (plural noun)
  1. a long, loose cloak worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions.
    • technical
      a thing resembling or likened to a cloak.
      "the outer shell of clay is called the cope"
copes (third person present) · coped (past tense) · coped (past participle) · coping (present participle)
  1. (in building) cover (a joint or structure) with a coping.
    "a high wall coped with tiles"
Middle English (denoting a long outdoor cloak): from medieval Latin capa, variant of late Latin cappa (see cap1 and cape1).
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How to use coped in a sentence?
he coped well with the percussion part.
a high wall coped with tiles.
a stone coped wall.
a coped joint.
How to say coped in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans die navorsers het tot
Arabic (VERB)تعاملت
Bangla মানিয়ে
Bulgarian се справи
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan fet!
Chinese Simplified 应付
Chinese Traditional 應付
Czech (VERB)vypořádal, vyrovnali, zvládl
Danish (VERB)klarede
Dutch overweg kunnen
Estonian käsitlenud
Fijian ciqoma rawa
Filipino nakayanan
Finnish (VERB)selviytynyt
French fait face
German bewältigt
Greek αντιμετώπισαν
Hebrew התמודד
Hungarian (VERB)viselte
Icelandic koyrast
Indonesian diatasi
Italian Ci siamo trovati
Japanese (VERB)対処
Klingon cope
Korean 헤쳐 나 갔어요
Latvian tika galā
Lithuanian susitvarkyti
Norwegian Bokmål kommet
Persian نشیب
Polish poradził sobie
Portuguese (VERB)lidado
Romanian făcut faţă
Russian (VERB)справились
Samoan na onosaia
Serbian (Cyrillic) суочавале
Serbian (Latin) suočavale
Slovak vysporiadal
Slovenian soočila
Spanish frente
Swedish (VERB)klarat
Tahitian Ua faaruru
Tamil சமாளித்துக்
Telugu కాడ్
Tongan ne matu'uaki 'aki ia
Turkish (VERB)başa
Ukrainian (VERB)впоралися
Urdu تک لاۓ
Vietnamese Lydiard
Welsh (VERB)ymdopi
Yucatec Maya Táan
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