counts (third person present) · counted (past tense) · counted (past participle) · counting (present participle)
  1. determine the total number of (a collection of items).
    "I started to count the stars I could see" ·
    "they counted up their change"
    add up · add together · find the sum of · sum up · reckon up · figure up ·
    calculate · compute · enumerate · total · tally · add · tot up · cast up · keep a tally of · keep a count of · keep a record of · count up · count off · enumerate · tell · work out
    • recite numbers in ascending order.
      "hold the position as you count to five"
    • (count down)
      recite or display numbers backwards to zero to indicate the time remaining before the launch of a rocket or the start of an operation.
      "the floor manager pointed at the camera and counted down"
    • (count down)
      prepare for a significant event in the short time remaining before it.
      "with more orders expected, the company is counting down to a bumper Christmas"
  2. take into account; include.
    "the staff has shrunk to four, or five if you count the European director"
    include · take into account · take account of · take into consideration ·
    allow for · incorporate
    • regard or be regarded as possessing a specified quality or fulfilling a specified role.
      "she met some rebuffs from people she had counted as her friends" ·
      "I count myself fortunate to have known him" · "results which are consistent with all models cannot count as evidence for any of them"
      consider · think · feel · regard · look on as · view as · see as ·
      hold to be · judge · adjudge · rate as · deem to be · account · esteem
  3. be significant.
    "it did not matter what the audience thought—it was the critics that counted"
    matter · enter into consideration · be of consequence · be of account ·
    be significant · signify · mean anything · mean a lot · amount to anything · rate · be important · be influential · carry weight · weigh · make an impression · cut any ice · have any clout
    • (of a factor) play a part in influencing opinion for or against someone or something.
      "he hopes his sporting attitude will count in his favour"
    • (count for)
      be worth (a specified amount).
      "he has no power base and his views count for little"
    • (count towards)
      be included in an assessment of (a final result or amount).
      "reduced rate contributions do not count towards your pension"
counts (plural noun)
  1. an act of determining the total number of something.
    "at the last count, fifteen applications were still outstanding" ·
    "the party's only candidate was eliminated at the first count"
    • the total determined by counting.
      "there was a moderate increase in the white cell count in both patients"
      amount · number · tally · total · total number · sum total ·
      grand total · full amount · aggregate · whole
  2. an act of reciting numbers in ascending order, up to the specified number.
    "hold the position for a count of seven"
    • an act of reciting numbers up to ten by the referee when a boxer is knocked down, the boxer being considered knocked out if still down when ten is reached.
      "he dropped by the ropes to take a count of six on one knee"
  3. a point for discussion or consideration.
    "the programme remained vulnerable on a number of counts"
    • law
      a separate charge in an indictment.
      "he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder"
  4. the measure of the fineness of a yarn expressed as the weight of a given length or the length of a given weight.
    • a measure of the fineness of a woven fabric expressed as the number of warp or weft threads in a given length.
Middle English (as a noun): from Old French counte (noun), counter (verb), from the verb computare ‘calculate’ ( see compute).
counts (plural noun)
  1. a foreign nobleman whose rank corresponds to that of an earl.
late Middle English: from Old French conte, from Latin comes, comit- ‘companion, overseer, attendant’ (in late Latin ‘person holding a state office’), from com- ‘together with’ + it- ‘gone’ (from the verb ire ‘go’).
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How to use count in a sentence?
results which are consistent with all models cannot count as evidence for any of them.
in baseball games I could count on being sent out to the Siberia known as right field.
with more orders expected, the company is counting down to a bumper Christmas.
it did not matter what the audience thought—it was the critics that counted.
the staff has shrunk to four, or five if you count the European director.
the quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating.
there was a moderate increase in the white cell count in both patients.
one wag shouted, ‘On that count you've got about three supporters!’.
she met some rebuffs from people she had counted as her friends.
he could count up to a hundred thousand million now, and beyond.
at the last count, fifteen applications were still outstanding.
you can protect yourself by keeping a count of what you drink.
reduced rate contributions do not count towards your pension.
the party's only candidate was eliminated at the first count.
he dropped by the ropes to take a count of six on one knee.
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How to say count in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)tel, reken
Arabic (NOUN)العد, الكونت, عدد, العدد
(VERB)عد, تعول, الاعتماد, نعول, إحصاء, حساب, تعتمد
Bangla গণনা
Bosnian (Latin) Grof
Bulgarian (VERB)разчита, преброите, броят, зачита
(NOUN)брой, граф, броя, преброяване, броене
Cantonese (Traditional) 計數
Catalan (NOUN)comte, recompte, compte, inclogui
Chinese Simplified 计数
Chinese Traditional 計數
Croatian (VERB)računati, brojati, prebrojiti, broji, broje
(NOUN)brojanje, grof, odbrojavanje, grofa, broj
Czech (VERB)počítat, spolehnout, spočítejte
(NOUN)počet, hrabě, počítání, počtu, množství, čítač, výpočtu
Danish (VERB)tælle, regne, optælle
(NOUN)tæller, Grev, Greven, tæl, optælling, antal
Dutch (VERB)tellen, rekenen, telt, geteld
(NOUN)graaf, telling, Tel, aantal
Estonian (NOUN)krahv, arv, loendamine, arvu
(VERB)loota, arvestada
Fijian Wilika
Filipino bilang ng pagpapaandar
Finnish (VERB)laskea, luottaa
(NOUN)kreivi, määrä, Laske, inventoinnin, lukumäärä
French (VERB)compter
(NOUN)comte, compte, décompte, nombre
German (VERB)zählen, rechnen, verlassen
(NOUN)Graf, Zählung, Anzahl
Greek (NOUN)αρίθμηση, μετράνε, καταμέτρηση, μέτρηση, πλήθος
(VERB)μετρήσει, υπολογίζει, μετρούν, βασιστείτε, μετρά
Haitian Creole konte
Hebrew (VERB)לספור, לסמוך, נחשב, סופר
(NOUN)ספירת, ספירה, הרוזן, הספירה, תספור, מונה
Hindi (NOUN)गिनती, गणना, काउंट, गिनना, गिनें
Hmong Daw suav
Hungarian (NOUN)gróf, számolás, száma, szám, darabszám, számláló
(VERB)számít, számolni, megszámlálni
Icelandic (NOUN)telja, talning, Greifinn, fjöldi
(VERB)treyst, Teldu, reiða sig, gilda
Indonesian (NOUN)hitungan, Pangeran, jumlah
(VERB)menghitung, dihitung
Italian (NOUN)conteggio, conto
(VERB)contare, totali, conti
Japanese (NOUN)カウント, 数, 回数, 計算, 件数
(VERB)数える, 数え
Kiswahili (VERB)kuhesabu
Klingon togh
Korean (NOUN)카운트, 개수, 횟수, 백작, 조사, 수가
(VERB)계산, 세어, 셀, 세
Latvian (NOUN)skaits, uzskaites, inventarizācija, apjoms
(VERB)saskaitītu, skaitīt, rēķināties, jāskaita, paļauties, ieskaitīta
Lithuanian (VERB)suskaičiuoti, tikėtis, skaičiuojamos, įskaitomi, pasitikėti
(NOUN)skaičius, Grafas
Malagasy isao
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kiraan, bilangan, pengiraan
(VERB)mengira, menghitung, dikira
Maltese (NOUN)għadd
(VERB)jgħodd, tgħodd
Norwegian Bokmål antall
Persian (NOUN)تعداد, شمارش, شمار, شمارنده
(VERB)بشمارید, شمارم
Polish (VERB)liczyć, zliczone, policzenia
(NOUN)hrabia, liczba, rachować, zliczania, Policz, grafa
Portuguese (NOUN)contagem, Conde
(VERB)contar, conte, conto, valer
Querétaro Otomi Conde
Romanian (VERB)conta, număraţi, contoriza, contează, numere
(NOUN)contele, numărul, contor, Contaţi
Russian (VERB)рассчитывать, подсчитать, считать, посчитать
(NOUN)граф, счетчик, количество, отсчет, подсчет, фото, число
Samoan o le faitauga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Гроф
Serbian (Latin) Grof
Slovak (VERB)počítať, spoľahnúť
(NOUN)počet, gróf, grófa, hrabě, počítanie, Spočítajte, Spoľahnite, počtu
Slovenian (VERB)računajo, prešteti, šteje, štej
(NOUN)štetje, preštejte, grof, število, račun, števec
Spanish (NOUN)cuente, conde, cuenta, recuento, conteo
Swedish (VERB)räkna, lita
(NOUN)räkning, greve, antal
Tahitian taio
Tamil (NOUN)எண்ணிக்கை
Telugu లెక్క
Thai (NOUN)นับ, ตรวจ นับ, จำนวน
Tongan lau 'o e tokolahi
Turkish (VERB)saymak, saya, sayıl, sayar, güven
(NOUN)sayımı, sayısı, kont, say, sayı
Ukrainian (VERB)розраховувати, підрахувати, вважати
(NOUN)кол, граф, графа, кількість, підрахунок, лічильник, вважайте, рахунок
Urdu (NOUN)شمار, گنتی
Vietnamese (VERB)đếm
(NOUN)tính, Bá tước
Welsh (VERB)cyfrif, gyfrif, chyfrif, ddibynnu
(NOUN)cyfri, Cyfrwch, gyfri
Yucatec Maya Conde
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