1. the action or process of bringing something into existence.
    "creation of a coalition government" ·
    "job creation"
    design · formation · forming · modelling · putting together · setting up ·
    making · construction · constructing · fabrication · fabricating · fashioning · building · erection · erecting · production · generation · origination · devising · invention · initiation · inception · shaping · hatching · conception · bringing into the world · bringing into being · bringing into existence · fathering · siring · spawning · giving birth to · genesis · procreation · birthing · dropping · begetting
  2. (the Creation)
    the creating of the universe, especially when regarded as an act of God.
    "the big bang was the moment of the Creation, and therefore the work of God"
    • everything created; the universe.
      "our alienation from the rest of Creation"
      the world · the universe · the cosmos · the living world ·
      the natural world · nature · life · living things
  3. the action of investing someone with a title of nobility.
    "Edward's generosity extended beyond the creation of earls"
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin creatio(n-), from the verb creare ( see create).
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each company ballyhoos its product as though it were the most outstanding in all creation.
the creation of chimeric mice has proven to be a valuable tool in the field of immunology.
a myth of creation states that Buddha was born of a thousand-petalled gold lotus.
the old boy network laid its palsied hand upon the business of wealth creation.
the big bang was the moment of the creation, and therefore the work of God.
the creation of the factory system by nineteenth-century capitalists.
creation may travail in pain but it cannot escape its destiny.
the creation of profits was a marvellous bit of abracadabra.
she treats fictional creations as if they were real people.
Edward's generosity extended beyond the creation of earls.
Klein's master stroke was the creation of the advertorial.
using the latest technology as a medium for job creation.
they locate their policies in terms of wealth creation.
the book recounts aetiological stories of the creation.
Lower tax rates and far lower job creation. Derp.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)skepping
Arabic (NOUN)إنشاء, الخلق, خلق, الانشاء, إيجاد, تهيئة, إقامة, استحداث, الإبداع
Bangla সৃজিত
Bosnian (Latin) stvaranje
Bulgarian (NOUN)създаването, творение, сътворението, творчески, места
Cantonese (Traditional) 創造
Catalan (NOUN)creació, constitució, elaboració
Chinese Simplified 创造
Chinese Traditional 創造
Croatian (NOUN)stvaranje, kreacija, kreiranje, tvorevina, izrada, stvorenja
Czech (NOUN)tvorba, vytvoření, vytváření, vzniku, míst
Danish (NOUN)skabelse, oprettelse, etablering, frembringelse, værk, indførelsen, dannelsen
Dutch (NOUN)creatie, schepping, oprichting, totstandbrenging, creëren, verwezenlijking, aanmaken, invoering, opzetten, instelling
Estonian (NOUN)loomine, luua, asutamist
Fijian veibuli
Filipino paglikha
Finnish (NOUN)luominen, luonti, perustaminen, luoda, luotaessa
French (NOUN)création, réalisation
German (NOUN)Schöpfung, Schaffung, Erstellung, Kreation, Gründung, Entstehung, Erzeugung, Einrichtung, Bildung, Gestaltung, Aufbau
Greek (NOUN)δημιουργία, δηµιουργία, σύσταση, ίδρυση
Haitian Creole kreyasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)יצירה, היצירה, הבריאה, יצירת, ליצירת, ויצירת, ביצירת, הקמתה, בריאה
Hindi (NOUN)निर्माण, सृजन, रचना, सृष्टि, गठन
Hungarian (NOUN)létrehozása, teremtés, alkotás, megteremtése, készítő, kialakítása
Icelandic (NOUN)sköpun, stofnun, skráning, myndun
Indonesian (NOUN)penciptaan, pembuatan, kreasi, terciptanya
Italian (NOUN)creazione, realizzazione, istituzione, creato
Japanese (NOUN)作成, 創造, 創出, 創作, 創製, 創設, 制作, 生成
Kiswahili (NOUN)uumbaji, uundaji, viumbe, kiumbe, kuumbwa, kuundwa
Korean (NOUN)창조, 생성, 만들기, 창출, 작성, 제작, 창작
Latvian (NOUN)izveides, radīšanu, veidošana
Lithuanian (NOUN)kūrimas, sukūrimo, kūrybą, kurti, kϋrimo, steigimas
Malagasy fahariana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)penciptaan, pewujudan, pembentukan, kejadian, pembuatan, mewujudkan
Maltese (NOUN)ħolqien, kreazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål opprettelse
Persian (NOUN)ایجاد, خلقت, آفرینش, خلق, ايجاد
Polish (NOUN)tworzenie, stworzenia, powstania, kreacji, utworzeniu, dzieło
Portuguese (NOUN)criação
Querétaro Otomi creación
Romanian (NOUN)crearea, creaţie, fondarii, constituirea, înfiinţarea
Russian (NOUN)создание, творение, сотворения, формирование, учреждение
Samoan Foafoaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) креација
Serbian (Latin) kreacija
Slovak (NOUN)tvorba, vytvorenie, vytváranie, stvorenia, vznik, miest, zakladania, zriadenie, príležitostí
Slovenian (NOUN)ustvarjanje, oblikovanje, ustanovitev, tvor, nastanka, mest, vzpostavitev, stvaritve
Spanish (NOUN)creación
Swedish (NOUN)skapandet, skapelsen, inrättandet, bildandet, upprättande, tillkomsten
Tahitian te poieteraa
Tamil (NOUN)உருவாக்கல்
Telugu సృష్టి
Thai (NOUN)สร้าง
Tongan fakatupu
Turkish (NOUN)oluşturma, yaratma, kurulma
Ukrainian (NOUN)створення, творіння, творчості, побудову
Urdu (NOUN)تخلیق, خلقت, مخلوق, پیدائش, قیام, بنانے, تشکیل
Vietnamese (NOUN)sáng tạo, tạo ra, tạo
Welsh (NOUN)creu, greu, chreu, grewyd
Yucatec Maya sukbenilo'ob
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