1. past and past participle of cry.
cries (third person present) · cried (past tense) · cried (past participle) · crying (present participle)
  1. shed tears, typically as an expression of distress, pain, or sorrow.
    "don't cry—it'll be all right" ·
    "you'll cry tears of joy"
    weep · shed tears · sob · wail · be in tears · cry one's eyes out ·
    cry one's heart out · cry as if one's heart would break · bawl · howl · snivel · whimper · whine · squall · mewl · bleat · lament · grieve · mourn · keen · greet · boohoo · blub · blubber · turn on the waterworks · grizzle · pule · plain
  2. shout or scream, typically to express fear, pain, or grief.
    "the little girl fell down and cried for mummy"
    call · shout · exclaim · sing out · yell · shriek · scream · screech · bawl ·
  3. (of a bird or other animal) make a loud characteristic call.
    "the wild birds cried out over the water"
cries (plural noun)
  1. a loud inarticulate shout or scream expressing a powerful feeling or emotion.
    "a cry of despair"
  2. the loud characteristic call of a bird or other animal.
    "the harsh cries of magpies"
  3. a spell of shedding tears.
    "I still have a cry, sometimes, when I realize that my mother is dead"
    sob · weep · crying fit · fit of crying · weeping · sobbing · wailing ·
  4. rare
    a pack of hounds.
    "he kept a cry of hounds to hunt in the wilderness"
Middle English (in the sense ‘ask for earnestly or loudly’): from Old French crier (verb), cri (noun), from Latin quiritare ‘raise a public outcry’, literally ‘call on the Quirites (Roman citizens) for help’.
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there was a bustle of activity as vendors cried their wares, offering shellfish to potential buyers.
a woman had cried all night, sorrowing over the death of her husband.
To arms! cried Mortimer, and couch'd his quiv'ring lance.
‘You're insatiable!’ she cried as she pushed him away.
the boat tilted and the boatmen cried out in alarm.
‘Weel!’ cried another, ‘thae fa's are just bonnie’.
the little girl fell down and cried for mummy.
‘Boo!’ she cried, jumping up to frighten him.
‘Giddy-up!’ he cried and cracked his whip.
the wild birds cried out over the water.
we cried ‘Timber!’ as our tree fell.
the dog whined and cried pitifully.
‘Where will it end?’ he cried out.
many, from fear, cried out feebly.
‘Wow!’ he cried enthusiastically.
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How to say cried in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans gehuil
Arabic (VERB)بكى, بكيت, صرخ, بكت, صرخت, يبكي, أبكي, تبكي
Bangla চিৎকার
Bosnian (Latin) plakala
Bulgarian (VERB)извика, викаха, разплака
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)plorar
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)plakala, zaplakao, vikao
Czech (VERB)zvolal, vykřikl, plakala, brečela, rozkřikl, křičel, křikl, volal, zařval
Danish (VERB)græd, råbte, grædt, raabte, skreg
Dutch (VERB)huilde, riep, gehuild, schreeuwde
Estonian (VERB)nutsin, karjus, hüüdis, nuttis
Fijian a tagi
Filipino sumigaw
Finnish (VERB)itkin, huusi, itkenyt, huudahti
French (VERB)pleuré, cria, s'écria, écriai-je
German (VERB)rief, weinte, schrie, riefen
Greek (VERB)φώναξε, Εκλαιγα, έκλαψα
Haitian Creole pleuré
Hebrew (VERB)בכתה, בכה, בכיתי, קרא, צעק, בכו, קראה
Hindi (VERB)रोया, रोई
Hmong Daw quaj
Hungarian (VERB)kiáltott, sírt
Icelandic (VERB)grét, grátið
Indonesian (VERB)menangis, berseru, teriak, seru, berteriak
Italian (VERB)gridò, pianto, esclamò
Japanese (VERB)叫んだ, 泣いた, 泣い, 泣きました, 泣いて, 叫ん, 流した, 泣き
Kiswahili (VERB)kelele, alilia
Klingon jach
Korean (VERB)울었다, 울고, 울기도, 외쳤다, 울
Latvian (VERB)raudāja, iesaucās, izsaucās, sauca, kliedza, iekliedzās, ieraudājās, uzsauca, saucu, iebrēcās
Lithuanian (VERB)garsiai, šaukiantį, šaukė, verkti
Malagasy nihiaka
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menangis
Norwegian Bokmål gråt
Persian (VERB)گریه
Polish (VERB)płakał, zawołał, wolal, wołali, krzyknął
Portuguese (VERB)chorou, chorei, chorava, gritou
Querétaro Otomi — exclamó
Romanian (VERB)strigat, plans
Russian (VERB)воскликнул, плакала, закричал, крикнул, заплакал, Вскричал, проплакала, рыдал
Samoan tagi
Serbian (Cyrillic) плакао
Serbian (Latin) plakao
Slovak (VERB)plakala, zvolal, volal, vykríkol, kričal
Slovenian (VERB)jokala, povika, zavpil, vzkliknil
Spanish (VERB)exclamó, lloró, gritó, clamó
Swedish (VERB)grät, ropade, gråtit, skrek
Tahitian Ua tai te
Tamil என்று
Telugu కేక
Thai ร้องไห้
Tongan tangi
Turkish (VERB)ağladı, diye bağırdı, haykırdı, bağırdı, ağlıyor
Ukrainian (VERB)плакав, закричала, вигукнув
Urdu فریاد
Vietnamese (VERB)khóc
Welsh wylo
Yucatec Maya -exclamó
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