crows (plural noun) · American crow (noun) · American crows (plural noun)
  1. a large perching bird with mostly glossy black plumage, a heavy bill, and a raucous voice.
  2. informal
    an old or ugly woman.
    "to my two sons I am still just the old crow"
Old English crāwe, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kraai and German Krähe, also to crow2.
crows (third person present) · crowed (past tense) · crowed (past participle) · crew (past tense) · crew (past participle) · crowing (present participle)
  1. (of a cock) utter its characteristic loud cry.
    "she was awakened in the mornings by cocks crowing"
    squawk · screech · hoot · cry · caw · croak
  2. (of a person) express great pride or triumph, especially in a tone of gloating satisfaction.
    "Ruby crowed with delight" ·
    "avoid crowing about your success" · "‘I knew you 'd be back,’ she crowed"
    boast · brag · trumpet · show off · bluster · swagger · swank · gloat ·
    be smug · congratulate oneself · preen oneself · pride oneself · pat oneself on the back · sing one's own praises · glory in · exult in · triumph over · parade · flaunt · talk big · blow hard · rub it in · lay it on thick · shoot one's mouth off · blow one's own trumpet · skite · vaunt · roister · rodomontade · gasconade
crows (plural noun)
  1. the cry of a cock.
  2. a sound made by a person expressing great pride or triumph.
    "she gave a little crow of triumph"
Old English crāwan, of West Germanic origin; related to German krähen, also to crow1 ; ultimately imitative.
Crows (plural noun)
  1. a member of a North American people inhabiting eastern Montana.
  2. the Siouan language of the Crow, with about 5,000 speakers.
  1. relating to the Crow or their language.
suggested by French gens de corbeaux, translating Siouan apsáaloke ‘crow people’.
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How to use crow in a sentence?
eventually Jim crow was abolished on interstate carriers.
the crow folded its wings and dive-bombed the vulture.
a crow wheeled over the hills in search of carrion.
she was awakened in the mornings by cocks crowing.
Easingwold was 22 miles away as the crow flies.
to my two sons I am still just the old crow.
rook, crow and jackdaw—noising loud.
‘I knew you 'd be back,’ she crowed.
the flats which fronted crow Road.
she gave a little crow of triumph.
avoid crowing about your success.
Ruby crowed with delight.
Jim crow laws.
How to say crow in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)kraai
Arabic (NOUN)الغراب, كرو, غراب, غرابا, وكرو, الغربان
Bangla কাক
Bosnian (Latin) Vrana
Bulgarian (NOUN)врана, Кроу, гарван, въздушна
Cantonese (Traditional) 烏鴉
Catalan (NOUN)corb, potes
Chinese Simplified 乌鸦
Chinese Traditional 烏鴉
Croatian (NOUN)vrana, vranu, Crowa, Krou, vrane
Czech (NOUN)vrána, vzdušnou
Danish (NOUN)krage
Dutch (NOUN)kraai
Estonian (NOUN)vares
Filipino uwak
Finnish (NOUN)varis
French (NOUN)corbeau, corneille, Corbac, Crows
German (NOUN)Krähe, Rabe, Crows
Greek (NOUN)κοράκι, κουρούνα, χήνας, ευθεία
Haitian Creole Kònèy
Hebrew (NOUN)קרואו, עורב, קרו, העורב
Hindi (NOUN)क्रो, कौवा, कौआ
Hmong Daw uab lag
Hungarian (NOUN)varjú, Holló
Indonesian (NOUN)gagak
Italian (NOUN)corvo, cornacchia, Corneille, zampe, gallina, corvi
Japanese (NOUN)カラス, クロウ, クロー, 鴉, 烏, からす
Kiswahili jogoo
Korean (NOUN)까마귀, 크로우
Latvian (NOUN)vārna, vārnu, taisnā
Lithuanian (NOUN)varnų, Varna, tiesia
Malagasy goaika
Maltese f'titjira
Norwegian Bokmål kråke
Persian (NOUN)کلاغ, کرو
Polish (NOUN)wrona, kruk, pianie, wrony
Portuguese (NOUN)corvo, gralha
Querétaro Otomi Gem'bu̲
Romanian (NOUN)cioara
Russian (NOUN)ворона, Кроу
Samoan matuu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Врана
Serbian (Latin) Vrana
Slovak (NOUN)vrana, vzdušnou, Crowe
Slovenian (NOUN)vrana, zračne
Spanish (NOUN)cuervo, Corneja, gallo
Swedish (NOUN)kråka, galande, fågelvägen
Tahitian orepa
Tamil காகம்
Telugu కాకి
Thai อีกา
Tongan leveni
Turkish (NOUN)karga, kaz
Ukrainian (NOUN)ворона, Кроу
Urdu بانگ
Vietnamese (NOUN)quạ
Welsh (NOUN)hed
Yucatec Maya Cuervo
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