1. technical
    a reduction in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or other resistive forces.
    stepping up
    • a mechanism for bringing about damping.
    • a method of bringing about a reduction in oscillatory peaks in an electric current or voltage using an energy-absorbing or resistance circuit.
      "menu-driven operation for the setting of other parameters such as meter damping"
  2. the death of young seedlings as a result of a fungal infection encouraged by damp conditions.
damper (comparative adjective) · dampest (superlative adjective)
  1. slightly wet.
    "her hair was still damp from the shower" ·
    "damp November evenings"
  1. moisture diffused through the air or a solid substance or condensed on a surface, typically with detrimental or unpleasant effects.
    "the house reeked of mould and damp"
    • short for firedamp.
    • archaic
      damp air or atmosphere.
      "the damps of the valley"
  2. archaic
    a discouragement or check.
    "shame gave a damp to her triumph"
damps (third person present) · damped (past tense) · damped (past participle) · damping (present participle)
  1. make (something) slightly wet.
    "damp a small area with water"
    moisten · damp · wet · dew · water · irrigate · humidify · bedew ·
    dry · drench
  2. (damp something down)
    make a fire burn less strongly by reducing the flow of air to it.
    "he damped down the fire for the night"
    muffle · deaden · stifle · dampen · damp down · smother · reduce ·
    diminish · decrease · suppress · abate · tone down · moderate · silence · mute · still · quieten · soften · quell
  3. reduce or stop the vibration of (the strings of a piano or other musical instrument) so as to reduce the volume of sound.
    "the muted notes should be produced by damping the strings at the seventh position" ·
    "an ensemble of drums including a foot-damped instrument"
    • physics
      progressively reduce the amplitude of (an oscillation or vibration).
      "concrete structures damp out any vibrations" ·
      "a damped suspension that isolates the chassis from external vibration"
Middle English (in the noun sense ‘noxious inhalation’): of West Germanic origin; related to a Middle Low German word meaning ‘vapour, steam, smoke’.
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the muted notes should be produced by damping the strings at the seventh position.
menu-driven operation for the setting of other parameters such as meter damping.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans demping
Arabic (NOUN)التخميد
Bosnian (Latin) prigušivanje
Bulgarian (NOUN)затихването
Cantonese (Traditional) 阻尼
Catalan amortiment
Chinese Simplified 阻尼
Chinese Traditional 阻尼
Croatian prigušivanje
Czech (NOUN)tlumení, útlum
(VERB)tlumicí, útlumu
Danish (NOUN)dæmpning
Dutch (NOUN)demping
Estonian pressing
Finnish (NOUN)vaimennus
French (NOUN)amortissement
(VERB)atténuation, mouillage, amortisseur
German (NOUN)Dämpfung
Greek (NOUN)απόσβεσης
Haitian Creole amortissement
Hebrew (NOUN)דעיכת
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)भिगोना
Hungarian (NOUN)csillapítás
Indonesian (VERB)redaman
Italian (VERB)smorzamento, attenuazione, antivibranti
(NOUN)ammortizzazione, inumidisce, attenua
Japanese (VERB)減衰, ダンピング, 制震
(NOUN)制振, 弱まる, 制動
Klingon HevmeH
Korean (NOUN)댐핑
(VERB)감쇠, 제동
Latvian (VERB)slāpēšanas
Lithuanian sklendės
Maltese tad-damping
Norwegian Bokmål demping
Persian نوسانات
Polish (VERB)tłumienia
Portuguese (VERB)amortecimento, umedece
Querétaro Otomi ar amortiguación
Romanian (VERB)amortizare
Russian (VERB)демпфирования, сверкающая, амортизировать, торможения
(NOUN)затухания, демпфирование, гашение, амортизация
Serbian (Cyrillic) ослабљено
Serbian (Latin) oslabljeno
Slovak (NOUN)tlmenie
Slovenian (NOUN)dušenja
Spanish (NOUN)amortiguación, humedecer
Swedish (NOUN)dämpning
Tamil ஒடுக்கல்
Telugu డ్యాంపింగ్
Thai การทำให้หมาด ๆ
Turkish (NOUN)sönümleme, amortisör
Ukrainian (NOUN)демпферні
Urdu دامپانگ
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)dampio
(NOUN)ddampio, lleddfu
Yucatec Maya u amortiguación
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