dares (third person present) · dared (past tense) · dared (past participle) · daring (present participle)
  1. (to)
    have the courage to do something.
    "a story he dare not write down" ·
    "she leaned forward as far as she dared"
    be brave enough · have the courage · pluck up courage · take the risk ·
    venture · have the nerve · have the temerity · make so bold as · be so bold as · have the effrontery · have the audacity · presume · go so far as · risk doing · hazard doing · take the liberty of doing · stick one's neck out · go out on a limb · take a flyer · make bold to
  2. defy or challenge (someone) to do something.
    "she was daring him to disagree" ·
    "swap with me, I dare you"
    challenge · provoke · goad · taunt · defy · summon · invite · bid ·
    throw down the gauntlet to
  3. literary
    take the risk of; brave.
    "few dared his wrath"
dares (plural noun)
  1. a challenge, especially to prove courage.
    "she ran across a main road for a dare"
Old English durran, of Germanic origin; related to Gothic gadaursan, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek tharsein and Sanskrit dhṛṣ- ‘be bold’.
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a fondness for nuclear power was the love that dare not speak its name among green campaigners.
he seemed to be saying with each rip of a page—how dare she enjoy reading books?.
he didn't dare look away, in case this was read as a sign of weakness.
would Britain dare to act unilaterally in the face of world opinion?.
we dare not go ashore lest perchance we should fall into some snare.
I've got friends who'll pull strings—nobody will dare touch me.
the upstarts who dare to challenge the legitimacy of his rule.
I was tempted to look at my watch, but didn't dare.
no one dare challenge her absolute authority.
don't you dare malign her in my presence.
‘I dare say,’ interpolated her employer.
she leaned forward as far as she dared.
she ran across a main road for a dare.
that dread being we dare oppose.
‘Don't you dare!’ she squealed.
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How to say dare in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans mans genoeg is
Arabic (VERB)يجرؤ, تجرؤ, تتجرأ, أجرؤ, يجرؤون, التحدي, تجرأ
(NOUN)داري, الجرأة, تحدي
Bangla সাহস
Bosnian (Latin) usudio
Bulgarian (VERB)смея, осмеляват, посмял, смеят
(NOUN)Петров, Попова, Петкова, Павлов, Радоева, предизвикателство
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)atreveixen
(NOUN)atreveix, desafia
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)usudio, usuđuju, izazivaj, smijem
Czech (NOUN)odvážit, neodvážil, vadí
(VERB)odváží, odvahu
Danish (VERB)vover, tør, turde, vove
Dutch (VERB)durven, durf, durft, durfde, daag
Estonian (VERB)julge
Fijian bolea
Filipino magkalakas ng loob
Finnish (VERB)uskalla, kehtaatte
(NOUN)hirvitä, kehtaa, Aulis
French (VERB)ose, te défie, avisez, défie
(ADJECTIVE)osez-vous, oses-tu
German (VERB)Wagen, dich traust, trauen
Greek (VERB)τολμούν, τολμήσουμε, τολμά
(NOUN)τολμώ, Τολμήστε
Haitian Creole bay gabèl
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)מעז, מעיז, מעזה, מעיזים
(VERB)מעיזה, מעזים, תעז, העזתי, העזה, אומץ
Hindi (VERB)हिम्मत
Hmong Daw twv
Hungarian (VERB)mer, merem, mernek, merek, meri, mertem
Icelandic (VERB)þora
Indonesian (VERB)berani
Italian (VERB)osare, osano, coraggio, oso, sfido, azzardare, osato
(ADJECTIVE)osa, permetti
Japanese (VERB)あえて, みろよ, みろ, 勇気, 敢えて, 挑戦
Kiswahili (VERB)kuthubutu
Klingon ngIl
Korean (VERB)감히, 과감히, 용기
(NOUN)대담, 도전, 내기로
Latvian (VERB)uzdrīkstēties, uzdrošinās
Lithuanian (VERB)išdrįstų, tikiu
(NOUN)Drįsti, juokiasi
Malagasy fais
Malay (Latin) (VERB)berani
Norwegian Bokmål tør
Persian (VERB)جرات
Polish (VERB)odważą, śmiał, ośmielają
(NOUN)śmie, odwagi, odważ
Portuguese (VERB)se atreve, atrevas, ousa, ousar, ousam, ouso, ouse, desafio, coragem
(ADJECTIVE)te atreves
Querétaro Otomi ar atreven
Romanian (VERB)îndrăznesc, provoc
(NOUN)îndrăzneşti, dragutzu, dulcik
Russian (VERB)осмелюсь, смел, посмеет, решился
(ADJECTIVE)смеешь, посмел
Samoan ia lototele
Serbian (Cyrillic) Усуди се
Serbian (Latin) Usudi se
Slovak (VERB)odváža, neodvážil, trúfam, odvahu, Navážte
(NOUN)odvážiť, vadí, nevadí
Slovenian (VERB)upal, upaš, upajo
Spanish (VERB)atreves, se atreven, atreverse, osar, ocurra
(ADJECTIVE)se atreve
(NOUN)Atrévete, atrevimiento, reto, desafío
Swedish (VERB)vågar, våga, törs, vågade
Tahitian ia itoito
Tamil தைரியம்
Telugu ధైర్యం
Thai กล้า
Tongan loto-to'a
Turkish (VERB)cesaret, cüret, meydan
(ADJECTIVE)cüretle, cesaretle, hakla
Ukrainian (VERB)смію, смів, наважуються, сміливо, смієш
(NOUN)наважиться, сміє
Urdu ہمت
Vietnamese (VERB)dám
Welsh (VERB)meiddio
Yucatec Maya u atreven
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