dearer (comparative adjective) · dearest (superlative adjective)
  1. regarded with deep affection.
    "a dear friend" ·
    "he is very dear to me"
    "five pounds—that's a bit dear!"
dears (plural noun)
  1. used as an affectionate or friendly form of address.
    "don't you worry, dear"
    darling · dearest · love · beloved · loved one · sweetheart · sweet ·
  1. at a high cost.
    "they buy property cheaply and sell dear"
    at a high price · at an excessive price · at an exorbitant price ·
    at high cost · at great cost
  1. used in expressions of surprise, dismay, or sympathy.
    "oh dear, I've upset you"
Old English dēore, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dier ‘beloved’, also to Dutch duur and German teuer ‘expensive’.
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I swear by all I hold dear that I had nothing to do with it.
dear God,’ Jessica prayed, ‘let him be all right.’.
‘Oh dear,’ said Georgiana, looking consternated.
‘Can I help you, dear?’ a kindly voice offered.
dear old Betty was yattering at me on Sunday.
they buy property cheaply and sell dear.
my dear boy, don't say another word!.
I clung on to the tree for dear life.
five pounds—that's a bit dear!.
a dear departed relative.
oh dear, I've upset you.
Martin, my dear fellow.
he is very dear to me.
don't you worry, dear.
a dear little puppy.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)liewe, Geagte
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)العزيز, الأعزاء, عزيزة, عزيز, عزيزا, اعزائي, الغالية, أيها
(NOUN)عزيزي, عزيزتي, الغالي
Bangla প্রিয়
Bosnian (Latin) Draga
Bulgarian (NOUN)Уважаеми, драг, скъпа, Мила
(ADJECTIVE)скъпи, мили, скъп, драги
Cantonese (Traditional) 親愛的
Catalan (NOUN)Benvolgut, estimat, volgut
(ADJECTIVE)Benvolguts, estimats
Chinese Simplified 亲爱的
Chinese Traditional 親愛的
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)dragi, draga, drage, duso, drago
(NOUN)Poštovani, mio, cijenjeni, Bože
Czech (NOUN)Vážení, drahá, milý, drahoušku, zlato
(ADJECTIVE)drahý, drazí, drahé, milá
Danish (NOUN)kære, allerkærest
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)lieve, dierbaar
(NOUN)geachte, beste, zoeterd
Estonian (NOUN)kallis, lugupeetud, head
(ADJECTIVE)kallid, austatud, armsad, armas
Fijian lomani
Filipino Mahal
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)rakas, rakkaat, hyvät
(NOUN)armas, hyvä, rakkaan
French (ADJECTIVE)cher, chéris, chére
(NOUN)ma chère, mon chéri
German (ADJECTIVE)liebe, geschätzte, teuer
(NOUN)Sehr geehrte, Liebling
Greek (NOUN)Αγαπητέ, αξιότιμοι
(ADJECTIVE)αγαπητή, προσφιλές, φίλες
Haitian Creole chè
Hebrew (NOUN)היקר, היקרה, יקירתי, יקר, יקירי, יקירה, חמודה
(ADJECTIVE)יקרים, היקרים, יקרה
Hindi (NOUN)प्रिय
Hmong Daw tus hlub
Hungarian (NOUN)kedves, Tisztelt, drágám
Icelandic (NOUN)yndi, kæri, góði, vinan, elskan, góða
(ADJECTIVE)kæru, kæra
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)sayang, tersayang, terkasih, tercinta
(NOUN)terhormat, Yth
Italian (ADJECTIVE)caro, cari, care
(NOUN)cara, carissimi, egregio, gentile, tesoro
Japanese (NOUN)親愛なる, 各位, ねえ
(ADJECTIVE)愛する, 貴重な, 貴重, 親しい, かわいい, 大切
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)wapendwa
(NOUN)mpendwa, ndugu
Klingon ghIlDeSten
Korean (NOUN)친애, 얘야, 여러분께, 사랑, 몹시, 아가씨
(ADJECTIVE)절친한, 소중한, 귀중한, 아가
Latvian (NOUN)dārgais, Cienījamie, mīļa, Godātais, Dievs
(ADJECTIVE)dārgie, mīļais, dārgo, dārgs
Lithuanian (NOUN)Gerbiami, brangus, mielas, Gerb, Dieve
(ADJECTIVE)Mieli, brangusis
Malagasy malala
Maltese (NOUN)Għażiż
Norwegian Bokmål Kjære
Persian (NOUN)عزیز, گرامی, محترم, جناب, عزيز
Polish (NOUN)drodzy, Szanowni Państwo, drogi, droga
(ADJECTIVE)drogie, kochany
Portuguese (NOUN)querida, Prezado, cara
(ADJECTIVE)querido, caro, caros
Querétaro Otomi Estimado
Romanian (NOUN)dragă, dragi, Stimate
(ADJECTIVE)dragul, dragii, drag
Russian (ADJECTIVE)дорогой
(NOUN)Уважаемые, дорогая, милый, Здравствуйте
Samoan Lau Susuga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Драга
Serbian (Latin) Draga
Slovak (NOUN)Vážení, bože
(ADJECTIVE)milý, drahá, drahý, drahí, drahé
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)dragi
(NOUN)Spoštovani, draga, srčkan
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)querido, estimada, amado
(NOUN)querida, estimados, cariño
Swedish (NOUN)kära, bäste
(ADJECTIVE)raring, kär, käre, kärt
Tahitian here
Tamil அன்பே
Telugu ప్రియమైన
Tongan 'Oku ne 'ofa
Turkish (NOUN)sevgili, sayın, canım, tatlım, hayatım, değerli, diktaş, yüce, dilmen, Aman
Ukrainian (NOUN)Шановні, дорога
(ADJECTIVE)дорогі, любий, милий
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)عزیز
Vietnamese (NOUN)thưa, kính, chào
(ADJECTIVE)Thöa, thân
Welsh (NOUN)Annwyl, diar
Yucatec Maya Estimado
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