defines (third person present) · defined (past tense) · defined (past participle) · defining (present participle)
  1. state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.
    "the contract will seek to define the client's obligations"
    explain · expound · interpret · elucidate · explicate · describe · clarify ·
    give the meaning of · state precisely · spell out · put into words · express in words
    • give the meaning of (a word or phrase), especially in a dictionary.
      "the dictionary defines it as ‘a type of pasture’"
    • make up or establish the character or essence of.
      "for some, the football club defines their identity"
  2. mark out the boundary or limits of.
    "the river defines the park's boundary"
    determine · establish · fix · specify · designate · decide · stipulate ·
    settle · set out · mark out · mark off · demarcate · bound · delimit · delineate · circumscribe · set the boundaries/limits of
late Middle English (also in the sense ‘bring to an end’): from Old French definer, from a variant of Latin definire, from de- (expressing completion) + finire ‘finish’ (from finis ‘end’).
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How to use define in a sentence?
the contract will seek to define the client's obligations.
she defined her eyes by applying eyeshadow to her eyelids.
before going any further we need to define our terms.
to define life would be to subordinate it to reason.
for some, the football club defines their identity.
the dictionary defines it as ‘a type of pasture’.
the river defines the park's boundary.
the need to define realizable targets.
How to say define in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)definieer, omskryf
Arabic (VERB)تعريف, تحديد, تحدد, نحدد, تعرف, عرف, يحدد
Bangla নির্ধারণ
Bosnian (Latin) definirati
Bulgarian (VERB)дефинирате, определят, зададете
Cantonese (Traditional) 定義
Catalan (VERB)definir
Chinese Simplified 定义
Chinese Traditional 定義
Croatian (VERB)definirati, odrediti, određivanje
Czech (VERB)definovat, vymezit, určují, určit, určete, stanovit, určení
Danish (VERB)definere, angive, fastlægge, fastsætte
Dutch (VERB)definiëren, bepalen, gedefinieerd, omschrijven, opgeven, bepaalt
Estonian (VERB)määratleda, defineerime, kindlaks määrata
Fijian vakamacalataka na
Filipino bigyang kahulugan
Finnish (VERB)määrittää
French (VERB)définir
German (VERB)definieren, festlegen, bestimmen, legen
Greek (VERB)καθορίσει, ορίσετε, ορίσουμε, ορίζουν, ορίστε, προσδιοριστεί, τον καθορισμό, ορίζει
(NOUN)ορισμός, καθορισμός
Haitian Creole defini
Hebrew (VERB)להגדיר, מגדירים, הגדר, שיגדיר
(NOUN)הגדרת, הגדרה
Hindi (VERB)परिभाषित, निर्धारित, परिभाषा
Hmong Daw txhais kom meej
Hungarian (VERB)definiálásához, meghatározza, határozza meg, adjuk meg, megadásához
(NOUN)meghatározása, határozzon meg, adjuk, megadása
Icelandic (VERB)skilgreina, Tilgreinið, útskýra
Indonesian (VERB)mendefinisikan, menentukan, menetapkan, tentukan
Italian (VERB)definire
Japanese (VERB)定義
Kiswahili (NOUN)fasili, Fafanua, Baini
(VERB)kufafanua, kufasili, kuelezea
Korean (VERB)정의
Latvian (VERB)definēt, noteikt, jādefinē, norādītu, nosaka, jānosaka, jānorāda
Lithuanian (VERB)apibrėžti, nustatyti, nurodyti
Malagasy mamaritra ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mentakrifkan, menentukan, tentukan, menetapkan
Maltese (VERB)jiddefinixxu, tiddefinixxi, definizzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål definere
Persian (VERB)تعریف, گیرید, تعريف
Polish (VERB)zdefiniować, definiowania, określić
(NOUN)zdefiniuj, określ
Portuguese (VERB)definir
Querétaro Otomi definir
Romanian (VERB)defini, se definească
Russian (VERB)определить, задать, указать
Samoan Faamatala
Serbian (Cyrillic) Дефинишите
Serbian (Latin) Definišite
Slovak (VERB)definovať, vymedziť, určiť, určujú, určenie, stanoviť
Slovenian (VERB)opredeliti, določite, definirate
Spanish (VERB)definir
Swedish (VERB)definiera, ange, fastställa, anger
Tahitian tatara i te auraa
Tamil (NOUN)அறுதியிடு, வரையறையை
Telugu నిర్వచించండి
Thai (VERB)กำหนด
Tongan Fakamatala'i
Turkish (VERB)tanımlamak, tanýmlamak
Ukrainian (VERB)визначити, задати
Urdu (VERB)وضاحت, تعریف, واضح, متعین
Vietnamese (VERB)xác định, định nghĩa
Welsh (VERB)diffinio
Yucatec Maya definir
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