delivers (third person present) · delivered (past tense) · delivered (past participle) · delivering (present participle)
  1. bring and hand over (a letter, parcel, or goods) to the proper recipient or address.
    "the products should be delivered on time" ·
    "we'll deliver direct to your door"
    bring · take · take round · convey · carry · transport · distribute ·
    drop-ship · send · dispatch · remit · hand over · turn over · transfer · make over · sign over · surrender · give up · yield · relinquish · cede · render up · consign · commit · entrust · trust · commend
  2. provide (something promised or expected).
    "he had been able to deliver votes in huge numbers" ·
    "she's waiting for him to deliver on his promise"
    provide · supply · furnish · fulfil · live up to · carry out · carry through ·
    implement · make good · achieve · come up with · deliver the goods · come across
    • formally hand over (someone).
      "there was a reward if you were delivered unharmed to the nearest British post"
    • (deliver someone/something up)
      surrender someone or something.
      "had he feared she would deliver him up to the police?"
    • law
      acknowledge that one intends to be bound by (a deed), either explicitly by declaration or implicitly by formal handover.
  3. launch or aim (a blow, ball, or attack).
    "he delivered a punch to the man's belly" ·
    "the company has delivered a body blow to this city"
    administer · deal · inflict · give · direct · aim · land · bowl · pitch · hurl ·
    throw · cast · launch · lob · discharge · fire off · flight
  4. assist in the birth of.
    "the village midwife delivered the baby"
    give birth to · bear · be delivered of · have · bring into the world ·
    bring forth · birth · drop · be brought to bed of
    • give birth to.
      "the number of women delivering their babies in hospitals increased"
      give birth to · bear · be delivered of · have · bring into the world ·
      bring forth · birth · drop · be brought to bed of
    • archaic
      assist (a woman) in giving birth.
      "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24 p.m."
  5. (deliver someone/something from)
    save, rescue, or set someone or something free from.
    "deliver us from the nightmare of junk mail"
    save · rescue · set free · free · liberate · release · set at liberty · set loose ·
Middle English: from Old French delivrer, based on Latin de- ‘away’ + liberare ‘set free’.
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even if a journalist wanted to deliver the noisome truth, patriotism and censorship would prevent him.
traditional religions provide stories that deliver a metanarrative about how we should live our lives.
Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24 p.m..
these analytics can help you decide if it's time to deliver content in different ways.
there was a reward if you were delivered unharmed to the nearest British post.
the kidnappers have given us until October 11th to deliver the documents.
the number of women delivering their babies in hospitals increased.
a steward will deliver personalized service to every passenger.
a player who can deliver long accurate passes to the wingers.
he would deliver special orders for the Sunday dinner.
had he feared she would deliver him up to the police?.
they organized carpools to deliver the kids to school.
books outhoused in the annex take longer to deliver.
the company has delivered a body blow to this city.
he had been able to deliver votes in huge numbers.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)lewer, aflewer
Arabic (VERB)تسليم, تقديم, إيصال, توصيل, يسلم, التسليم
Bangla উদ্ধার
Bosnian (Latin) dostaviti
Bulgarian (VERB)доставят, предавам, избави, дава, предоставяне, осигуряват, доведе до, постигане, изпълнят, дават
Cantonese (Traditional) 提供
Catalan (VERB)lliurar, repartir, oferir, entregar, complir
Chinese Simplified 提供
Chinese Traditional 提供
Croatian (VERB)isporučiti, dostaviti, predati, izbaviti, donose, pružanje, oslobodi, prenijeti
Czech (VERB)doručit, dodat, dodávat, poskytovat, přinést, zajistit, dodání, splnit
Danish (VERB)levere, udfri, aflevere, afgive, tilvejebringe
Dutch (VERB)leveren, bezorgen, verlossen, bieden, bevrijden
Estonian (VERB)tarnivad, pakkuda, toimetada, saavutada, edastada, annavad, andma
(NOUN)edastage, toimeta
Fijian vakabulai
Filipino iligtas
Finnish (VERB)toimittaa, antaa, tuottaa, tarjota, aikaan, tuota
French (VERB)livrer, fournir, offrir, remettre, transmettre, apporter, distribuer
German (VERB)liefern, übermitteln, erlösen, Bereitstellung, verteilen, abgeben, befreien
Greek (VERB)παραδώσει, διατυπώνει, παρέχουν, παροχή, αποφέρει, αποδώσει, τηρήσει
Haitian Creole done anfen
Hebrew (VERB)לספק, ליילד, למסור, להעביר, מספקים, לגאול, מסור, ללדת, להביא
Hindi (VERB)उद्धार, देने, वितरित, डिलीवर, प्रदान, पहुंचा
Hmong Daw xa
Hungarian (VERB)szállít, teljesíteni, kézbesítjük, biztosították, megvalósítani, átadni, átadja
(NOUN)Szállíts, kézbesítése
Icelandic (VERB)afhenda, bera, skila, meðhöndla
Indonesian (VERB)memberikan, menyampaikan, mengantarkan, mengirimkan, melepaskan, menayangkan, menyelamatkan
Italian (VERB)consegnare, recapitare, fornire, trasportare, offrire, erogare, distribuire, offrono, esprimere, liberare
Japanese (VERB)配信, 提供, お届け, 届ける, 実現, 届け, 渡す, 配達, 配布
Kiswahili (VERB)kuwasilisha, kutoa
Klingon HIj
Korean (VERB)전달, 제공, 배달
Latvian (VERB)piegādāt, sniegt, nogādāt, nodrošinātu, izsniegtu, sasniegt, īstenot, nodot
Lithuanian (VERB)pristatyti, pateikti, tiekti, užtikrinti, įgyvendinti
Malagasy hanafaka
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menyampaikan, menghantar, menyerahkan, memberikan
Maltese (VERB)jikkonsenjaw, jagħti, twassal, jwasslu, tagħti
Norwegian Bokmål levere
Persian (VERB)ارائه, تحویل, رساندن, تحويل
Polish (VERB)dostarczyć, wygłosić, zapewnić, wydaje, wywiązać, wydania, wybaw, wydać, przynieść, zrealizować
Portuguese (VERB)entregar, livrai, fornecer, oferecer, proporcionar, cumprir, libertar
Querétaro Otomi da̲
Romanian (VERB)livra, furniza, oferi, dă, emite, izbăveşte, transmitã, ofere, elibera
Russian (VERB)доставить, поставлять, избавь, обеспечивают, предоставления, передать, оказания
Samoan laveai
Serbian (Cyrillic) достави
Serbian (Latin) dostavi
Slovak (VERB)dodať, doručiť, dodávať, poskytovať, priniesť, splniť, zabezpečiť
Slovenian (VERB)dostaviti, poda, zagotavljanje, prinesel, rešiti, dobavi, uresničitev
Spanish (VERB)entregar, ofrecer, entregarle, brindar, librar, proporcionar, suministrar, cumplir
Swedish (VERB)leverera, avge, ge, tillhandahålla, befria, överlämna
Tahitian Faaora
Tamil வழங்க
Telugu డెలివరీ
Thai (NOUN)ส่ง
Tongan fakahaofi
Turkish (VERB)teslim, sunmak, ulaştıra, suna, iletmek, sağlamak, dağıta, Sun, getiri
Ukrainian (VERB)доставити, поставляємо, визволи, забезпечують, надавати, виступають, надання, передавати, надаємо
Urdu (VERB)حوالگی, فراہم, نجات
Vietnamese (VERB)cung cấp, phân phối, giao, mang, mang lại
Welsh (VERB)gyflawni, ddarparu, darparu, wireddu, sicrhau, cyflwyno, weithredu, roi
Yucatec Maya k'ubik
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