departs (third person present) · departed (past tense) · departed (past participle) · departing (present participle)
  1. leave, especially in order to start a journey.
    "they departed for Germany" ·
    "a contingent was departing from Cairo"
    leave · go · go away · go off · take one's leave · take oneself off · withdraw · absent oneself · say one's goodbyes · quit · make an exit · exit · break camp · decamp ·
    retreat · beat a retreat · retire · make off · clear out · make oneself scarce · run off · run away · flee · fly · bolt · set off · set out · start out · get going · get under way · be on one's way · make tracks · up sticks · pack one's bags · shove off · push off · clear off · take off · skedaddle · scram · split · scoot · flit · sling one's hook · vamoose · hightail it · cut out · repair · remove · betake oneself · abstract oneself
    • (depart from)
      deviate from (an accepted, prescribed, or usual course of action).
      "he departed from the precedent set by many"
      deviate · diverge · digress · drift · stray · slew · veer · swerve · turn away · turn aside · branch off · differ · vary · be different · be at variance with ·
      run counter to · contrast with · contravene · contradict · divagate
      leave (one's job).
      "he will soon depart his post as high commissioner to Britain"
Middle English: from Old French departir, based on Latin dispertire ‘to divide’. The original sense was ‘separate’, also ‘take leave of each other’, hence ‘go away’.
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How to use depart in a sentence?
how could she be so unthoughtful as to depart at such an awkward hour?.
he will soon depart his post as high commissioner to Britain.
the soldiers were allowed to depart without molestation.
depart London by scheduled flight for Delhi.
he departed from the precedent set by many.
a contingent was departing from Cairo.
they departed for Germany.
How to say depart in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)wyk, afwyking
Arabic (VERB)تغادر, الرحيل, يغادر, مغادرة, تحيد, الابتعاد, تبتعد
Bangla বিদায়
Bosnian (Latin) polazak
Bulgarian (VERB)заминат
(ADVERB)заминават, тръгват
Cantonese (Traditional) 離開
Catalan (ADVERB)surten
Chinese Simplified 离开
Chinese Traditional 離開
Croatian (VERB)polaze, odstupiti, otići
Czech (VERB)odchýlit, odjíždějí, odletět, odejít
(ADVERB)odchylují, odjezd
Danish (ADVERB)afgår
(VERB)afvige, fravige, drage, afgå
Dutch (VERB)vertrekken, wijken, afwijken
Estonian (ADVERB)väljuvad
Fijian lako tani
Filipino Lumayo ka
Finnish (ADVERB)lähtevät
(VERB)poiketa, lähteä
French (VERB)s'écarter, partir, déroger, décoller
German (VERB)abzuweichen, abreisen, abfahren, fahren, Aufbruch, scheiden
Greek (VERB)αναχωρήσει, απομακρυνθεί, αποκλίνει
Haitian Creole pati
Hebrew (NOUN)יציאה
Hindi (ADVERB)विदा
(VERB)रवाना, प्रस्थान
Hmong Daw ncaim
Hungarian (ADVERB)indulnak
Icelandic (VERB)víkja
Indonesian (VERB)berangkat
Italian (ADVERB)partono, allontanatevi
(VERB)discostarsi, partire, allontana, andarsene
Japanese (VERB)出発, 発車, 出航, 出国, 逸脱
(NOUN)往路, 発
Kiswahili (VERB)kuondoka
Klingon mej
Korean (VERB)출발, 출항
Latvian (VERB)atkāpties, aiziešanai, novirzīties, atiet, šķirties
Lithuanian (VERB)nukrypti, išvykti
(ADVERB)nukrypstančias, išvyksta
Malagasy mialà
Malay (Latin) (VERB)berlepas
Maltese titbiegħed
Norwegian Bokmål reise
Persian (ADVERB)ترک
Polish (VERB)odejść, wyruszenie, odbiegają, odchodzą
(ADVERB)odstępują, wyjazd
Portuguese (VERB)partem, partir, afastar, partamos
Querétaro Otomi Po̲ni
Romanian (VERB)abate, pleacă, lepăda, plece
Russian (VERB)отходить, отойти, вылетать, отбыть, уходят, отступать, отправиться
(ADVERB)отходят, отправляются
Samoan alu ese
Serbian (Cyrillic) полазак
Serbian (Latin) polazak
Slovak (VERB)odchýliť, odletieť, odkloniť, odísť, odlišujú
Slovenian (ADVERB)odstopati, odhod
Spanish (VERB)salen, apartarse, aparten, despegar
(ADVERB)Apartaos, Apártate
Swedish (ADVERB)avgår
(VERB)avvika, avgå
Tahitian haere e atu
Tamil வேண்டாம்
Telugu బయలుదేరి
Thai ออกเดินทาง
Tongan 'alu
Turkish (ADVERB)kalkmaktadır
Ukrainian (VERB)вилітати, відійти
Urdu برگشتہ ہو جائیں
Vietnamese (VERB)khởi hành
Welsh (VERB)wyro, gwyro
Yucatec Maya jok'ol
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