1. past of do.
does (third person present) · did (past tense) · doing (present participle) · done (past participle)
  1. perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).
    "something must be done about the city's traffic" ·
    "she knew what she was doing" · "what can I do for you?" · "Brian was looking at the girl, and had been doing so for most of the hearing"
    carry out · undertake · discharge · execute · perpetrate · perform ·
    accomplish · implement · achieve · complete · finish · conclude · bring about · engineer · effect · realize · pull off · effectuate
    • perform (a particular task).
      "Dad always did the washing up on Sundays"
    • work on (something) to bring it to completion or to a required state.
      "it takes them longer to do their hair than me" ·
      "she's the secretary and does the publicity"
      prepare · make · get ready · fix · produce · see to · arrange ·
      organize · be responsible for · be in charge of · look after · take on · style · arrange · adjust · groom · preen · primp · prink · brush · comb · wash · dry · cut · fix
      do the cleaning for a person or household.
      "Florrie usually did for the Shermans in the mornings"
    • make or have available and provide.
      "many hotels don't do single rooms at all" ·
      "he decided to do her a pastel sketch of himself"
      paint · draw · sketch · make · create · produce · turn out · fashion ·
      design · fabricate · manufacture · knock up · knock together · knock off
    • solve; work out.
      "Joe was doing sums aloud"
      work out · figure out · calculate · add up · solve · resolve ·
      puzzle out · decipher · tot up
    • cook (food) to completion or to a specified degree.
      "if a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean, then your pie is done"
    • (often in questions) work at for a living.
      "what does she do?"
      do for a living · work at · be employed as · earn a living as/at ·
      what is …'s job?
    • learn or study; take as one's subject.
      "I'm doing English, German, and History"
      study · read · learn · take a course in · take classes in · be taught
    • produce or give a performance of (a particular play, opera, etc.).
      "the Royal Shakespeare Company are doing Macbeth next month"
      put on · present · produce · give · perform in · act in · play in ·
      take part in · participate in · be involved in · be engaged in
    • informal
      imitate (a particular person) in order to entertain people.
      "he not only does Schwarzenegger and Groucho, he becomes them"
    • informal
      take (a narcotic drug).
      "he doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs"
    • attend to (someone).
      "the barber said he'd do me next"
    • vulgar slang
      have sexual intercourse with.
    • informal
      (do it)
      have sexual intercourse.
      "I only ever did it in the missionary position"
    • informal
      (do it)
      urinate or defecate.
  2. achieve or complete.
    • travel (a specified distance).
      "one car I looked at had done 112,000 miles"
      travel · journey · go · cover · travel over · pass over · journey over ·
      traverse · cross · range over · put behind one · get under one's belt · attain · achieve · log · chalk up · notch up
    • travel at (a specified speed).
      "I was speeding, doing seventy-five"
      drive at · travel at · go at · proceed at · move at
    • make (a particular journey).
      "last time I did Oxford–York return by train it was £50"
    • achieve (a specified sales figure).
      "our bestselling album did about a million worldwide"
    • informal
      visit as a tourist, especially in a superficial or hurried way.
      "the Americans are allotted only a day to do the Yorkshire Moors"
      visit · tour · sightsee in · look around/round · take in the sights of
    • spend (a specified period of time) in prison or in a particular occupation.
      "he did five years for manslaughter" ·
      "Peter has done thirteen years in the RAF"
    • informal
      "you must sit there and wait till I've done" ·
      "we've done arguing"
      finished · ended · concluded · terminated · complete · completed ·
      finalized · accomplished · achieved · realized · fulfilled · perfected · consummated · discharged · settled · executed · wrapped up · sewn up · polished off · sorted out · effectuated
    • (be done)
      be over.
      "the special formula continues to beautify your tan when the day is done"
      (be/have done with)
      give up concern for; have finished with.
      "I should sell the place and be done with it" ·
      "Steve was not done with her"
      be/have finished with · have done with · be through with ·
      want no more to do with · have no further dealings with · turn one's back on · be no longer involved with/in · end relations with · give up · wash one's hands of · have no more truck with · be/have finished with · be done with · be through with · want no more to do with · have no further dealings with · turn one's back on · be no longer involved with/in · end relations with · give up · wash one's hands of · have no more truck with
  3. act or behave in a specified way.
    "they are free to do as they please" ·
    "you did well to bring her back"
    act · behave · conduct oneself · acquit oneself · comport oneself ·
    deport oneself
    • make progress or perform in a specified way; get on or fare.
      "when a team is doing badly, it's not easy for a new player to settle in" ·
      "Mrs Walters, how're you doing?"
      get on · get along · progress · fare · make out · get by · manage ·
    • have a specified effect on.
      "the walk will do me good"
    • result in.
      "the years of stagnation did a lot of harm to the younger generation"
  4. be suitable or acceptable.
    "if he's anything like you, he'll do" ·
    "a couple of quid'll do me"
    suffice · be adequate · be satisfactory · be acceptable · be good enough ·
    be of use · fill the bill · fit the bill · answer the purpose · serve the purpose · meet one's needs · pass muster · be enough · be sufficient · make the grade · cut the mustard · be up to snuff
    • suffice or be usable.
      "a strip of white cotton about 20 yards long did for a fence"
  5. informal
    beat up or kill.
    "one day I'll do him"
    • informal
      (be done)
      be ruined.
      "once you falter, you're done"
    • informal
      rob (a place).
      "this would be an easy place to do and there was plenty of money lying around"
      "a thousand pounds for one set of photos—Jacqui had been done"
    (be/get done for)
    prosecute or convict.
    "we got done for conspiracy to cause GBH"
does (third person present) · did (past tense)
  1. used before a verb (except be, can, may, ought, shall, will) in questions and negative statements.
    "do you have any pets?" ·
    "did he see me?" · "I don't smoke" · "it does not matter"
    • used to make tag questions.
      "you write poetry, don't you?" ·
      "I never seem to say the right thing, do I?"
    • used in negative commands.
      "don't be silly" ·
      "do not forget"
  2. used to refer back to a verb already mentioned.
    "he looks better than he did before" ·
    "you wanted to enjoy yourself, and you did" · "as they get smarter, so do the crooks" · "I paid for my two tickets on the train and did so without complaint"
  3. used to give emphasis to a positive verb.
    "I do want to act on this" ·
    "he did look tired"
    • used in positive commands to give polite encouragement.
      "do tell me!" ·
      "do sit down"
  4. used with inversion of a subject and verb when an adverbial phrase begins a clause for emphasis.
    "only rarely did they succumb" ·
    "not only did the play close, the theatre closed"
dos (plural noun) · do's (plural noun)
    a party or other social event.
    "the soccer club Christmas do"
    party · reception · gathering · celebration · function · affair · event ·
    social event · social occasion · social function · social · soirée · jump-up · simcha · levee · bash · blowout · rave · shindig · shindy · shebang · junket · rave-up · thrash · knees-up · jolly · beanfeast · bunfight · beano · shivoo · rage · jollo · jol · ding-dong
  2. informal
    short for hairdo.
    "a bowl-shaped do of perfect silky hair"
  3. informal
    "the air was rancid with the smell of donkey doo" ·
    "they'll be the first to come begging for help when the do hits the fan"
  4. archaic
    a swindle or hoax.
Old English dōn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch doen and German tun, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek tithēmi ‘I place’ and Latin facere ‘make, do’.
  1. variant spelling of doh.
  1. ditto.
do (noun)
  1. (in tonic sol-fa) the first and eighth note of a major scale.
    • the note C in the fixed-doh system.
mid 18th century: from Italian do, an arbitrarily chosen syllable replacing ut, taken from a Latin hymn ( see solmization).
  1. used to comment on a foolish or stupid action, especially one's own.
    "I keep crashing cars. Doh! What a dummy!"
  1. (in the UK) Department of Health.
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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain
we never did manage to bag any major roles in the nativity play—it was always the blue-eyed blondies who played the angels.
preterm babies who did not require respiratory support had a high prevalence of wheeze and cough in the first year of life.
did you mention about a job for Leslie to him?’ Veronica asked. ‘Not yet, but I will, Scout's honour,’ Jimmy assured her.
it was prized as a cure-all, for there seemed to be few common ailments which did not respond to treatment with comfrey.

Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Thomas Edison
other clinical symptoms did not differ between drug users who seroconverted and those who remained negative for HIV.
one man was threatened with court action for not paying his water rates when he did not receive a reminder.
unlike many of the artists who frequented the Soho scene of the 1960s, he did not lead a licentious life.
he did not believe driver behaviour could be improved sufficiently to make the junction acceptably safe.
the logic of self-transcendence is based on humility, and respect for the mystery we did not create.
whatever they do in the Nineties will not resound in the way that their earlier achievements did.
none of this did the remotest good, but, by thunder, it kept the union activists feeling good.
there were points on which they did not agree, moments in which she did not seem propitious.
the role did not include operational responsibilities that would detract him from his work.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)het, gedoen, wel
Arabic (VERB)فعلت, هل, فعل, لم, علته, عملت, قام, قمت
Bangla নি
Bosnian (Latin) Da li
Bulgarian (VERB)знаете, направи, знаехте, свърши, е, го, ли, дали
Cantonese (Traditional) 做了
Catalan (VERB)feia, sabia, ho feia, fer, feien, tenia
Chinese Simplified 做了
Chinese Traditional 做了
Croatian (VERB)učinio, uradio, jeste, napravio, Jesi, li, radio, Zar, nije, si
Czech (VERB)udělal, dělal, věděli, líbilo, viděl, ano
Danish (VERB)gjorde, vidste, har, lavede, havde, fik
Dutch (VERB)deed, deden, heb, wist, heeft, gedaan, hebt, had
Estonian (VERB)tegin, kas, ei, teinud
Fijian sa
Filipino ginawa
Finnish (VERB)teki, valmis, teimme, ei, tein, tehnyt, onko, eivät
French (VERB)fait, ne, a, a-t-il, t', at
German (VERB)tat, haben, wusste, machte, wollte, kam
Greek (VERB)έκανε, έκανα, Μήπως
Haitian Creole te fè
Hebrew (VERB)עשה, עשתה, האם, עשו, עשיתי, עשית, עשינו, כן, באמת
Hindi (VERB)किया, था, मिला, हुआ, दिया
Hmong Daw puas
Hungarian (VERB)tett, tette, megtettem, vajon, volt, csináltam, tudta
Icelandic (VERB)gerði, vissir, gerðu, sagði, var, fengum, tókst, kom, hafði, fór, vildi
Indonesian (VERB)menurut, melakukan, samakah pendapat, apakah, tahukah, memang
Italian (VERB)fatto, ha, fece, faceva, ti, avuto
Japanese (VERB)でした, た, やった, なかった, しなかった, い, した, しました, 行った
Kiswahili (VERB)alifanya, walivyofanya, akafanya, Je, ambacho, hakuwa, gani
Klingon ta'
Korean (VERB)않았다, 했어, 그랬어, 짓, 못했지만, 했던, 나요, 했는지, 했
Latvian (VERB)darīja, izdarīja, nebija, bija, vai, tomēr, notika, gan
Lithuanian (VERB)padarė, ar, darė, nebuvo
Malagasy nanao
Malay (Latin) (VERB)JPS, lakukan, Adakah, Tahukah, Apakah
Maltese (VERB)għamlux
Norwegian Bokmål gjorde
Persian (VERB)آیا, بود, انجام, نتوانستند, آيا
Polish (VERB)zrobił, czy, robiłem, nie, miało miejsce
Portuguese (VERB)fez, fiz, fizeram, fazia, foi, pois, feito
Querétaro Otomi nä'ä bí 'yo̲t'e
Romanian (VERB)făcut, ti, te
Russian (VERB)сделал, делал, же, Разве, ли, действительно
Samoan na
Serbian (Cyrillic) Да ли
Serbian (Latin) Da li
Slovak (VERB)urobil, robil, páčilo, vedeli
Slovenian (VERB)storil, naredil, ni, si
Spanish (VERB)hizo, sí
Swedish (VERB)gjorde, visste, fick, hade, tog, nämnde, kom
Tahitian sa
Tamil வில்லை
Telugu రాలేదు
Thai (VERB)ได้
Tongan Na'e
Turkish (VERB)yaptı, muydunuz, yapmış, mi, yap, -di, mı, -yordu, oldu, mu
Ukrainian (VERB)зробив, робили, Хіба, робив, ж, чи, же
Urdu (VERB)نے, کیا, ہوا, تھا, ہوئی, تھے, تھی, دیکھا
Vietnamese (VERB)đã, còn, làm, sao
Welsh (VERB)wnaeth, oedd, gwnaeth, oeddent, fu, chafodd
Yucatec Maya tu betaj
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