dies (third person present) · died (past tense) · died (past participle) · dying (present participle)
  1. (of a person, animal, or plant) stop living.
    "he died of tuberculosis" ·
    "trees are dying from acid rain" · "the king died a violent death"
    pass away · pass on · lose one's life · depart this life · expire ·
    breathe one's last · draw one's last breath · meet one's end · meet one's death · lay down one's life · be no more · perish · be lost · go the way of the flesh · go the way of all flesh · go to glory · go to one's last resting place · go to meet one's maker · cross the great divide · cross the Styx · give up the ghost · kick the bucket · bite the dust · croak · flatline · conk out · buy it · turn up one's toes · cash in one's chips · go belly up · shuffle off this mortal coil · go the way of the dinosaurs · push up the daisies · be six feet under · snuff it · peg out · pop one's clogs · hop the twig/stick · bite the big one · buy the farm · check out · hand in one's dinner pail · go bung · exit · decease
    • (die out)
      become extinct.
      "many species died out"
      become extinct · vanish · disappear · cease to be ·
      cease to exist · be no more · perish · pass into oblivion · become less common · become rarer · dwindle · peter out
    • be forgotten.
      "her genius has assured her name will never die"
    • become less loud or strong.
      "after a while, the noise died down" ·
      "at last the storm died away"
      fade · fall away · dwindle · melt away · dissolve · subside ·
      decline · sink · lapse · ebb · wane · wilt · wither · evanesce · come to an end · end · vanish · disappear · fade (away) · fall away · dwindle · melt away · subside · ebb · wane · come to an end · abate · subside · drop · drop off · drop away · fall away · lessen · ease (off) · let up · decrease · diminish · moderate · decline · fade · dwindle · slacken · recede · tail off · peter out · taper off · wane · ebb · relent · become weaker · weaken · come to an end · remit
    • (die back)
      (of a plant) decay from the tip toward the root.
      "rhubarb dies back to a crown of buds each winter"
    • (die off)
      die one after another until few or none are left.
      "the original founders died off or retired"
    • (of a fire or light) stop burning or gleaming.
      "the fire had died and the room was cold"
    • informal
      (of a machine) stop functioning or run out of electric charge.
      "three toasters have died on me" ·
      "I was halfway through a text message when the phone died"
      fail · cut out · give out · stop · halt · break down · stop working ·
      cease to function · peter out · fizzle out · run down · fade away · lose power · conk out · go kaput · give up the ghost · go phut · pack up
  2. informal
    be very eager for something.
    "they must be dying for a drink" ·
    "he's dying to meet you"
    be very eager · be very keen · be desperate · long · yearn · burn ·
    ache · itch · have a yen · yen
    be reluctant
    • used to emphasize how strongly one is affected by a particular feeling or emotion.
      "only the thought of Matilda prevented him from dying of boredom" ·
      "we nearly died laughing when he told us"
  3. archaic
    have an orgasm.
Middle English: from Old Norse deyja, of Germanic origin; related to dead.
  1. singular form of dice.
  2. a device for cutting or moulding metal into a particular shape.
    • an engraved device for stamping a design on coins or medals.
  3. architecture
    the cubical part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice; a dado or plinth.
Middle English: from Old French de, from Latin datum ‘something given or played’, neuter past participle of dare.
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How to use die in a sentence?

You gotta commit. You've gotta go out there and improvise and you've gotta be completely unafraid to die. You've got to be able to take a chance to die. And you have to die lots. You have to die all the time.

Bill Murray
inheritance tax could be due if you make a substantial gift or settlement and then die within the following seven years.
if breathing stops, there is no oxygen getting to the brain and the cells begin to die.

If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor it is your mistake.

Bill Gates
martyrs who die in battle with the ungodly earn instant transmission to paradise.
she longed to go abroad, but not at this man's expense—she'd die first!.
the proportion of birds which die depends on the virulence of the virus.
die links between coins indicate that they were made at the same mint.
the yogurt's natural probiotics die during the pasteurization process.
without help, those of us who are ill will surely fade away and die.
only the thought of Matilda prevented him from dying of boredom.
he hypothesized that the black market would naturally die out.
as these nerves misfire and die, the muscles begin to shrink.
he had the singular good fortune not to die in the trenches.
children die from neglect or are maltreated by their carers.
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How to say die in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)sterf, doodgaan
Arabic (VERB)يموت, تموت, أموت, يموتون, الموت, نموت, تموتي, مت, يمت, مات
Bangla মারা
Bosnian (Latin) umrijeti
Bulgarian (VERB)умре, умират, умрат, умра, умреш, зар, умри, умрем, умрял
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)morir, moren, mor
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)umrijeti, umiru, umre, umreš, umrem, umru, poginuti, umreti, umro, smrt
Czech (VERB)zemřít, umřít, umírají, zemře, zemřou, zemřu, nezemře, umřel, smrt, smrti
Danish (VERB)dø, dør, omkomme
Dutch (VERB)sterven, teerling, sterft, matrijs, overlijden, dood
Estonian (VERB)surra, surevad, sured, sureb, surema, sure, suren
Fijian mate
Filipino mamatay
Finnish (VERB)kuolla, kuihtua
French (VERB)mourir, crever, mourrir, décèdent
(NOUN)dé, matrice
German (VERB)sterben, Tod
(NOUN)Matrize, Würfel
Greek (VERB)πεθαίνουν, πεθάνει, κύβος, κύβο
Haitian Creole kite\/lage sa
Hebrew (VERB)למות, תמות, מתים, אמות, נמות, מת, ימותו, ימות, שתמות, מתה, מתו
Hindi (VERB)मर, मरने, मरते
Hmong Daw tuag
Hungarian (VERB)meghalni, halni, elpusztulnak, hal, halt meg
Icelandic (VERB)deyja, deyrð, deyjum, deyir, dey, deyr, dáið, deyðu
Indonesian (VERB)mati, meninggal
Italian (VERB)morire, muoiono, muore, muori, morto, morta, morte, morti
(NOUN)dado, stampo
Japanese (VERB)死ぬ, ダイ, 死ん, ダイス, 死んでしまう, 死な, 死亡, 死に, 死
Kiswahili (VERB)kufa, afe, wafe, wanakufa, angekufa, utakufa
Klingon Hegh
Korean (VERB)죽을, 죽는, 죽어, 죽고, 죽지, 죽기, 죽, 거푸집
(NOUN)죽습니다, 죽어라
Latvian (VERB)mirst, mirt, nomirt, jāmirst, iet bojā, bojā, nāvi, miruši
Lithuanian (VERB)mirti, miršta, žūva
Malagasy ho faty
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mati
Maltese (VERB)jmutu
Norwegian Bokmål dør
Persian (VERB)میرند, مردن, مرگ, بمیرد, بمیری, مرد, جان
Polish (VERB)umrzeć, umiera, zginąć, giną, śmierć, umrą, padnie, umarł
Portuguese (VERB)morrer, morra, morro, morrido, morte
Romanian (VERB)muri, mor, moară, mori, zar
Russian (VERB)умереть, умирают, умру, погибнуть, сдохнуть, смерти, гибнут
Samoan oti
Serbian (Cyrillic) Умри
Serbian (Latin) Umri
Slovak (VERB)zomrieť, umierajú, umrieť, zomiera, zomrú, nezomrie, smrť
Slovenian (VERB)umre, umrl, umreti, umrejo, odmrejo, poginejo, umirajo
Spanish (VERB)morir, morirse, tintas, muerte
(NOUN)troquel, dado
Swedish (VERB)dö, dör, matris, dog
Tahitian pohe
Tamil இறந்து
Telugu డై
Thai (VERB)ตาย
Tongan mate
Turkish (VERB)ölmek, ölür, öle, ölecek, öl, öldü, ölü, kalıp, ölüm, ölmüş
Ukrainian (VERB)померти, вмирають, помре, помирають, помру, вмерти, гинуть, смерті
Urdu (VERB)مرنا, مر, مرتے, مرنے, موت
Vietnamese (VERB)chết
Welsh (VERB)marw, farw
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