discards (third person present) · discarded (past tense) · discarded (past participle) · discarding (present participle)
  1. get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable.
    "Hilary bundled up the clothes she had discarded"
    dispose of · throw away · throw out · get rid of · toss out · reject ·
    jettison · scrap · dispense with · cast aside/off · repudiate · abandon · relinquish · drop · have done with · shed · slough off · shrug off · throw on the scrapheap · chuck (away/out) · fling away · dump · ditch · axe · bin · junk · get shut of · get shot of · trash · forsake
    • (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play (a card that is neither of the suit led nor a trump), when one is unable to follow suit.
      "West led a heart and East was able to discard his club loser"
discards (plural noun)
  1. a thing rejected as no longer useful or desirable.
    substandard article · discard · second · substandard goods
    • (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a card played which is neither of the suit led nor a trump, when one is unable to follow suit.
late 16th century (originally in the sense ‘reject (a playing card’)): from dis- (expressing removal) + the noun card1.
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How to use discard in a sentence?
zest the orange and lemon, taking care to discard all of the white pith.
West led a heart and East was able to discard his club loser.
the discard is removed from the deck until the next shuffle.
the change of a name does not discard nationality.
Hilary bundled up the clothes she had discarded.
How to say discard in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)weggooi
Arabic (VERB)تجاهل, نبذ, إهمال
(NOUN)المتجاهلة, تخلص, تخلصي
Bangla বাতিল করুন
Bosnian (Latin) odbacivanje
Bulgarian (VERB)изхвърли, отхвърлите, анулирате, смените, отмените
(NOUN)изхвърлете, отхвърляне, анулиране
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)descartar, rebutjar
Chinese Simplified 丢弃
Chinese Traditional 丟棄
Croatian (VERB)odbaciti, bacite
(NOUN)odbaci, dbaci
Czech (VERB)zahodit, zrušit, zahození, zbavit
(NOUN)zlikvidujte, vypustit, vyřadit, vyhoďte, zahodí
Danish (NOUN)kassér, Frasorter, udsmid, smid
(VERB)kassere, skille sig, smide
Dutch (NOUN)negeren, afvoerfase, werp, verwerp, negeer
(VERB)gooi, ontdoen, weggooien, verwerpen
Estonian (NOUN)Hülga, visake, Likvideeri, viskama, Loobu
(VERB)hüljata, likvideerida, hülgamiseks
Fijian biuta laivi
Filipino itapon ang
Finnish (VERB)hylätä, hävittää, hylkääminen
(NOUN)hävitä, hylkää
French (VERB)jeter, défausser, ignorer, écarter, rejeter, défaire
German (VERB)verwerfen, abwerfen, wegwerfen, entledigen, ablegen
(NOUN)entsorgen, Ablagestapel
Greek (NOUN)απορρίψτε, πετάξτε, ρριψη
Haitian Creole jete
Hebrew (NOUN)השלך, להשליך, התעלם
(VERB)למחוק, לבטל, להתעלם
Hindi (VERB)त्यागें, त्यागने, छोड़ने, निरस्त, निकाल
Hmong Daw pov tseg
Hungarian (VERB)megválni, eldob, elvetéséhez, megtartani
(NOUN)eldobási, elvetése, dobja
Icelandic (NOUN)henda
Indonesian (VERB)membuang
Italian (VERB)scartare, disfarsi, eliminare, gettare, smaltire, annullare, ignorare
(NOUN)scarta, ignora
Japanese (VERB)破棄, 廃棄, 捨てる, 捨てなければ, 捨て, 放棄
Kiswahili (NOUN)Tupa, Puuza, acha
Klingon polHa'
Korean (VERB)폐기, 버리고, 취소, 삭제, 취소할, 버릴, 버리는, 버리지, 버려야
Latvian (VERB)atmest, izmestu, jāatmet, atceltu, atbrīvoties
(NOUN)izmest, atmetiet, nolej
Lithuanian (VERB)išmesti, atsikratyti
(NOUN)išmeskite, atsisakyti, atmesti, atmetimo
Malagasy ario
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)buang
Maltese (NOUN)warrab
Norwegian Bokmål forkaste
Persian (NOUN)دور انداختن
Polish (VERB)odrzucić, zrzutka
(NOUN)Odrzuć, wyrzucić, drzuć, zlać
Portuguese (VERB)descartar, rejeitar, desfizer, desfazer
(NOUN)descarte, deite fora, elimine, desprezar
Querétaro Otomi Deseche ar
Romanian (NOUN)aruncaţi, renunțați, abandonare, Eliminaþi, înlăturare
(VERB)decarta, renunþa, arunce
Russian (VERB)отбросить, отменить, отказаться от, сбросить, выбросить
(NOUN)Выбросьте, утилизируйте, отмена
Samoan ia faaleaogaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) одбаците
Serbian (Latin) odbacite
Slovak (VERB)zahodiť, zbaviť, odhodiť, vyradiť, Ak chcete zrušiť
(NOUN)zlikvidujte, vypustiť, vyhoďte, zrušiť
Slovenian (NOUN)Zavrzi
(VERB)zavreči, zavržete, zavrgli, odvržejo
Spanish (VERB)desechar, descartar
(NOUN)descarte, deséchelo, deséchela, descártela, descartarla
Swedish (NOUN)kassera, ignorera, släng, förkasta, ångra
(VERB)kasta, avkasta
Tahitian e faaruʻe i te
Tamil (VERB)புறக்கணிக்க
Telugu మరింత సమాచారం కొరకు
Thai (NOUN)ละทิ้ง
Tongan fakata'e'aonga'i e
Turkish (VERB)atmak
(NOUN)atılsın, atma, şist, atın
Ukrainian (NOUN)відкинути, скасувати
(VERB)відмовитися від
Urdu (VERB)مسترد
Vietnamese (VERB)loại bỏ
Welsh (NOUN)taflwch
Yucatec Maya Deseche le
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