1. the action of separating something into parts or the process of being separated.
    "the division of the land into small fields" ·
    "a gene that helps regulate cell division"
    dividing · dividing up · breaking up · break-up · cutting up · carving up ·
    • the distribution of something separated into parts.
      "the division of his estates between the two branches of his family"
      sharing out · dividing up · parcelling out · allocation · allotment ·
      apportionment · distribution · dispensation · disbursement · splitting up · carving up · slicing up · divvying up · dishing out
    • an instance of members of a legislative body separating into two groups to vote.
      "the new clause was agreed without a division"
    • the action of splitting the roots of a perennial plant into parts to be replanted separately, as a means of propagation.
      "the plant can also be easily increased by division in autumn"
    • logic
      the action of dividing a wider class into two or more subclasses.
  2. difference or disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension.
    "a growing sense of division between north and south" ·
    "deep cultural divisions"
  3. the process of dividing one number by another.
    "no multiplication or division is necessary"
    • mathematics
      the process of dividing a matrix, vector, or other quantity by another under specific rules to obtain a quotient.
  4. each of the parts into which something is divided.
    "the main divisions of the book"
    • a major section of an organization, with responsibility for a particular area of activity.
      "a retail division"
    • a group of army brigades or regiments.
      "an infantry division"
    • a number of teams or competitors grouped together in a sport for competitive purposes according to such characteristics as ability or weight.
      "the club will finish second in Division One"
    • a part of a county, country, or city defined for administrative or political purposes.
      "a licensing division of a district"
      a part of a county or borough forming a parliamentary constituency.
      "he was MP for the Lancaster division of North Lancashire"
    • botany
      a principal taxonomic category that ranks above class and below kingdom, equivalent to the phylum in zoology.
    • zoology
      any subsidiary category between major levels of classification.
  5. a partition.
    "the villagers lived in a communal building and there were no solid divisions between neighbours"
    dividing line · divide · boundary · boundary line · borderline · border ·
    partition · margin · demarcation line · line of demarcation · cut-off point
late Middle English: from Old French devisiun, from Latin divisio(n-), from the verb dividere ( see divide).
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there was joy in Mudville following the Vancouver Bar Association league ‘A’ division championship.
the villagers lived in a communal building and there were no solid divisions between neighbours.
the traditional division of labour between the husband as breadwinner and wife as housewife.
peasant holdings were subject to constant division and could then be reconsolidated.
the opening game of the Little League Senior division Softball Eastern Regionals.
this neat division does not take into account a host of associated factors.
we need to use both multiplication and division to find the answers.
at each division draw a perpendicular representing the surface line.
the division of his estates between the two branches of his family.
the winners of the division 2 final are not automatically promoted.
Kelso languish near the bottom of the Scottish First division.
the plant can also be easily increased by division in autumn.
the club have yet to drop a point in the Second division.
he was MP for the Lancaster division of North Lancashire.
he quit as manager of the struggling Third division team.
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How to say division in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)afdeling, Divisie
Arabic (NOUN)شعبة, الشعبة, تقسيم, التقسيم, قسم, الانقسام, القسم, انقسام
Bangla বিভাগ
Bosnian (Latin) podjela
Bulgarian (NOUN)дивизия, разделение, споровете, деление, отдел, участък, разпределение, спор, район
Cantonese (Traditional) 劃分
Catalan (NOUN)divisió, fraccionament
Chinese Simplified 划分
Chinese Traditional 劃分
Croatian (NOUN)divizija, podjela, dioba, podele, odjel, razdioba, Odsjek, dijeljenje, Zavod, liga, sektor
Czech (NOUN)divize, rozdělení, dělba, odbor, členění, oddíl
Danish (NOUN)opdeling, afdelingen, spaltningen, splittelse
Dutch (NOUN)divisie, afdeling, verdeeldheid, splitsing, klasse, afbakening, scheiding, sector
Estonian (NOUN)rajoon, osakonna, jagunemine, divisjoni, jaotus, jagamine, jagu, jaos, jaotis
Fijian Tabana ni
Filipino Dibisyon
Finnish (NOUN)jako, KAKSINUMEROTASO, jakautumista, jaon, jakoa, jakolasku, osasto, jaosto
French (NOUN)section, répartition, partage
German (NOUN)Geschäftsbereich, Abteilung, Sparte, Spaltung, Bauabschnitt, Trennung, Liga
Greek (NOUN)διαίρεση, τμήμα, μεραρχία, καταμερισμό, κατανομή, διάσπαση, κατηγορία, τομέας, διαχωρισμός
Haitian Creole divizyon
Hebrew (NOUN)חטיבת, חלוקה, הדיוויזיה, חטיבה, החטיבה, אגף, חילוק, חלוקת, החלוקה, מחלקת, המחלקה
Hindi (NOUN)प्रभाग, डिवीजन, विभाजन, श्रेणी, संभाग, विभाग
Hmong Daw faib
Hungarian (NOUN)részlege, osztály, körzet, szétválás, divízió, munkamegosztás, felosztása, ügyszak, üzletág, megosztása, ágazat
Icelandic (NOUN)skiptingu, deild
Indonesian (NOUN)divisi, pembagian, pembelahan, perpecahan, jurusan
Italian (NOUN)divisione, ripartizione
Japanese (NOUN)事業部, 部門, 課, 本部, 除算, 分裂, 部, 師団, 分割, 区分
Kiswahili (NOUN)mgawanyiko, kitengo
Korean (NOUN)부문, 사업부, 사단, 부서, 본부, 분열, 나누기, 부, 분할
Latvian (NOUN)dalīšanu, rajons, nodaļa, sadalījumu, struktūrvienība
Lithuanian (NOUN)padalinys, skyrius, divizija, dalybos, pasidalijimas, kvadratas, skaidymo, dalijimąsi, suskirstymas, rajoną
Malagasy fisaraham-bazana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)bahagian, Divisyen, Bhg
Maltese (NOUN)diviżjoni, taqsima, qsim
Norwegian Bokmål divisjon
Persian (NOUN)تقسیم, بخش, تقسيم
Polish (NOUN)dywizji, podział, dział, Wydział, oddział, rejon, lidze, ligi, dzielenie, Okręg
Portuguese (NOUN)divisão
Querétaro Otomi División ar
Romanian (NOUN)divizia, împărţirea, direcţia, secţia, repartizarea
Russian (NOUN)отдел, разделение, дивизион, деление, подразделения, распределение
Samoan vaega
Serbian (Cyrillic) дивизија
Serbian (Latin) divizija
Slovak (NOUN)divízie, rozdelenie, deľby, oddelenia, odbor, oddiel
Slovenian (NOUN)delitev, oddelek, razdelek, deljenje
Spanish (NOUN)división
Swedish (NOUN)uppdelning, avdelningen, huvudgrupp, sektionen, splittring
Tahitian vahiraa
Tamil (NOUN)பிரிவு
Telugu విభజన
Thai (NOUN)หาร, กอง, ฝ่าย, แผนก, ส่วน
Tongan Va'a 'o e
Turkish (NOUN)bölümü, Tümeni, lig, bölme, departmanı
Ukrainian (NOUN)дивізія, поділ, відділу, ділення, підрозділ, розподіл, розділення
Urdu (NOUN)ڈویژن, تقسیم
Vietnamese (NOUN)Sư đoàn, bộ phận, phân chia, phận, chia, đội, phân vùng
Welsh (NOUN)is - adran, adran, rhaniad, rhanbarth
Yucatec Maya División u
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