doughs (plural noun)
  1. a thick, malleable mixture of flour and liquid, used for baking into bread or pastry.
    "add water to the flour and mix to a manageable dough"
  2. informal
    "lots of dough"
    cash · hard cash · ready money · the means · the wherewithal · funds ·
    capital · finances · (filthy) lucre · banknotes · notes · paper money · coins · change · coin · coinage · silver · copper · currency · legal tender · sterling · bills · roll · dough · bread · loot · the ready · readies · shekels · moolah · the necessary · wad · boodle · dibs · gelt · ducats · rhino · gravy · scratch · stuff · oof · folding money · dosh · brass · lolly · spondulicks · wonga · ackers · dinero · greenbacks · simoleons · bucks · jack · mazuma · Oscar · splosh · green · tin · l.s.d. · kale · rocks · shinplasters · specie · pelf
Old English dāg, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch deeg and German Teig, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘smear, knead’.
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How to use dough in a sentence?
a strain of yeast that would create enough gas to raise the thick bread dough.
more flour and salt can be added until they make a workable dough.
don't forget to poke holes in the dough to allow steam to escape.
add water to the flour and mix to a manageable dough.
roll out half the dough and reserve the other half.
do not over-knead the dough or it will discolour.
he set to laminating dough for croissants.
form the mixture into a manageable dough.
the dough should be moist but not sticky.
leave the dough in a warm place to rise.
roll out the dough on a floured surface.
shape the dough into two-inch balls.
refrigerate the dough for one hour.
form the dough into balls.
lots of dough.
How to say dough in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)deeg
Arabic (NOUN)العجين, عجينة, عجين, الدراهم, لالعجين, كعكتي, دوج
Bangla মালকড়ি
Bosnian (Latin) tijesto
Bulgarian (NOUN)тестото, Доу
Cantonese (Traditional) 靣團
Catalan (NOUN)massa, pasta
Chinese Simplified 面团
Chinese Traditional 麵團
Croatian (NOUN)tijesto, testo, lovu, love, lova
Czech (NOUN)těsto, těsta, těstem, prachy
Danish (NOUN)dejen, dej
Dutch (NOUN)deeg
Estonian (NOUN)tainas, taigen
(ADJECTIVE)taina, taigna
Fijian valawa bali
Filipino kuwarta
Finnish (NOUN)taikina
French (NOUN)pâte, fric, pognon, oseille
German (NOUN)Teig, Knete, Kohle
Greek (NOUN)ζύμη, ζύμης, ζυμάρι
Haitian Creole pat farin
Hebrew (NOUN)בצק, הבצק, דאוו
Hindi (NOUN)आटा
Hmong Daw khob noom cookie
Hungarian (NOUN)tészta
Icelandic (NOUN)deig, peningana
Indonesian (NOUN)adonan
Italian (NOUN)impasto, pasta, grana, quattrini
Japanese (NOUN)生地, パン生地, こね粉
Kiswahili (NOUN)unga
Korean (NOUN)반죽, 밀가루 반죽
Latvian (NOUN)mīklas
Lithuanian (NOUN)tešlos
Malagasy pâte à modeler
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)doh, adunan
Maltese għaġina
Norwegian Bokmål deigen
Persian (NOUN)دوغ, خمیر
Polish (NOUN)ciasta, cieście
Portuguese (NOUN)massa, grana
Querétaro Otomi masa
Romanian (NOUN)aluat, Foietaje
Russian (NOUN)тесто, бабки
Samoan potoi faamasima
Serbian (Cyrillic) тесто
Serbian (Latin) testo
Slovak (NOUN)cesto, cesta, prachy
Slovenian (NOUN)testo, testa, testu
Spanish (NOUN)masa
Swedish (NOUN)degen, deg, smeten
Tahitian pate
Tamil மாவை
Telugu పిండిని
Thai (NOUN)แป้ง
Tongan tou
Turkish (NOUN)hamur, mangır, rendelenmiş
Ukrainian (NOUN)тісто, тіста, тестом, тесту
Urdu (NOUN)آٹا
Vietnamese (NOUN)bột
Welsh (NOUN)toes, thoes, clai, chlai
Yucatec Maya juuch'
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