earlier (comparative adjective) · earliest (superlative adjective)
  1. happening or done before the usual or expected time.
    "we ate an early lunch"
    untimely · premature · too soon · too early · before time ·
    unseasonable · prompt · timely · quick · speedy · rapid · fast · without delay · expeditious · rathe
    • (of a plant or crop) flowering or ripening before other varieties.
      "early potatoes"
  2. belonging or happening near the beginning of a particular period.
    "an early goal secured victory" ·
    "she's in her early fifties"
earlier (comparative adverb) · earliest (superlative adverb)
  1. before the usual or expected time.
    "I was planning to finish work early today"
    early in the day · in the early morning · at dawn · at daybreak ·
    at cockcrow · with the lark · at stupid o'clock · before the usual time · before the appointed time · prematurely · too soon · ahead of time · ahead of schedule · in good time · betimes
  2. near the beginning of a particular time or period.
    "we lost a couple of games early in the season"
    • near the beginning of the day.
      "I wrote this piece early one morning"
    • (earlier)
      before the present time or before the time one is referring to.
      "you met my husband earlier"
      in advance · in readiness · ahead of time · before · before now ·
      earlier · earlier on · previously · already · sooner
earlies (plural noun)
  1. potatoes which are ready to be harvested before the main crop.
  2. informal
    early shifts.
    "she is on earlies"
Old English (as an adverb) ǣrlīce (see ere, -ly2), influenced by Old Norse árliga. The adjective use dates from Middle English.
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a series of strata with five early Pleistocene interglacial deposits representing the period from the Tiglian to the Menapian was investigated.
she crowdsourced advice on album art and even posted an early version of the song so fans could vote for their favorite chorus.
the relationship between the two artists is illuminated by comparison of the use of underdrawing in their early paintings.
the moth's emergence in August was probably a little early for its protective colouring to be really effective.
county workers running the program forgot to unclick a box that loaded all the early voting results.
drinks were served until the early hours of the morning, without any extension having been granted.
regular meetings between mentor and trainee help guide young engineers through their early years.
his jibes at his opponents may have won him some support on the stump early in his campaign.
late nights and early start times are leading to classrooms full of sleep-deprived students.
the chief of Shixini is a direct descendant of early Xhosa chiefs in the right-hand house.
there is evidence that some of the early Greek philosophers were philosophical pluralists.
the early Pythagoreans represented numbers by means of dots arranged in certain patterns.
they set out to purify art by reviving the spirit and style of early religious painting.
we would not that thou shouldst learn too early how men's tongues can gloze and flatter.
the divorce rate is rising so you'll see more singles in their late 30s and early 40s.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)vroeë, vroeg, eerste
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)المبكر, أوائل, وقت مبكر, مبكر, مبكرة, مطلع, الباكر, بداية, الأولى
(ADVERB)مبكرا, باكرا
Bangla সকাল সকাল
Bosnian (Latin) rano
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)рано, началото, ранно, ранните, ранна, ранен, предсрочно, първите
Cantonese (Traditional) 早期
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)primers, principis, precoç, hora, començaments, anticipada, inicis, aviat
Chinese Simplified 早期
Chinese Traditional 早期
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)rano, ranim, početkom, ranog, rane, ranoj, ranom, rana, vanredne
Czech (ADJECTIVE)brzy, počátku, rané, včasné, časných, časné, začátku, předčasné, raných, brzo, prvních
Danish (ADJECTIVE)tidlige, begyndelsen, snarlig, starten, hurtig
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)vroege, begin, vervroegde, spoedige, jonge, eerdere
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)varajase, varakult, varases, alguses, ennetähtaegselt, varane, esimestel, vara
Fijian Taumada
Filipino nang maaga
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)varhainen, aikaisin, alussa, luvun alussa, alkupuolella, jo, ensimmäisiä
(ADVERB)varhaisessa vaiheessa, etuajassa, ajoissa
French (ADJECTIVE)tôt, précoce, début, premiers, anticipée, jeune, rapide
(ADVERB)plus tôt
German (ADJECTIVE)frühen, frühzeitige, Anfang, ersten, Beginn, Frühjahr
(ADVERB)vorzeitig, bereits
Greek (ADJECTIVE)νωρίς, πρόωρη, πρώιμη, έγκαιρη, στις αρχές, αρχές, πρώτους, πρώτα, πρώτες, δεκαετίας, αρχικά
Haitian Creole anvan lè
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)מוקדם, המוקדמות, מוקדמת, בתחילת, הקדומה, הראשונות, תחילת
(ADVERB)בשלב מוקדם, מוקדם יותר, מקדים
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)जल्दी, प्रारंभिक, अर्ली, शुरुआती, शीघ्र, शुरू
Hmong Daw ntxov
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)korai, elején, kora
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)snemma, fyrstu, skjót, upphafi, byrjun, unga
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)awal, dini, mula, pagi
(ADVERB)sejak dini
Italian (ADJECTIVE)presto, primi, precoce, anticipo, all'inizio, iniziale, agli inizi
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)早期, 初期, 早い, 初頭, 上旬, 初め, 早め, 前半, 事前
(ADVERB)早く, 早い段階
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)mapema, awali, kwanza, mwanzo
Klingon 'eq
Korean (ADJECTIVE)일찍, 이른, 초기, 조기, 초반, 상순, 초, 초순
(ADVERB)일찌기, 조기에
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)agri, sākumā, pirmstermiņa, agrās, agrā, gada sākumā, priekšlaicīgas, agrs, agru, jau
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)anksti, pradžioje, išankstinio, pirmųjų, anksčiau, prad˛ioje
Malagasy tany am-piandohan'
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)awal
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)kmieni, bikrija
Norwegian Bokmål tidlig
Persian (ADJECTIVE)اوایل, زود, اولیه, زودهنگام, زودرس, اوليه
Polish (ADJECTIVE)wcześnie, początku, pierwszych, młodym
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)cedo, adiantado, precoce, início, primeiros, antecipada, começo
(ADVERB)mais cedo
Querétaro Otomi ngut'ä
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)timpurie, devreme, începutul, precoce, primele, mai devreme, incipient, fragedă
Russian (ADJECTIVE)рано, начале, скорейшего, досрочного, первые, предыдущие
(ADVERB)пораньше, раньше
Samoan i le amataga
Serbian (Cyrillic) рано
Serbian (Latin) rano
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)včasné, skoré, začiatku, skorých, skoro, čoskoro, predčasné, ranom, raných, prvých
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)zgodnje, zgodaj, začetku, predčasno, prvih, prezgodaj
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)temprano, principios, primeros, comienzos, precoz, pronto, anticipada, inicial
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)tidigt, början, förtida
Tahitian oioi
Tamil ஆரம்பத்தில்
Telugu తొలి
Tongan kimu'a
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)erken, ların başında, sabahın erken, başlarında, lerin, ilk, başında
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)ранніх, рано, раннього, початку, раннє, рання, дострокове, перші, перших
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)ابتدائی, اوائل, جلدی
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)sớm, đầu
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)cynnar, gynnar, ddechrau, fuan, buan, dechrau
Yucatec Maya ja'atskab
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